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GGG in Southern CA
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Don Amundson
(amrowinc) - M

Locale: Southern California
GGG in Southern CA on 01/26/2014 20:31:00 MST Print View

GGG in Southern Ca

Time to take action and stop thinking about this! Our northern brethren have been having far too much fun for far too long. It’s time all the BPL members in So. California meet and greet. I have some open time before getting out on the trail for extended trips so I’m formally announcing a GGG gathering. I realize this may be too short a notice for some but I wanted to wait to announce it until after the big GGG.

When: April 11-13

Where: Henninger Flats in the San Gabriel Mountains above Pasadena. Water, pit toilets and firewood provided. There are no fire rings but there are standing camp stoves with open fronts. The facility is operated by the County of Los Angeles Fire Dept. It's about a 2.5 mile hike with a 1400' elevation gain.


Cost: $0 (Unless I get a bill from Ken charging for using the GGG name)

This is all still in it’s planning/organizing infancy but Ken and others have posted a lot of very useful info about the GGG trips up north so it won’t be a total wing it affair. As an incentive everyone in attendance will receiver a free lightweight gear gift (don't expect anything with cuben fiber in it!).

The campground does not have unlimited space but for now there is no limit on the number of attendees. This could change of course.

More info will be forthcoming.

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Stephen Barber
(grampa) - MLife

Locale: SoCal
re: GGG in Southern CA on 01/26/2014 20:52:19 MST Print View

March 11-13 is midweek, right? We might get more people if it's moved to the weekend.

Whatever! I'm good for March 11-13, or the weekend of March 14-16.

Great idea, Don, and good job on making it happen!

Aaron Sorensen
(awsorensen) - MLife

Locale: South of Forester Pass
Re: GGG in Southern CA on 01/26/2014 21:04:13 MST Print View

Pretty sure there are no fire allowed at all in the San Gabriels?
At least all the places I've been.

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Don Amundson
(amrowinc) - M

Locale: Southern California
GGG in Southern CA on 01/26/2014 21:04:59 MST Print View

Crips...I forgot to post the diclaimer that all errors are due to age and changes are sure to follow. The correct dates are April 11-13.

Stephen Barber
(grampa) - MLife

Locale: SoCal
re: GGG in Southern CA on 01/26/2014 21:26:25 MST Print View

April...not so good, but I could come Saturday afternoon/evening through Sunday.

Don Amundson
(amrowinc) - M

Locale: Southern California
Fire Restictions etc. on 01/26/2014 21:31:32 MST Print View

Arron, "Not all backpackers are retired." I'm not really retired. Backpacking is my Job but I have to work occasionally when I'm not backpacking.

Henninger Flats is not part of the Angeles National Forest (as I read the boundry line on my map) and is subject to the County of LA Fire Dept. As of today they aren't allowing fires in the camp stoves.

Come April it's hard to say what the restrictions or lack thereof will be.

The current fire condition level in the San Gabriel Mts. (Angeles National Forest) is "very high" but fires are still allowed in stoves and fire rings in designated sites.

More info here:

Don Amundson
(amrowinc) - M

Locale: Southern California
GGG in Southern CA on 01/26/2014 21:36:12 MST Print View

Sat afternoon through Sun should work well Stephen. Fri will be more of a set up day. I'm not sure if there will be any scheduled activities that day. Heck there may be no scheduled activities on Sat for that matter. We'll see how this all plays out.


Backpack Jack
(jumpbackjack) - F

Locale: Armpit of California
GGG in Southern CA on 01/26/2014 21:39:55 MST Print View


I'll try and make this one to represent Borahgear, I couldn't make the one up north due to a severe Gout attack, It's still hangin on! after 2 weeks, I don't think I have any plans that weekend so count me in.

I will bring some of the gear that we make to show others what we have available.


kevin smith
southern ggg on 01/26/2014 22:23:39 MST Print View


dont forget me lol

just got back from ggg 6 5th time attendee and yet again another awesome trip

count me in and jack i hope you have lots of fuel money since its so far for me to come pick you up for the trip (3 blocks around the corner lol )

anyway count me in would love to check out the southern hiking options


Jeff Sims
(jeffreytsims) - MLife

Locale: So. Cal
This sound fun on 01/26/2014 23:00:41 MST Print View

Looking forward to it!!

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Don Amundson
(amrowinc) - M

Locale: Southern California
GGG in Southern CA on 01/26/2014 23:19:38 MST Print View

Thanks for all the initial response. I almost feel like this is cutting into all the happy chatter from all the people who just came back from the big GGG up north.

