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Zelph Starlyte alcohol stove
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Dale Wambaugh
(dwambaugh) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Zelph Starlyte alcohol stove on 02/01/2014 13:41:41 MST Print View

I just got a Zelph Starlyte alcohol stove and gave it a quick test this morning. It is TINY! I assumed it was made from a larger container and I'm really impressed with the small size. I was skeptical of the output-- this thing is too simple to rival the jetted pop can stoves I've tried. Wrong! It pours out the heat. I really like the integrated pot stand, so no need for tent stakes or other contraptions and that allows the simplest, lightest wind screen materials. This is perfect for my overnight and day hiking cook kit and a great alternative to an Esbit wing stove. Well done Zelph!

In my hand for scale. That's small!
Zelph's Stoveworks Starlyte stove

The Starlyte with an MSR Titan Ti 400ml mug perched on top. Proably too small for best efficiency with flame pattern, but ti works and what a great day hike and overnight combo. Just right for hot drinks or soup.
Zelph's Stoveworks Starlyte stove

The Titan mug with stove, windscreen, Bic lighter, and folding Ti spoon. The lid was from a canned salmon tin with a safety can opener and a perfect fit. The measuring cup fits in there too. Pocket kitchen! Just needs the fuel container.
Zelph's Stoveworks Starlyte stove

The Starlyte with a 10cm IMUSA mug and Zelph's lid for the same. The ultimate dirtbag cook kit :)Zelph's Stoveworks Starlyte stove

Dan Durston
(dandydan) - M

Locale: Cascadia
Starlyte on 02/01/2014 16:49:36 MST Print View

Yeah it's a really awesome stove. I use one with a caldera sidewinder cone and no pot support, so it's super stable and even more efficient.

Dave Heiss
(DaveHeiss) - M

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Starlyte stove on 02/01/2014 18:21:15 MST Print View


Starlyte stoves rock.

Brian Johns
(bcutlerj) - M

Locale: NorCal
Re: Starlyte stove on 02/01/2014 19:31:17 MST Print View

Yep. Me too. Have a stand model for my Ti and beer can mugs and the "burner" model for my caldera cones. Too many great things to say and/or nothing bad.

Will Webster
(WillWeb) - M
Modified burner on 02/01/2014 20:12:51 MST Print View

I just got the modified Starlyte burner to use with a Sidewinder and 0.9L Evernew pot. Takes a little longer to reach boil than the 10-12 but I think it uses a bit less fuel to get there.

With the 10-12 I ended up wasting fuel because it was so difficult to put out and even if I succeeded I couldn't pour the excess alcohol back in the bottle, so I just let it burn out after removing the pot. I can blow out the Starlyte and cap it with fuel inside for the next meal.

Dan was kind enough to send me a simmer ring with the burner and it works very well; I put it on the lit burner when the pot reaches simmer and it continues to simmer.

Great stove!

Ben Crocker
(alexdrewreed) - M

Locale: Kentucky
Zelph Starlite on 02/01/2014 20:29:01 MST Print View

Love mine too The only downside is that is not too stable unless you use a come like Dan does

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Delmar O'Donnell

Locale: Between Jacinto & Gorgonio
Part full stove. on 02/01/2014 21:27:47 MST Print View

Another starlyte fan here. Are you guys comfortable putting the plastic lid on a half-full stove and storing it in your pot? Or do you carry a partially filled stove outside your cookware?

Matthew Perry
(bigfoot2) - F

Locale: Oregon
Zelph Starlyte alcohol stove on 02/01/2014 22:20:04 MST Print View





Yup, the Starlyte is just plain awesome! I use it with an old Heinie pot that I wrapped in carbon felt (using silicone as a glue, so I could lift it when hot), my Suluk 46 titanium wind screen, an Antigravity Gear 4 oz. Zip Mug, cheap sil-nylon stuff sack, an MSR plastic folding spoon, really thick Reflectix cozies for the mug and pot, 6 oz. fuel bottle and measuring cup, Zelph ashtray/primer pan and a rubber band to hold it all together. Total weight without fuel and bottle is 4.9 ounces (including the Zip Mug), and 10.1 ounces with the fuel bottle and fuel included. Pretty sweet set up for a two day hike. I could lighten it up a bit with a Cuben stuff sack, but let's be this weight does it really matter?









