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Survivor Stud
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Jason Klass
(jasonklass) - F

Locale: Parker, CO
Survivor Stud on 07/24/2007 18:35:57 MDT Print View

Just some stupid videos my friend and I made:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Survivor Stud on 07/24/2007 20:21:39 MDT Print View

Awesome..better than watching Bear Grylls!!!!

Jason Klass
(jasonklass) - F

Locale: Parker, CO
Re: Re: Survivor Stud on 07/24/2007 20:29:17 MDT Print View

Thanks John!

Chad Mason

Locale: Arizona
Re: Re: Survivor Stud on 07/24/2007 21:32:30 MDT Print View

Oh man, those are great! I can't wait for episode 5!

paul johnson
(pj) - F

Locale: LazyBoy in my Den - miss the forest
Re: Survivor Stud on 07/25/2007 00:37:07 MDT Print View


An absolute riot. Loved them all. My body aches from laughing so hard. You sure are one funny guy.

Just in case it is of interest to you, Video #3 did point out a distinct difference between you and me.

If i were in that situation, i would have slipped and fallen off of the tree while crossing that raging river and impaled myself with the knife that you were carrying in your right hand. There wouldn't have been an episode #4 in my case due to the knife. for my part, i always liked to run with scissors in my hand as a kid - i sure knew how to live dangerously! if your mother is anything like mine was, i could almost hear her saying "Jason, how many time do i have to tell you, don't cross raging rivers with an unsheathed knife in your hand!!" I can only imagine, never having been in situations similar to yours, but compared to the dangers you braved to make those four videos, carrying that knife must have seemed downright tame to you?!!.

Glad you're making these videos. Like young Oliver says at the beginning of the Stage Play, "Please Sir, may I have some more?" Can't wait for the next one.

Edited by pj on 07/25/2007 00:37:44 MDT.

Brett .
(Brett1234) - F

Locale: CA
Survivor Stud on 07/25/2007 01:17:45 MDT Print View

Hilarious! Episode 4 was the best.. the tribal drum music is a perfect match. I also hope to see more!

Andrew King
(drewboy) - F

Locale: Arizona
Re: Survivor Stud on 07/25/2007 06:29:28 MDT Print View

Yes, those are great! You've got the cheesy dramatic character of Bear Grylls down pat. Thanks for making me laugh this morning. Keep 'em coming!

Scott Peterson
(scottalanp) - F

Locale: Northern California
Re: Survivor Stud on 07/25/2007 08:19:18 MDT Print View


Great creativity! Your accent, phrasing, and inflection are remarkable. Very funny!

May I suggest that you show either "by accident" or advertently what happens after the various "shots"? I always get a chuckle when I think about Bear after the camera turns off...and he is washing his mouth out with Listerine or getting into a nice sturdy tent....unbeknownst to the "naive viewer". A pre-edited tape or Bear blooper real seems like the ultimate opportunity to make fun.

Sam .
(samurai) - F

Locale: NEPA
RE: Survivor Stud on 07/25/2007 16:37:52 MDT Print View

Jason, you're nuts!

And extremely talented. Great work!

Frank Perkins

Locale: North East
Re: Survivor Stud on 07/25/2007 19:19:11 MDT Print View

Great stuff Jason! I love how instead of walking you down the classic "bear tumble". Let us know when you post more!

Jason Klass
(jasonklass) - F

Locale: Parker, CO
Survivor Stud on 07/30/2007 20:01:48 MDT Print View

Well, I don't know exactly who this guy is, but apparently, he's been accused of some wrongdoing that he defends on his new website:

Mark Jones
(hibisk55) - M

Locale: The Back of Beyond
Great website. Hilarious! on 10/26/2007 19:28:14 MDT Print View


Great website, very well done. Hilarious!

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Hilarious on 11/07/2007 16:57:22 MST Print View

Definitely funny stuff! :)

Steven Evans
(Steve_Evans) - MLife

Locale: Canada
Love the shelter... on 11/08/2007 17:32:59 MST Print View epsiode 4...great stuff!

P. P.
(toesnorth) - F

Locale: PNW
Re: "Survivor Stud" on 11/08/2007 19:49:56 MST Print View

Thank you Jason!! Keep them coming!

Steven Evans
(Steve_Evans) - MLife

Locale: Canada
Survivor Stud Website on 11/08/2007 20:37:10 MST Print View

"igloo constructed from frozen Walrus urine"

i almost died of laughter...survival tips is classic aswell!!!

Michael Davis
(mad777) - F

Locale: South Florida
Re: Survivor Stud on 11/09/2007 17:18:34 MST Print View


These are hilarious!

Episode #4 reminded me of Wylie Coyote vs the Road Runner!

Great satire. Maybe you could get your own TV show!