Jack, that would be super if you can make it. I've been very happy with my Borah Stealth backpack and I just returned from a trip today and one member of the group was feeling warm and toasty in a pair of the Borah Down pants.


Angus A.
(mangus7175) - F

Re: GGG in Southern CA on 01/27/2014 00:25:51 MST Print View

I'll definitely be there :)

Andy Duncan
(bluewater) - M

Locale: SoCal
Re: GGG in Southern Cal on 01/27/2014 03:20:37 MST Print View

Great idea! I've missed the GGG's up north, it will be good to have something closer to home.

Craig W.
(xnomanx) - F - M
Re: GGG in Southern CA on 01/27/2014 09:02:13 MST Print View

You're holding this event in my backyard….I'll be there.

Mitchell Ebbott
(mebbott) - M

Locale: SoCal
Re: GGG in Southern CA on 01/27/2014 15:04:24 MST Print View

That's a 15 minute drive for me, I guess I have no choice but to go!

One question though, and forgive the noobness: what does GGG stand for, and what exactly is it?

Angus A.
(mangus7175) - F

Re: Re: GGG in Southern CA on 01/27/2014 15:50:48 MST Print View

GGG - Gathering of Gear Geeks :)

Don Amundson
(amrowinc) - M

Locale: Southern California
GGG/SoCal on 01/27/2014 16:37:41 MST Print View

GGG--What is it? This recent post by Tony Wong explains the history and some of what GGG is about. Thank you Tony and also thanks for the write up/interview of Ken Thompson regarding advise for organizing a GGG. It's been my planning guide since I decided to do the GGG/SoCal.


What is the G.G.G and its History on 01/24/2014 23:49:54 MST Reply Report Post Print View


The G.G.G. stands for Gathering of Gear Geeks, which has been an annual winter gathering of lightweight/ultralight backpackers in the California Bay Area.

This is the 6th year that it is being held.

It is open to anyone....traditional and lightweight backpackers, anyone interested in learning about UL backpacking.

The 1st one was organized by Ken Helwig, a BPL member, and was held at Point Reyes, CA. and had about 15-17 people attend.

Successive G.G.G. were co-organized by Ken Helwig and Ken Thompson until we outgrew the group sites there.

At that point, the G.G.G. was moved to Henry Coe State Park in CA/Bay Area, which would allow groups of up to 100 people.

Eventually, Ken Thompson became the sole organizer of the G.G.G with generous help from fellow BPLers who donated water and firewood, which the Rangers at Henry Coe State Park would allow to be trucked into the group sites.

Recently, UL Cottage Gear Manufactures have been coming out to the G.G.G. to enjoy the gathering and to show their products. In fact, last year we have had Ron Moak from Six Moon designs with Brian Frankle, founder of ULA Backpacks, announce a new partnership and showed pro-type product and to get feedback from the UL Community via the GGG attendees.

People have traveled from all across California to attend and we have had a handful of people fly in from other States to attend.

What is nice about the G.G.G., in my opinion, is that it is a great way to check out the large variety of UL/Lightweight gear that you typically can only see in photos online. More importantly, it is about people making friends, sharing their love of the outdoors, swapping stories, sharing knowledge, finding people to take backpacking trips with....etc.

It is casual and inclusive- everyone is welcome, no matter if they are new to backpacking or long time travelers.

Within the past two years, there have been other G.G.G.s that have popped up around the U.S./country.

Hope this helps explain what the G.G.G. is.


Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
GGG in Southern CA on 01/27/2014 18:17:07 MST Print View

Very cool. Been a while since you guys had something like this go on. Have fun!

Here is a link to another attempt down your way.

No charge for using the GGG trademarked brand name.

Kevin and Jack put on a meeting a couple of years ago.

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Nick Gatel
(ngatel) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
Re: GGG in Southern CA on 01/27/2014 18:25:20 MST Print View

Some of more illustrious So Cal BPLers will be doing a big run the week before in Zion and may not be able to attend.

Don Amundson
(amrowinc) - M

Locale: Southern California
GGG/SoCal on 01/27/2014 22:45:08 MST Print View

Thanks Ken for those links and for you blessing on the use of GGG. I guess I won't have to kiss the ring after all.:-)

Regarding the group doing the run in Zion I think following that up with a few days of RR at a GGG event would be just the ticket. Then again I'm not a runner so what do I know.

If the weather cooperates we'll be enjoying a great view of the city and possibly all the way to Catalina Island from our location at 2860'