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Send a Scout to Philmont
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JC Root
(evilroot) - F

Locale: Central Oregon
Send a Scout to Philmont on 02/24/2014 17:46:31 MST Print View

As all of you know ultra-light is not cheap!
My son is going to Philmont this July and he has met his goal and is 90% funded for his trip. His trip is paid for but he is short some gear that he is trying to purchase.
He just purchase an on sale 2013 Osprey Exos 46, 1/2 price New Balance trail runners and I just snagged a neo-air off the gear forums here for him to use. What he is lacking a light weight tent found a couple but prices are high. He is close to his goal, but he is not there.

Dear old dad is not going this time- time let him have his own adventure plus I'm working 70 hour weeks to support 5 kids with 2 in Scouts! But I will take my youngest to summer camp my vacation this year.

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Jim Colten
(jcolten) - M

Locale: MN
Re: Send a Scout to Philmont on 02/24/2014 19:16:14 MST Print View


Be aware that Philmont resists scouts solo tenting ... are fine with adults solo. Even if they allowed solo scout tenting it would reduce the "goofy factor" ... a key ingredient to youth trek success. One of our best ever Philmont crews squeezed 5 not tiny scouts into a 9.5 ft square pyramid shelter ... much hilarity ensued.

They also won't allow sleeping under tarps but will allow relatively minimal enclosed shelters. If he has ambition and access to a sewing machine and someone to teach him how he could look at this kit:,sleeping%20bag-cart.htm#BILGY%20TARP%20TENT

My own son (now old enough to have a son in scouts if he's started early) sewed every patch that came his way from Wolf cub scout to Eagle ... instilled him with a strong DIY ethic that is still benefiting his career a couple decades later.

JC Root
(evilroot) - F

Locale: Central Oregon
Philmont on 02/24/2014 19:37:38 MST Print View

My son is looking to buy a 2 man tent like a Big Agnes UL Slater 2+. He know he can not sleep alone and he already has a tent partner if not 2! The scouts drew straws on who was going to get a UL tent and my son got the tent so the search is on.


Dan Lee
(scoutbuff) - MLife

Locale: Colorado
HOW ABOUT BORROWING? on 02/25/2014 10:57:38 MST Print View

I can appreciate the dilemma. I found that when my crew was preparing, there were a number of other units that had light or UL gear and were more than willing to loan it out. Just a thought...

JC Root
(evilroot) - F

Locale: Central Oregon
Re-borrowing on 02/25/2014 14:10:10 MST Print View

We talked about that borrowing equipment, but we are to active in backpacking and camping. Now there are some troops that are just Eagle mills out there, but we are not! We camp or back pack 11 months out of the year heck all most of our boys already have 50 nights of camping under there belts in 2 years and all the Scout who have been with us 3 years do have 50 nights plus. I would rather have my Scouts buy there tents that they will have for years to come.

Jay Lash
(jjlash) - F

Locale: Eastern Iowa
SMD Lunar Duo on 02/25/2014 17:47:59 MST Print View

You just missed the Valentines Day sale on the Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo Outfitter. But, the regular price of $160 is still a good deal.

I got one two years ago for my first PSR trek. Spacious for two, would have to be really small guys to fit three. Good head room, two doors, trekking pole supports, 3.5lbs without stakes.

william cheney
finding the tent on 02/25/2014 18:33:48 MST Print View

I know Big Agnes redesigned or changed the color on their Fly Creek UL2 and as a result there are bargains to be had on that model. A number of boys in my crew found the "old" model on e-bay/amazon/etc. for somewhat reasonable prices.

JC Root
(evilroot) - F

Locale: Central Oregon
Thanks for all the advice on 02/26/2014 10:54:52 MST Print View

I have an old Six Moons Europa but it is not free standing! The duo looks good but still not free standing might as well use the Europa and save the cash. Still have a good 5 months to find a tent so I'm in no hurry. Might just sell the Six Moons Europa to add a few bucks in my sons pot. Going to go through his stuff this sat morn before work and see what we can sell.


Joe Lynch
(rushfan) - MLife

Locale: Northern California
ALPS for cheap prices for scouts on 02/26/2014 12:54:03 MST Print View

You might want to take a look at ALPS Mountaineering for a scout tent. They offer significant savings to scouts for outdoor gear once you sign up.

The gear is not lightweight by any means but is pretty tough. My son has a two wall two man tent that he has taken on the JMT. He split the weight 3 ways-one boy carried the tent, one carried the rain fly, one carried the poles and stakes. Room enough for 3 scouts.

Product descriptions are here.

That said, I just picked up a SMD Lunar Duo on the last sale. It's really nice.

JC Root
(evilroot) - F

Locale: Central Oregon
Sierra Designs Vapor Light 2 XL tent on 02/28/2014 12:09:47 MST Print View

Well, REI has the Sierra Designs Vapor Light 2 XL on clearance for $166 so I talked to my son and he said get it so we pulled the trigger and bought one. Should be delivered next week. Looks like a great tent, price was under his $200 budget and his max tent weight limit of 4-lbs. So with his hiking partner each will be carrying less than 2-lbs for a tent.

Anyone ever use or have one of these?


John Myers
(dallas) - F - MLife

Locale: North Texas
Philmont tents on 03/03/2014 08:59:50 MST Print View

Also, Philmont has new MSR tents that are supposed to be decent.
Plus they are included in the fee.
I like free.