Sil Duomid color
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Robb Watts
(rwatts) - M

Locale: Western PA
Sil Duomid color on 01/17/2014 08:11:15 MST Print View

Silly question but does anyone have an opinion on the sil nylon colors for a Duomid?
I love the yellow color but I've had yellow tents/tarps in the past and I swear that color attracts bugs and there are times when I'd rather not draw attention to my campsite.
So it's down to grey or brown. Any functional reason to pick one over the other: is one stealthier than the other? Block the sun better? Hotter in the sun?
I'm kind of partial to brown only because I have several shelters/tarps in the grey color. Plus it matches my shoes.

(smoke) - F
Depends on 01/17/2014 08:18:59 MST Print View

Darker colors will be more shady (block the sun), but hotter (absorb more heat). Brown is more stealthy in a wooded area, grey in the rocks. I tend to go with grey, unless I want to be seen (as in an emergency), I'd go with yellow.

Adam Rothermich
(aroth87) - F

Locale: Missouri Ozarks
Re: Sil Duomid color on 01/17/2014 08:24:37 MST Print View

I've got a yellow pyramid too and have also noticed the bug thing. So much so that I'm probably going to sell it and get something grey. I had a dark green tarp for a long time that was nice. It was shady and didn't attract bugs!


Lapsley Hope
(Laps) - M
brown on 01/17/2014 10:41:57 MST Print View

I just recently ordered an MLD Cricket, in brown. Largely for the same reasons, I have gray duo mid, gray tarptents, and I wanted the brown to be more inconspicuous. However, the brown won't match my shoes/boots :)

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Alex Wallace
(FeetFirst) - F

Locale: Northern California
yellow attracts mosquitoes! on 01/17/2014 11:53:23 MST Print View

While camped near Glen Aulin in Yosemite NP, I shared a brief conversation my neighbors who mentioned how lucky we were to not have to deal with mosquitoes that evening. I thought they were joking and laughed until I realized they were serious. I told them I had about a hundred mosquitoes buzzing around in the top of my tent (yellow Duomid). They said they actually got rid of a bright yellow Sierra Design tent for that same reason. I'd steer clear of yellow for summer time use.

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Marko Botsaris
(millonas) - F - MLife

Locale: Santa Cruz Mountains, CA
Re: yellow attracts mosquitoes! on 01/17/2014 15:04:11 MST Print View

Flies and other bugs too! Great if you are an etymologist.

Stephen Barber
(grampa) - MLife

Locale: SoCal
re: brown on 01/17/2014 16:52:32 MST Print View

I got a brown Cricket to match my hair.

Then my hair turned gray.

Now it doesn't match.

Mark McGee
(Lightyear) - M

Locale: Scotland
Does it matter? on 01/17/2014 17:14:04 MST Print View

Regardless of my shelter colour I can't help but attract woman.
Bugs dont bother me, it's the screaming hoards of supermodels.....
I wonder what it is?

Stephen Barber
(grampa) - MLife

Locale: SoCal
Re: Does it matter? on 01/17/2014 18:37:50 MST Print View

Pitching your shelter on a fashion runway???

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Jeffrey McConnell
(Catalyst) - F
Brown on 01/17/2014 23:29:37 MST Print View

I have a brown cricket and trailstar and a yellow duomid. I got the duomid in yellow for a cheery color for when I use it in our mild SoCal winters. Still waiting for winter to show up here.