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Clothing List Check
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Scott Hayden
(Spiffyguy) - F
Clothing List Check on 02/26/2014 14:56:37 MST Print View

I am planning out my clothing for an up-coming thru of the River to River trail in Southern Illinois. Trip is beginning of April, with Wunderground saying the Average temps will be high of 56 and low of 39. Obviously it may be lower but that is the data I have. Planning for rain as well. With that info these are the clothes I have. I know some of the stuff may be heavier than what is out there but this is what I have.

My big questions are, should I bring the Puffy jacket. It may be a bit heavy at 11 oz and if I can get by with my fleece and a windshirt then that is 11oz less I need to carry. Or is there a better option than the fleece? Hate to buy new things but if there is a good option I may. My fleece is just a JCP brand at 10.79 oz.

Next though is if I should bring long johns or not. Was planning on Tshirt and boxers for sleep gear as I have a 20F quilt. Have some paradox merino bottoms at 5.92oz, so just an ounce or so more. Might be hot, but I can vent the quilt.

Last thought is my shirt. Was planning on my Merino Wool 1/4 zip from Russel Outdoors. Thing is warm and doesn't stink. I do like it and it is comfortable. 2nd option would be Ex'officio Air Strip lite, not as warm but might be good during the day. But will probably stink more after 10 days.

Anything I seem to be missing on the list or major problems?

Items Worn
Item Weight (oz)
Boxers Starter 3.99
Pants Columbia Silber Ridge II Convertible 11.32
Belt Bison Designs Pure Trek Belt 2.68
Shirt Russel Outdoors APX Merino Wool 1/4 Zip, XL 8.15
Socks Wright Escape II Crew Length 1.90
Shoes Brooks Cascadia 7 29.35
Hat Sunday Afternoons Sun Tripper Don't have yet
Sunglasses Coleman 0.71

Total 3.57 pound

Clothing Packed
Item Weight (oz)
Buff Merino Wool Buff 1.76
Sleeping Top Under Armour Heat Gear SS, XL 6.35
Sleeping Bottom Exoficcio Give-n-Go Muhimu 3.32
Windshirt Patagonia Houdini, XL 4.13
Puffy Jacket JCPenny XL 11.01
Fleece G&H Bass, XL 10.79
Rain Jacket Marmot Super Mica, XL 10.09
Rain Pants DriDucks Ultralite 2, LG 6.10
Camp Shoes DIY 1.48
Spare Socks Wright Escape II Crew 1.90
Warm Hat C9 Stretch Windstopper 1.31
Rain Mitts MDL Event 1.34
Head Net Sea to Summit 0.95
Gloves USGI Wool Liners 2.15

Total 3.91 pounds