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pot size/menu/hot meal vs. cold food w/hot beverage
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Joe L
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pot size/menu/hot meal vs. cold food w/hot beverage on 01/05/2014 10:46:06 MST Print View

The problem is that small pots will heat enough water for a hot beverage but will not have enough space for boiling a hiker sized meal. Your answer will depend on your personal preference but that is better than my sample of one.

Ready to eat food, with the exception of nuts, is often bulkier than dehydrated stuff, so no cook meals with a hot beverage is one path, but that is the same menu as stoveless with the bonus of hot coffee and tea.

Is freezer bag cooking the alternative? Some go stoveless during the summer when FBC works best. For winter FBC, a pot shaped cozy will stay warmer longer than an envelope shaped one. For those that don't FBC, do you constantly choose different pots for different trips?

Is a medium size (.9 liter) pot acceptable since it uses about the same fuel and kitchen gear can be stored in it? The .6 L pot always wins the weighing contest. What is the weight trade off of carrying a beverage cup and heating extra water in a larger, heavier pot once, instead of two burns in a lighter, smaller pot and no cup?

Is anyone cooking a smaller portion of hot food, then adding higher calorie uncooked items? After a few days, I want my supper to have different ingredients than the nuts in my breakfast,lunch, and snacks.

Most of my trips are 4 nights out, the gap between the storms, not a weekend trip where supper could be a big sandwich and a cup of tea.

Desert Dweller

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Pots and cooking or not on 01/05/2014 12:06:14 MST Print View

If I want more hot water to have tea and freezer bag meals I take the MSR Titan kettle, which is the larger of my set ups. I don't take cozies, I just insulate with a sock or whatever I already am carrying that's soft. I use the cone set up to heat. If I'm eating cold food and just want tea I use my Snow Peak 600 ml with a home made short ti cone. Either can be used with esbit or alcohol stove. There are as many combinations and solutions to what you are asking as there are backpackers, I'm sure you will get all kinds of answers.
I also clear trails on the AZT. And pick up tons of illegal garbage......:-)

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meal on 01/05/2014 20:21:03 MST Print View

I often drink a cup of coffee while my dinner is soaking (FBC).

A small 2-cup pot works for this for me. I will drink about 5 oz of coffee in a small 6oz styrofoam coffee cup (0.05 oz), and the rest of water is used for the meal.

It depends on how much water the meal calls for, but usually use ~75% of what the label says and your good. This is 1.5 cups many times. The reason is that pasta soaking doesnt soak up as much water as pasta being boiled. Often if you use the amt of water on directions, you come out soupy. You can always add a smidgen of cold water at the end if you need too. You cant take excess water out, and soupy food kind of sucks. Thick food is "hearty" and appetizing.

Then, I add an ounce or so of olive oil to it for a calorie shot, which thins out thick food a bit too. Fudge Brownie or similar for dessert completes the meal, ends up about 1000-1200 cal depending.

If you have a sleeping bag or jacket or hat, why do you need a cozy?
If you are afraid of a leak, bring an extra 0.3 oz ziplock to put it in while it soaks, lighter than a cozy for sure.

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