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JMT Thru, July 2014, 14 hiking days
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Brian Mix
(Aggro) - MLife

Locale: Western slope, Sierra Nevada
JMT Thru, July 2014, 14 hiking days on 01/26/2014 18:08:22 MST Print View

Need some help from the pros! I finally put together my gear list, weighed everything my scale would allow and put it on gear grams...

I'm starting July 8 and planning on 15ish miles a day pace. That may increase as I go but don't know 'till I'm there doing it. Pack is looking seriously heavy even without my consumables and there is a ton of clothes there so please help me decide what to take.

Currently I have no rain protection, planning to buy some driducks or ???
I figure I'll NEED my puffy atop Whitney- will I want it anywhere else or should I put it in my MTR resupply?
Fleece gloves, cuben rain mitts- thoughts here? Seems unnecessary but I have a pair of Patagonia 1/2 finger gloves, fleece to make full gloves and cuben to make rain mitts if needed.
I usually hike in short pants and sleeves so the pants will only be when it's cold or I need mosquito protection. Thoughts on upper half mosquito protection that won't overheat me? I figure the houdini will be reserved for in camp unless it's cold.
Water storage and transportation: I drink a ton. Normal summer hikes I carry a Gatorade bottle for treatment and a 3 liter bladder- this trip I'm planning to go with a two liter bladder because I hear there's plenty of water.

All help is appreciated!!

list on 01/26/2014 19:54:19 MST Print View

Where is your bear cannister? thats a 2+ lb omission.
No fuel cannister weight
raingear (mentioned)
No eating utensil

You have a lot of heavy clothing. The puffy is very heavy at 18oz, thermals too at 17 oz combined. A light puffy, with other clothing items would be fine.

An ultralight is probably a little heavy for July, but depends how you sleep.

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Brian Mix
(Aggro) - MLife

Locale: Western slope, Sierra Nevada
Re: list on 01/27/2014 21:10:57 MST Print View

I added my bear can. And spoon! No fuel or food as of now, just looking at base weight.
I typically sleep cold, that's why I'm going with the Ultralight. I have more clothes listed than I plan to take so I'm looking for insight as to what to bring as I'm unfamiliar with the Southern Sierra Nevada. My pack weight is ridiculous! Please help me shed some pounds.

weight on 01/28/2014 09:51:53 MST Print View

get rid of steripen and use AM in small dropper bottles saves 5.5 oz
get rid of heavy water bladder, a 2L platypus weighs 1.2 oz saves 4 oz
lighter compass saves 1.5 oz
get rid of pillow saves 3 oz
get rid of extra ground cloth saves 1 oz
get rid of 1 mini bic, carry book paper matches as back up -save 0.3 oz
get rid of notepad and pencil, save 2 oz. Use smartphone since youhave it.
get rid of schnozzle pump bag, use nylofume liner - save 1 oz
get rid of spare batteries. Put in halfway resupply and conserve . Save 3oz

consider a montbell exlight for puffy with a 1oz beanie , would save 11 oz.

get rid of light weight fleece, you have enough layers with the thermal, windjacket, and puff. saves 8.5 oz Or keep the fleece and ditch the thermal top, about same thing.

get rid of long sleeve shirt or short sleeve. You wont need both with windjacket and thermal top. saves 5 oz windshirt can be worn for sun protection, but really, you can hike in LS in low humidity, Id leave the SS myself.

Thats about 45 oz or close to 3 lbs

You can save another 10 oz with an Xlite pad, and another 10 oz with a 20F quilt or Zpacks sleeping bag, but that starts getting into real $$$ to replace perfectly suitable gear.

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list on 01/28/2014 14:40:55 MST Print View

Here is what I intend to take in pack for July JMT, assuming get permit. Maybe this will help, maybe not.

Olight I3S Eos 0.5
battery AAA Li 0.27
spare battery AAA Li 0.27
Photon w/hat clip & batt0.35
dermasafe knife 0.27

Montbell Exlight 5.9
fleece beanie 0.95
spare socks 1.2
Baselayer bottoms 3.2
windpants 2.5
Mid wt thermal top 6.1
gloves 1.1
mesh clothing sack 0.55

Driducks jacket 5.95
cuben rain skirt 1.9
rubber band 0.04

hexamid twin 13.2
Polycro groundcloth 1.5
stakes 1.8

30F sleeping bag 22
Xlite short 7.6
rubber band 0.04
CCF pad for legs 1.5
rubber band 0.04

Arc blast 17
Pack liner 1.05

Bearcan-weekender 32

FAK 2.5
Compass 0.9
maps in ziplock 3.3
soap container 0.2
lip balm container 0.2
water bottles (2) 1.6
2L platypus 1.27
sunscreen container 0.2
aqua mira containers 0.2

stove 1.7
pot/lid 2.3
fuel cannister 3.25
mini bic 0.4
matches/ziplock/cottonballs 0.3
spoon 0.25
styrofoam cup 0.1
garbage ziplock 0.3
extra ziplocks 0.3
rubber band 0.04

Total 9.26 lb

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Brian Mix
(Aggro) - MLife

Locale: Western slope, Sierra Nevada
. on 02/02/2014 11:29:28 MST Print View

MB, I'm working on refining my list and will update. I do appreciate you posting your list and the thoughts on mine. I'm thinking I'll swap to some silk base layer instead of the heavy thermals, change out my puffy and probably buy a driducks poncho or just jacket. And cut other gear...TBC

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hiking on 02/03/2014 16:09:20 MST Print View

One thing I left off is headnet,it will definitely be wanted. I use one of Peter Vacco's, ~0.35 oz . He no longer makes them.

Some people like thin fingerless sun glove to keep back of hands from getting sunburned if they dont like sunscreen.

Small amount of bug repellent too, although I depend on clothing 98% myself

I got my permit last week. Working on travel arrangements now. Someone needs to make an app that automatically finds you airline flights, yarts, barts, Estas, amtraks, for a given arrival and departure date from the JMT