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Another Stove
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Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
Another Stove on 07/20/2007 02:57:58 MDT Print View

This one also is 50 g , inc pot stand.
At 10 c air temperature and 12 c water temperature (50 f and 54 f) it boils 500 ml in about six minutes and keeps the boil for two minutes with 1/2 oz of alcohol.

It could be a lighter with a smaller can, however this potted meat can is much stronger than a Pepsi can and the stand is solid.
In my final version I don't use the wick anymore, there is little gain with this design.
I have also changed the stand, it is a little wider now , also a little closer to the can.
With the Another Again stove, same can without the holes around the top.
With this version it takes almost 10 minutes to boil but then it boils for four minutes with the same 1/2 oz of fuel. ( I just put a cover on top of the other version)
Both stoves work best with a windscreen only 1/2" to 1" away.
( due to the huge variety available and the scoffing by some, I have called this "Another Stove")
Another Stove
Components, ignore the wick, the new stand is the one in the last pictureinside Another Stove
If you like a different stand...Another stand
Slower. more efficientAnother again

ke wu
(asidesign) - F

Locale: Block seven
Re: Another Stove on 07/20/2007 04:36:40 MDT Print View

Extremely practical design, I like it ( including that interesting stand manner) . Looked from the flame ,the thermal efficiency should be very good.

Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
Just a Stove on 07/21/2007 01:28:30 MDT Print View

Thank you Ke Wu
All my designs are very simple to make, if I can make it, anyone can.
Both the Franco's Stove and the Another Stove produce very deep blue flames, very nice to watch.

I have now almost finished tinkering with Just a Stove.
It has evolved from the Supercat. Perkolady put slits (cat's eyes...) into that design to get a smaller flame. I made one and found it to be slower but more efficient than the Supercat. Nice blue flames as well. To get the heat up, I added a sleeve made out of soda can, like the wick holder above but without the wick.
However, it is still a bit slow to start and not that hot.
So I have now added a top to it.
On average I get 500 ml of water to boil in 6:30 min and it keeps the boil for another 2 or so with 1/2 oz of alcohol ( the water is 13 c at the moment)
Using two tuna cans (potted meat cans) the weight is 40 g but they are wide and very stable. Much stronger than Pepsi, should last a long time.
(BTW, I love that shelter of yours, very clever)
Just a Stove
Only two bits
Just bits
Night shownight show

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