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injinji toe socks
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Aaron Smith
(Aaronsmity) - M
injinji toe socks on 02/10/2014 13:03:35 MST Print View

Anyone use these? I thought it would help with blistering on my toes and seem to have positive reviews, but not sure if they wick sweat away like my current merinos would.

Art ...
(asandh) - F
Re: injinji toe socks on 02/10/2014 13:08:12 MST Print View

they are the Only socks I wear for all athletic activities ... for the last 6 years.
they wick fine, keep blisters from the toes.
they come in different heights ... I prefer mini crew, but full crew and quarter may work depending on your activity.
they come in different weights ... I use both original and mid weight.

I endorse them fully.

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Craig W.
(xnomanx) - F - M
Re: Re: injinji toe socks on 02/10/2014 13:13:33 MST Print View

+1 to everything Art said.

Matt Weaver
(norcalweaver) - F

Locale: PacNW
Re: injinji toe socks on 02/10/2014 13:43:07 MST Print View

I used them for a bit, and liked them, but found them on the smaller side and they wore out very quickly.

Diane Pinkers
(dipink) - MLife

Locale: Western Washington
Love them on 02/10/2014 14:22:37 MST Print View

Found that they really reduced the blister problem for me. They come in both synthetic and merino, I prefer the wool ones for the stink control factor. In winter, I layer them with a thin Smartwool merino dress sock for a little extra warmth in my boot.

Steve B
(geokite) - F

Locale: Southern California
Also what Art said on 02/10/2014 15:29:49 MST Print View

I go through many pairs, as they do wear out if you don't keep your toe nails cut. Feet are cooler (not good for biking in cold weather) so drier. Just like gloves are cooler than mittens.


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Max Dilthey
(mdilthey) - M

Smartwool on 02/10/2014 15:53:01 MST Print View

I prefer Smartwool toe socks, but that's just me!

Tom Kirchner
(ouzel) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest/Sierra
Re: Re: injinji toe socks on 02/10/2014 16:39:29 MST Print View

"I endorse them fully."

+1 My "go to" socks year around. Performance Lightweight in the Sierra, Original the rest of the year. Nary a blister since I started wearing them. The downside is that they do wear out sooner, but I mitigate by wearing a Coolmax liner over them.

Nathan Watts
(7sport) - MLife
Re: injinji toe socks on 02/10/2014 20:37:44 MST Print View

Seems like most who love these socks suffer from blister problems. I never had any issues with blisters but bought myself some to try out anyway. I have some of the smartwool ones too. I personally don't like either of them all that much. I find nothing about them to be better than normal style socks and they're more of a pain to put on. But it sounds like you get blisters, so they're probably the right socks for you.

Joshua Abel
(Aberrix) - M
injinji toe socks on 02/11/2014 08:48:41 MST Print View

I swear by them for long hikes, be aware there are different weights (thicknesses). I get the lightest weight injinji's and layer them under Smartwool PhD's and have completely eliminated any blistering problems during long hike and [weighted] ruck marches.

Daniel Smart
(smartd) - M
Re: injinji toe socks on 02/11/2014 09:02:50 MST Print View

Same here. I have two toes that rub, and this fixes it. I use the thinnest version quarter crew as a liner sock and wear a midweight hiking sock over it in my Merrell Moab Ventilators. I use the original weight for running distances over 5K.

Yes they wear out, but no blisters is worth EVERY penny. Haven't tried hiking in them all by themselves.

Backpack Jack
(jumpbackjack) - F

Locale: Armpit of California
injinji toe socks on 02/11/2014 09:10:12 MST Print View

These are the only socks I use to hike in and they work for me, as others have stated I layer them with other socks like Merino wool.

I have a friend that went into the fire academy, and about 3 weeks into his training I ran into him and noticed he could hardly walk, I asked him what the problem was and he said that with all the hiking and trainig they were doing in thier full dresss outs that he had developed blisters and they had gotten to the point of bleeding, he said it looked like a massacre inside his boots everyday when he got home and took them off.

My friend has a very high tolerance for pain so I knew it must have been bad, I asked what he was doing to help the matter, his reply was, man up!

