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UL lid
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UL lid on 03/03/2014 19:58:03 MST Print View

So Ive got a little 2.04 oz stainless ~10cm from a chinese flea market vendor that I needed a lid for. I finally got around to making one and was pleased with how it came out.( None of the normal items fit it). The lid weighed 0.13 oz, took about 20 minutes. This lid is good for boiling water, I wouldnt use it to cook food because would get in the crevice on the lid and be hard to clean.

I was happy enough with it, I made another for my SP600 since every lid I had for it was heavier. Those are the pics I took here.

Start with soft al foil from the craft store. This is super soft and malleable, usually used for wind screens.


Flatten it by rubbing it with an item on flat surface. This will harden the Al a bit also probably. I used a wooden dowel. then cut out a piece that overlaps the pot by about 1/2" all around.


Form the al over the lip of the pot gradually with the dowel, then under the lip too to give it a place to bend. Unbend it a minimum amount, then remove it.


On a flat surface, start with the edge of the dowel and rebend the al where it fit the lip. Go gradually around, and smash it tightly, a little at a time. Make a lip about 3/16 " or so.

Turn on side, and along edge of counter, roll the edge tightly at 90 degrees to the lid top surface. Dont worry about wrinkles, they will mash thin, and add strength too.
cut the lip off with scissors to about 1/8". Put a piece of foil tape n for handle. Done.donelids

Perfect fit, no sharp edges, and surprisingly stiff.

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David Drake
(DavidDrake) - F

Locale: North Idaho
Soft AL foil from the craft store? on 03/03/2014 20:07:26 MST Print View

...Don't think I've ever seen it. Is it thicker than the heavy duty foil from the grocery store? Find it at Michael's? I've been looking for something in between grocery store foil and flashing, that doesn't involve cutting up foil cookie sheets.

Nice lid, BTW.

Glenn S

Locale: Snowhere, MN
Re: Soft AL foil from the craft store? on 03/03/2014 20:15:14 MST Print View

I've been wanting to get some of this if I ever get to a craft store.

I think it's called embossing foil.

foil on 03/03/2014 20:21:09 MST Print View

Its the stuff at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Thick soft Al. Much thicker than cooking type foil. the smashed crinkles make it surprisingly rigid.

(JRinGeorgia) - F
tooling foil on 03/03/2014 21:58:38 MST Print View

I believe that stuff is also called tooling foil. You can also get it on Amazon, eBay, etc.

Nice work!

Kevin Beeden
(captain_paranoia) - F

Locale: UK
alternative material on 03/04/2014 11:43:16 MST Print View

Drinks can side wall can be used, too, and it's a bit stiffer than Al foil, and coated.

Here's my attempt:

On a linked thread, someone suggested using the peel-away foil lids on some powdered products (like Nido milk powder, for instance); they're thick-ish foil, and have a little ring pull. Some cans of nuts have similar foil lids.

Stuart R
(Scunnered) - F

Locale: Scotland
Re: alternative material on 03/04/2014 14:23:52 MST Print View

To make a robust lid for larger pots, I use 0.8mm aluminium sheet. It takes more effort but I only ever need to make one per pot. Examples: