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wind shield for alcohol stove
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ian wright
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wind shield for alcohol stove on 07/28/2007 06:24:27 MDT Print View

Saturday night, nowhere to go and nothing on TV. Good. I'll tinker.

Here's a mock-up of a wind shield I've been thinking about. I made this out of a coffee can that just happened to be the right size but it's not meant to be used. I would think that making it out of 1mm aluminium would be good. Using the can was helpful as it is already curved.

Having experienced blusterly winds that played havoc on my last stove I have been wanting to come up with a wind shield design that fits a few criteria.
1: can be stored in the pot.
2: full protection from wind.
3: minimal parts.
4: fits well around the pot.
5: acts as the pot support.
6: lightweight (of course)

Photo 1 shows the base section under construction.

Photo2 shows the tabs formed that support the pot.

Photo 3 the pot sitting on the tabs on the base section.

Photo 4 shows the top section sitting on the base. It has 4 small sections cut out of the bottom edge so it slots over the tabs on the base.

Photo 5 shows the finished assembly.

Photo 6 shows how the two parts fit inside the pot. Both parts have slits down the sides so they can 'compress' (?) to fit in the pot.

Photo 7 is a cut away view.

Still needs some fine tuning and some air vent holes.
Sorry if my lazy description is vague.