PS--I am excited to try Zelph's new AC/BC pot. Won't lose any weight, but the cool factor will go through the roof!

Edited by bigfoot2 on 02/02/2014 15:17:37 MST.

Jennifer Mitol
(Jenmitol) - M

Locale: In my dreams....
Re: Part full stove. on 02/02/2014 07:49:10 MST Print View

I feel just fine leaving mine in the like a champ!!! I snuff it out, wait for it to cool while I eat, then pop the lid back on and put it in my cookpot.

And I really find that I use way less fuel that way. I barely used 2.5 oz on my 3 night big bend trip....and that was coffee every am and at least 1-2 cups to boil every night for dinner. Love it!!

Dan Durston
(dandydan) - M

Locale: Cascadia
Starlyte on 02/02/2014 08:39:44 MST Print View

"Are you guys comfortable putting the plastic lid on a half-full stove and storing it in your pot? "
Yeah for sure. The only time it leaks a wee bit is if it's totally full (or overfull). If it's under 80% or so then I trust it completely.

Matt Weaver
(norcalweaver) - F

Locale: PacNW
Re: Starlyte on 02/02/2014 09:35:46 MST Print View

^Yup. If you can see fuel above the fibers inside the stove then it will leak a bit with the lid on. If the fuel levels down a hair and fully absorbed by the fibers, like Dan said, it won't leak. I liked the concept of the built in stand but I also felt like it took away from one of the most convenient features of the Starlyte stove and that is being able to blow out the stove and put a lid on it to store the remaining fuel. No longer are measuring cups needed. Just top off the stove before cooking and you're good to go.

No leaks yet storing the capped off stove in my pot, don't foresee it happening either. Plus I tend to use Everclear for fuel so if a little got in to my water that I boil, all good :)

Steven Paris
(saparisor) - M

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: Starlyte on 02/02/2014 15:00:18 MST Print View

Here's my latest Starlyte stove kit:

Starlyte & Zelph potstand for Starlyte, LiteTrail 550 pot, Hot Lips, carbon lid, QiWiz Tall windscreen, ground protector
Not shown: cuben stuff sack & a Zelph silicone slap band pot holder.

Starlyte Kit

Starlyte Kit 2

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Delmar O'Donnell

Locale: Between Jacinto & Gorgonio
Stand By Me on 02/02/2014 16:26:56 MST Print View

Steven! Nice set. Where did you get the nifty pot stand? Or did you make it? Looks nice and stable around the top. Details please; I need a stand.

Edited by Bolster on 02/02/2014 16:27:31 MST.

Dan Yeruski
(zelph) - MLife

Re: Stand By Me on 02/02/2014 18:17:26 MST Print View

Thank you everyone for the great feed back on the StarLytes.

It is not recommended that the pot support be removed from the stove for storage. ""I'm required to say that ;-) "" The legs of the support may be difficult to get back into the 4 holes.

The large 3" diameter stainless steel wire pot support was originally made for the special short run of the Titanium windscreen/wood stove. I have sold all remaining pot supports and will not be making any in the near future because of being short on hours in a day. I might be able to get my son to weld some up or maybe even my daughter-in-law.....we'll see.

I sure do appreciate all the positive feedback from everyone and a special thanks to Dale for starting this thread :-)

Also a special thanks to Dan Durston for being a pioneer in the development of the mini kit made with cut the down version of his Caldera Cone and for the use of the lid on the StarLyte burner portion of the stove. It took a lot of searching, but I managed to find the right lid that fits so well on the burner.