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REI Customer Service???
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Rich Steixner
(cameraboy) - F
REI Customer Service??? on 07/27/2007 07:06:32 MDT Print View

After hearing nothing but how great REI is, I bought some gear from them. A sleeping bag, REI brand, that I've used around 8 or 9 times now leaves my bivy looking like someone shot a goose in it after just one night's sleep. There's down blowing out all over the place.

I emailed REI and asked if this was typical, and received no response. I'm concerned.

first, can I assume that this is not acceptable in a down bag? And second, what's up with the great reputation REI has? Perhaps my email was just lost in the shuffle and I will try again.

Sean Perry
(shaleh) - F

Locale: SF Bay Area
how to get service on 07/27/2007 11:54:58 MDT Print View

Most people I know walk into a store with an item they bought, return it (no questions asked) and then get something else or a new version.

That is what makes the service so good. "Was this used?" is the only question I have ever been asked.

Rob Blazoff
(Genetic) - F

Locale: Out back, brewing beer in BPA.
Issues on 07/27/2007 14:45:31 MDT Print View

You won't get any issues returning it. I can only speak for my own experiences, REI has the best Customer Service when you have legit quality or satisfaction issues. You certainly have a legit issue. Good luck.

Luke Winstrom
(luke) - F
Re: REI Customer Service??? on 07/27/2007 15:22:11 MDT Print View

I think that, as others have said, you should go to a store. But if you're not close to a store, just call them on the phone. The last time I went to their customer service section, I had a ski bag with a broken zipper. They said that they didn't have a replacement to give to me, and that they couldn't send it to the manufacturer, since their warranty had run out, so the only thing they could do was give me my money back...

Jeff Boone
(jnboone) - MLife
call on 07/27/2007 16:26:29 MDT Print View

I agree. You need to call. They'll take care of you.

cat morris
(catt) - F

Locale: Alaska
Re: REI Customer Service??? on 07/27/2007 19:45:15 MDT Print View


A number of my backpacking friends & I just purchased the REI SubKilo sleeping bag with the same feather result as yours. THe feathers were two fine (600 fill) for the covering seams. Feathers coming out of the seams.

I returned it to REI with no problems. Probably they will get a lot of those sale SubKilos back. 4 out of 4 of ours feathered.

Brett .
(Brett1234) - F

Locale: CA
Down bags not returnable at REI on 07/27/2007 20:21:11 MDT Print View

That's the policy at my local store last time I lived in the states. Its the only exception I know of and why I've never bought a bag from REI.
Edit; of course, I could be mistaken~!!

Edited by Brett1234 on 07/27/2007 22:24:50 MDT.

Mike Barney
(eaglemb) - F

Locale: AZ, the Great Southwest!
Huh??: Down bags not returnable at REI on 07/27/2007 21:30:37 MDT Print View

2 years ago I bought a returned Marmot -20 down bag from REI at the Garage Sale. The tag indicated it was a return that had been returned with a small zipper rip, which was easily fixed.

John Kays
(johnk) - M

Locale: SoCal
Re: Down bags are returnable at REI on 07/27/2007 22:03:13 MDT Print View

Take it into the store as suggested above. I have never had a problem returning gear that I was unsatisfied with and returned a REI, Inc. Kilo bag.

Joe Clement
(skinewmexico) - MLife

Locale: Southwest
REI on 07/27/2007 22:33:55 MDT Print View

I never had any luck thru email with a pack I had, but when I called them, they jumped on it. Let me use the defective pack until the new one came in, and sent me a return label.

Felipe Mendoza
(Felipe) - F

Locale: sf bay area
bring it back on 07/27/2007 23:31:27 MDT Print View

man tell em your not happy and you want to return it. no problem done it many times.hes right if its 600fl thats what happens.

Edited by Felipe on 07/27/2007 23:33:38 MDT.

Scott White
(sdwhitey) - F

Locale: Smoky Mountains
Re: REI Customer Service??? on 07/27/2007 23:34:37 MDT Print View

Just take it in to the store if you can. As long as I have proof of purchase they take everything back, no questions asked. In the past two years I have returned two down bags that were used by my wife and I on a four day trip.

They have the most liberal return policy I have ever encountered.

Dale Wambaugh
(dwambaugh) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: REI Customer Service??? on 07/27/2007 23:51:20 MDT Print View

I would just call customer service. They have your sale recorded by the membeship number. There are all kinds of returned items in their "Gear Garage" that were returned simply because the buyer didn't like them-- the reasons are on the tags. As others said, they'll replace it or just give you a cash refund.

Jason Brinkman
(jbrinkmanboi) - MLife

Locale: Idaho
No Problems with REI Customer Service on 07/28/2007 22:49:48 MDT Print View

REI will unquestionably take it back. They are even pretty easy on proof of purchase issues. If it's an REI brand there are few questions asked. If you have a receipt, all the better. If you have a membership and gave them your number, they can look up the purchase in the computer.

I've had some feathers come out of an older 600 fill REI bag that I own. Not enough to cause any significant problem, but enough to be an annoyance. On mine the seams occasionally lose down, and the fabric is loose enough to allow feathers through the weave. I think the 600 fill down is "pinnier" than 800+, so maybe that contributes too.

Edited by jbrinkmanboi on 07/28/2007 22:50:18 MDT.

Cornelius Austin
(nealaustin) - F

Locale: Minnesota
Tent return on 09/18/2007 20:02:53 MDT Print View

My experience with REI was stellar. Had a tent pole snap on a tent during a 5200 mile trip. The Rei in Albuquerque didn't have a replacement pole or mender and replaced the whole tent plus some money back because the tent was now on sale.