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PCT Gear List 2014
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Matthew Morrison

Locale: PNW
PCT Gear List 2014 Need help on 01/27/2014 14:42:19 MST Print View

Hello hello just want to say thanks to everyone ahead of time for helping me with my gear. These forums have been indispensable during my preparations for the PCT. Here is a list of my current backpacking gear and when possible please refer me to gear that I can purchase on I have a 40% off coupon that works on pretty much everything.

oh and I am 5-8 140lbs


Mountainsmith Eclipse 55
with trash-compactor liner.


Sleeping Pad
Ridgerest solite

Sleeping Bag - Mountain Hardwear Ultralimina 15


Gps - Oregon 450t

Compass - Suunto A-10




CRKT Fixed Blade

Headlamp - Princeton Tec Remix

Leatherman Kick

Fire-steel + Whistle

Emergency Bivvy



Rei Pants

North Face Convertible Pants

Rain Jacket + Insulated Jacket

Mountain Hardwear Runoff Rain Jacket

Mountain Hardwear Compressor Jacket

Base Layer Pants

Heavy Socks - Costco Wool Socks
Costco Wool Socks

Light Socks - Costco Puma Socks's-6-pack-Low-Cut-Socks---Black.product.100097214.html

Shoes - Brooks Ghost 5

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Valerie E
(Wildtowner) - M

Locale: Grand Canyon State
Re: PCT Gear List 2014 Need help on 01/27/2014 15:33:42 MST Print View

I'll leave the detailed comments for others who are more UL than I am, but may I comment that you have some serious cojones planning to do the PCT with no shelter other than an emergency bivy? Maybe you're aiming to set a speed record?

Matthew Morrison

Locale: PNW
whoops on 01/27/2014 16:02:55 MST Print View

Sorry should have mentioned this but shelter, ground cloth, bear gear, food/amount, water pouches/amount and anything else that I am missing please give suggestions for. I was leaning towards getting trekking poles and zpacks cuben flat tarp (which size?) with the tyvex kite material for a ground cloth. For food I was planning on supplying from local stores with drop boxes for the places that are lacking in grocery store quality food. Water is up in the air 100% right now. I always use 1 or 2 bladders but for the PCT I need something more reliable. Possibly a mix of a 3-liter bladder and the rest in 1.5 liter pouches.

Carl Umland
(chumland) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Crest Trail, mostly
"PCT Gear List 2014" on 01/27/2014 17:36:10 MST Print View

I think that you are a little heavy for the items you've listed. Try to get the big 3; Backpack, sleep system and shelter below 2-3# each. I wouldn't carry the Nook, the Leatherman, the knife, GPS, or the Emergency Bivy and the thick socks. Find things that are lighter and more multifunctional like the Swiss Army classic knife instead of 2 tools. Look for shelters along the lines of the Six Moons Designs Gatewood Cape or the Wild Oasis. Start reading the PCT-L archives and the Trail Journals of other long term PCT hikers like "Piper", "Steeleye" and "Schroomer" to name a few. Carry the lightest water bottles with enough total capacity of 6-8 liters. try to go stove less as this year is the longest drought in recorded history. For a ground cloth use the Gossamer Gear Polycro. The Sawyer mini filter is faster and less fiddily than aqua Mira. Download Halfmiles maps and purchase Yogi's trail guide or Eric the blacks guides. Here's a good gear list for SoCal;
Above all just carry enough to get you from town stop to stop, and be prepared to shed non essential stuff and know you can probably pick up anything within a day or two along most of the trail. It's not about surviving but the knowledge you have will be the lightest and most valuable. When you get to San Diego I can help you get to the PCT Trailhead. I host hikers , give rides and cache water at the 3rd gate in the dessert.
" The fun goes up when the weight goes down" Warner Springs Monty
Good luck and happy trails,
Mulestomper aka Carl in San Diego

Dan Durston
(dandydan) - F

PCT on 01/27/2014 17:45:08 MST Print View

A lot of people do it, but a closed cell pad like the Solite is a lot less comfortable and more bulky than an inflatable (ie. NeoAir). If you can afford it, and if you take care of your gear, then you'd probably be much happier with the NeoAir.

I'd nix the GPS. You won't need it unless the Sierra's get a LOT of snow between now and april.

Seth Brewer
(Whistler) - MLife

Lots of ways to have fun on 01/27/2014 19:35:32 MST Print View

There are many "right" ways to hike the PCT. I was very pleased with my set-up, and maybe some ideas will interest you.

My link to my website is under my Bio under my name when you click on it. Go to Gear Lists and you'll see PCT 2013.

I actually really liked using my Z-lite - which I cut down to torso size (about 8 oz.) and didn't switch into my NeoAir until Washington, and only because of the snow. Browse some of the other Postings here in the Gear List area and you'll see many other options and opinions. Just remember YOU HAVE TO CARRY IT. YOU CAN CHANGE IT ALONG THE WAY. and most importantly DONT FORGET TO HAVE FUN!

Gear is only the means to the end - it will be your determination and strength of mind that will ultimately bring you to the end. Lightweight but functional for your needs is what you are trying to achieve.

@ Carl U. BIG thanks to you for that 3rd Gate Cache - - nothing like seeing water in the desert to really make you appreciate trail angels!

Carl Umland
(chumland) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Crest Trail, mostly
"PCT Gear List 2014" on 01/30/2014 13:45:49 MST Print View

If you do carry a "Neo-Air" make sure you bring a repair kit. I've had to repair several leaks on them and found that "Tenacious Tape" works great and it lasts. I've seen more Z-rest pads than anything used by PCT thru hikers. They're much lighter, don't get leaks and adhere to the K.I.S.S. principal (keep it simple stupid)
Good luck,

Andy F
(AndyF) - M

Locale: Midwest/Midatlantic
Knife on 02/01/2014 08:06:20 MST Print View

A #1 or #2 Mora knife would be just as functional, half the weight, and over half the price.