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Weekend Vol Biv / ParaTreking kit
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Rob Reynolds
(rfreynol) - MLife
Weekend Vol Biv / ParaTreking kit on 01/06/2014 15:44:17 MST Print View

A buddy and I are going on a weekend vol bivouac trip this weekend east of San Diego. Vol Biv is french for "flying camping" where you hike and paraglide to get somewhere, carrying all your gear for both flying and camping. We don't have a specific destination in mind, just a starting point and a time limit to see how far we can fly/wander.

Pics of the kit on my blog:

Weight is 30.2lbs without food or water and 38.6 with food and 2.5 liters of water.


1) Sleeping bag - Z-packs 30 degree, 15 oz
2) Silk sleeping bag liner - adds a few degrees and keeps the bag clean
3) Tarp - Zpacks Hexamid Tarp w/ cuben fibre ground sheet.
4) Polycro groundsheet - since we will bivy in harsh desert terrain, a bit more added abrasion protection
5) Thermarest Neo Air sleeping mat, small size (42 inches). I will also use my gilder as extra insulation for my lower body when sleeping
6) Patagonia neopuff synthetic hoody - mainly for added warmth when sleeping

Camp / Hike
7) first aid and emergency survival kit - standard stuff, bandages, whistle, signal mirror, etc
8) snake bite kit - threw this in there but the more I look at the weather (cold), I think I will leave it behind.
9 personal care kit - lite towel, wipes, toilet paper, sun block, advil, lip balm
10) misc ditty bag - 2 light weight headlamps, repair tape (gilder & camp stuff), extra lines (glider & tent), 2 spare pegs, fire steel, tender, butane lighter, digital thermometer, zip ties
11) Black Diamond Z-poles - carbon fiber walking poles.
12) spare clothes - extra merino wool base layer (top & bottom), Patagonia Cap 4 sweater, spare merino socks (no rain gear, as we are not expecting rain and if it does, we will just

Eat/ Drink
13) hydration kit - 2L, 1L and .5L platypus bottles.
14) mess set - meal hydration coozy bag. Container has spices (salt, pepper, sugar, olive oil), tea bags, bouillon cubes, crystal lite packs, & titanium spork for eating
15) cook set - Snow Peak 700ml titanium pot, vargo stove, 4oz fuel, fire steel & butane lighter
16) food for 2-3 days - mix of pro bars, nuts, jerky, oatmeal, homemade freeze dried meals & meals from Packit Gourmet

Flying Gear

17) Paraglider - Ozone Swift 2, size small
18) Reserve parachute - Nevures Plum, medium
19) Harness - Advance Lightness, small
20) Rucksack - Advance Lightpack
21) Helmet - Smith Varient Snow helmet
22)Gloves & flight attire - 2 Buff's, 1 merino beanie, 1 pair merino liner gloves, 1 park Manzella goretex wind breaker over gloves.

Electronics (overkill)

23) Electronics - from top left:
Garmin GPS Map 60
Spot 3 GPS locator
RescueLink 406 PLB (personal locator beacon)
Gopro3 Black
iPad Mini (in Alocksak)
Anker 10k mAh spare battery
Yaesu Vx-150 radio
charging cables for phone/ipad/gopro & vario