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Colorado Trail Start
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Randy Brissey
(rbrissey) - M

Locale: Redondo Beach, CA
Colorado Trail Start on 07/24/2005 23:10:22 MDT Print View

I am in need of information concerning the time that the trailhead for the CT is open. I have read two differing times. One is 6:30am and the other is 30 minutes before sunrise. I am taking the train and bus to Denver this friday (july 29th) and plan to start saturday morning. I am seeing on the weather channel website that the temps will be close to 100F!!!!

any info is appreciated!

Mike Storesund
(mikes) - F
CT on 07/25/2005 11:07:32 MDT Print View

If you are taking the train and bus to Denver, you are likely not driving to the trailhead. The posted times are for vehicle traffic. I live 5 miles from the CT TH for Segment 1 and can get you whatever information you would need to get you to the TH, for example the local bus ( routes (16 and 76 would be the only 2 buses you need).

If you are arriving in Denver by train, you will be 2 blocks from the RTD station to catch the bus headed toward the TH. If you are arriving in Denver by bus, you will be 5 blocks from the RTD station.

It has been record setting temperatures this last week all over 100 (F), does make for difficult travel. Segments 1 and 2 does not have a lot of overhead coverage, but segemtn 3 has lots.

Randy Brissey
(rbrissey) - M

Locale: Redondo Beach, CA
Colorado Trail Start on 07/25/2005 11:41:38 MDT Print View

Hello Mike,

My plans are this......I take the train into Raton, New Mexico then the bus from Raton on up to Denver arriving at 10:30 at night friday. I will find a no-tell motel friday evening and then a taxi to the trailhead saturday morning. I see that sunrise is at 5:56am that day. If at all possible I would like to start hiking at first light (maybe 5-5:15am). Can I get in the park this early?
I like to hike early and then take a long siesta. If it is too hot to hike after lunch then I will cook dinner then and hike late into the evening to try and escape the heat.
This way I hope to beat the bike riders and all others out this saturday morning, Randy

Mike Storesund
(mikes) - F
Bus into Denver on 07/25/2005 12:10:30 MDT Print View


Coming in at 10:30 at night to get a room, I would suggest getting off at the Englewood Bus Stop, take a taxi (Yellow 303-777-7777 or Metro 303-333-3333) to the Days Inn at 3440 S. Vance St. Lakewood (303-989-5500), just off Hampden and Wadsworth. This will get you much closer to the trailhead, save about $30 in cab fare and give you more sleep time. The Days Inn is about 7 miles from the TH.

If you still plan to take the bus all the way into downtown Denver, take a cab from the bus station and tell the driver to go out West Colfax (1500 block north), between Sheridan (5200 block west) and Wadsworth (7600 block west). This will be about a $10 - $12 cab ride. There are a number of no-tell motels along this stretch that will likely make up the difference between cab fare and Days Inn hotel cost. The hotels along Colfax between Sheridan and Wadsworth will be about 12 miles from the TH and have reasonable access to supplies (Super Wal-Mart on NE corner of Colfax and Wadsworth).

As long as you are being dropped off by cab, you can start walking the trail whenever you want. You will go South on Wadsworth Blvd. to Waterton Canyon where the Lockheed Martin plant is (about 1.5 mile south of C-470). Just past the LM plant is where the TH starts.
I am sure my neighbor (Park Ranger) will not be there before 6:00 am on a weekend morning. A Chatfield State Park ranger may cruise by, but starting your trek that early you will not have any problem with the local authorities.

Edited by mikes on 07/25/2005 12:59:21 MDT.

Mike Storesund
(mikes) - F
Lyme Disease on 07/25/2005 17:42:48 MDT Print View

FYI, there has been an outbreak of Lyme Disease in the region, so you might want to pay close attention to ticks.

Randy Brissey
(rbrissey) - M

Locale: Redondo Beach, CA
Colorado Trail Start on 07/25/2005 23:13:18 MDT Print View

Thanks Mike,

Thank you for the information. It allows me to get a hotel and then the plan is to be at the trailhead at @ 5:15 to beat the traffic out of town. Bad news about the Lyme Disease (I will have to keep up the repellent!). The weather is looking a little like a chance of thundershowers. That would be nice to hike in a little bit of rain to stay cool and to also be out of direct sunlight for at least day 2 or so......

thanks again very much! Randy

Edited by rbrissey on 07/25/2005 23:13:50 MDT.

paul johnson
(pj) - F

Locale: LazyBoy in my Den - miss the forest
some basic info re:Ticks & Lyme's on 07/26/2005 04:31:23 MDT Print View

Just in case someone is unaware:

these little buggers (deer ticks) are very hard to see. smaller than the head of a pin.

there is some debate about whether other, larger types of ticks carry the spirochete that causes Lyme's. in some parts in the east the majority of deer ticks tested were carrying Lyme's.

ticks have 4 stages of development: egg => larvae => nymph => adult.

larval stage is sometimes ref'd to as "seed ticks".

larvae have 6 legs.
nymph & adult 8 legs.
(remember, they're NOT insects, they're arachnids, like spiders, - though both insects & arachnids are Arthropods).

two ways nymphs can be distinguished fr/adults is size (if you know the species) & the lack of a genital opening.

nymphs of hard ticks have only one instar stage, while some nymphal soft ticks have more than one instar stage.

a larval dog/wood/brown tick is very small, somewhat similar in size to an adult deer tick. diff is the # of legs. i have seen side-by-side photos of this illustrating the diff. you might want to use a small magnifying lens to identify this characteristic.

long pants, tucked into socks w/or w/o gaiters over them is a good way to keep these critters off of you.

light colored pants - for contrast = it's easier to see the ticks on a light colored fabric.

wear long sleeve shirts.

tuck your shirt in.

wear a hat.

DEET is a good idea. [some people may develop a rxn to Permethrins, sometimes quite severe. it's a pretty potent nerve agent of sorts. some people are fine w/it and don't suffer an effect. only use it on clothing, NOT the skin. and then, preferably on clothing not in direct contact with the skin. i know...some people put it on base layers with no problem. concentration may be a contributing factor - some preps are stronger than others.]

other diseases are carried by some of the larger tick species y'all may encounter, e.g. Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Q fever, Colorado tick fever, Tularemia (caused by a very nasty bacteria), tick paralysis (more of an "allergic"/sensitivity rxn than a disease really - ceases when tick is removed - sometimes the person can't even speak), typhus, rickettsial pox, relapsing fever, and Texas cattle fever

hope this info helps someone.

Edited by pj on 07/26/2005 04:37:59 MDT.

Mike Storesund
(mikes) - F
CT Weather on 07/26/2005 16:39:30 MDT Print View

We have been having a lot of rain the last 2 days. Afternoon thunderstorms are common in this area even if it is only for a short time.
5:15 am on a Saturday morning you will not be experiencing any rush to 'get out of town' The CT Trailhead is in the furthest soutwest area of Metro Denver along the foothills. Most of what you would be seeing along the trail will be bike riders starting about 8:00 - 11:00 and again later in the afternoon; not much during the heat of the day.
Good Luck

Mike Storesund
(mikes) - F
CT Trek on 10/26/2005 14:15:23 MDT Print View

Randy, just wondering how your CT trek went...