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somewhat distressed
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james bouldin
(jamesrb1) - F
somewhat distressed on 07/27/2007 12:48:14 MDT Print View

i would like to make hiking and being outdoors more of a lifestyle than a hobby but my job holds me in nashville TN which isnt the most outdoorsy environment to say the least. so i was wondering what jobs i might find elsewhere that would help me stay closer to if not in the wilderness. i like to hike and im learning to kayak and climb. thanks for any light u may shed on this subject.

(cuzzettj) - MLife

Locale: NorCal - South Bay
Jobs... on 07/27/2007 14:43:41 MDT Print View

How about: Forester, Hospitality Management, Law Enforcement, Heavy Equipment Operator, Firefighter, Park Management (only an AA degree will do), Any degree in Education or Youth Development, Environmental Science, or any construction job. Though that may make you more mobil. Check out the US Forestery web site. They have an employment link and you can look for something there. If you are young enough and don't have a lot of responsibilities there is seasonal work in most of these fields that will get you in the door.

I don't know your back ground, but all of these things work. Look at working at some of the major parks or getting student loans and really going for the big money as a scientist or Forester. At least they pay in the $40,000 to 60,000K range after a short tenure.

james bouldin
(jamesrb1) - F
thanks for the response on 07/27/2007 17:19:36 MDT Print View

ok im not sure if my background w/ make any difference but i was oil change/tire changer for three years, an industrial mechanic for one year, and have now been an aircraft structural mechanic for 2 years. it pays well but i just feel an emptiness in it like theres so much more i could be doing w/ my life, like this isnt the path i should be taking.i never was patient enough for school tho i did graduate high school. so i dunno if college is the thing for me. o and i am 25 years old. if anything else would help please let me know.

Jesse Glover
(hellbillylarry) - F

Locale: southern appalachians
You can go anywhere. on 08/01/2007 14:54:02 MDT Print View

Dude unless you just hate fixing cars you can go anywhere and get a job. If you want to go live in the mountians just learn to fix subarus and the like. Just go for it.