I gave him some of my Injinji toe socks and some Merino wool socks to go over those, now mind you, this in the middle of summer here where it gets into the 100 degeers for weeks on end, after a week of using this combo his feet were almost healed, he said it was the only thing that kept him going and he was able to graduate from the academy, so they worked for him , BYMMV.


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Vincent Vilcinskas
(vinvil) - M
Injinji toe socks on 02/11/2014 18:40:21 MST Print View

Years ago, while spending some time in the employ of Uncle Sam, it was determined I wore a size 12 boot. That's the shoe size I wore for 20 years. Just always took me awhile to get new shoes/boots broken in. When I got interested in long distance hiking I realized I should be wearing a size 14. By that time my toes were somewhat deformed and overlapping. Injinji light weight liner socks inside some lightweight merino wool socks make my long distance hiking hobby possible. I don't go hiking without them. The liner socks wear out relatively quickly (100-150 miles) and need replaced but the heavier weight ones don't wick enough for me. Since I discovered them I've never had a blister or "hot spot".

rowan !

Locale: SF Bay Area
Great socks! on 02/11/2014 19:42:59 MST Print View

I love toe socks too! I used to get blisters on the sides and undersides of my toes within a couple of miles, sometimes even when I taped them preemptively. With toe socks I still have to tape a couple of toes sometimes, but it's a vast improvement. I have used the thin liners with an outer sock, but found that just one pair of regular weight toe socks works better, because the outer socks would end up shifting on my feet and pinching my toes together. I don't notice much difference between the synthetic ones and the wool ones in terms of comfort or odor, but the wool ones do wear out more quickly.

That's my only complaint, the lack of durabililty. I wear these socks daily and most only last a year or so. I'm accustomed to having socks last a minimum of 5 years. And of course, it's always the same foot that gets a hole, so I end up with a bunch of left socks!

Tom Kirchner
(ouzel) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest/Sierra
Re: Great socks! on 02/11/2014 19:48:55 MST Print View

"And of course, it's always the same foot that gets a hole, so I end up with a bunch of left socks!"

Doug Ide solved that problem several years back: Turn half of them inside out.

Rick M
(rmjapan) - F

Locale: London, UK
Re: Re: Great socks! on 02/11/2014 19:59:19 MST Print View


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Tyler N

Locale: Vuur-Gin-Yaa!
Re: injinji toe socks on 02/12/2014 06:18:50 MST Print View

Indispensable. First adapted them w/Vibram fivefinger shoes a few years ago + prefer them all the time.
PROS: The capacity to wick moisture has been essential to my feet w/poor circulation. Currently as I'm shuffling through polar vortices they also serve as a good "sock liner" w/a wool sock for chilly temps.
CONS: Doing sock laundry kinda sucks. You have to actually pair them up or brave searching for them in the morning darkness.
Also will damage quicker than other socks; do NOT walk around on asphalt/street or they will quickly deteriorate.
WARNING: These will definitely shrink; even w/line drying I buy a size up & they compress size over time.
BONUS TIP!: If perspiration is a problem, pack a little pouch of tea tree foot powder to keep feet fresh.

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Joe Geib
(joegeib) - F

Locale: Delaware & Lehigh Valleys
awesomeness on 02/12/2014 08:27:33 MST Print View

My go-to sock for all sports. Helped stop my toe blisters. Plus they are incredibly comfortable. During this harsh winter, I've resorted to wearing the wool ones to work - brilliant!

Art ...
(asandh) - F
Re: Re: injinji toe socks on 02/12/2014 08:40:19 MST Print View

"" WARNING: These will definitely shrink; even w/line drying I buy a size up & they compress size over time. ""

for me ... I've found that the mid weights do shrink a little, but the original weight coolmax do not.

Edited by asandh on 02/12/2014 08:41:09 MST.

Jason Elsworth
(jephoto) - M

Locale: New Zealand
injinji toe sock on 02/12/2014 16:26:02 MST Print View

I am in the they are good, but they are too fragile camp. Apparently newer version are tougher. Mine only did one trip before a hole in one toe and elastic failure at the top. I also found that when my feet were really soaked and I was doing long steep descents I got a got a sort of a toe wedgie effect. I haven't had any problems with std socks so haven't tried them again.