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Whoo hoo, some real cold finally coming to VA!!!
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just Justin Whitson
Whoo hoo, some real cold finally coming to VA!!! on 01/03/2014 17:04:28 MST Print View

Monday night at Shenandoah National Park has a forecasted low of -8 F degrees. Sweet, get to try out my wife's Fugu jacket and 0 degree EE quilt.

The high for Tuesday is 7 degrees. Also a good chance to try out my MYOG Apex vest, which only has insulation in the front (2.5 oz apex), and only one layer of fabric in the back (a kind of powerdry efficiency fabric).

This be some rare weather down here.

Mark Ries
(mtmnmark) - M

Locale: IOWAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
send it up here on 01/03/2014 18:37:53 MST Print View

We get -22 Sunday actual temp and have already had minus teens but someone up north farther is gonna call me a whiner

just Justin Whitson
Re: Whoo hoo, some real cold finally coming to VA!!! on 01/03/2014 18:44:38 MST Print View

I have not backpacked at these temps before. Couple of quick questions. I use a NeoAir All season pad, will this be enough for -8 degrees, or should i also bring the 1/4" evazote foam pad i have?

I'm wondering if i should also bring my 40 degree EE quilt with M50 sleeve to use in conjunction with the 0 degree quilt, to create a sort of sleeping bag?

the 0 degree quilt and me could go inside the 40 degree quilt sleeve with the M50 material on top, so the rest of the 40 degree quilt will be under me. Would really help to cut down on draft and convective heat loss, but might be a bit overkill since i will have the NB Fugu jacket with me as well.

The other alternative i've thought of, is to bring a heet sheet to use as a VBL, drape it over myself, put the Fugu on top and then the 0 degree quilt. Would be lighter and less overkill since i tend to be a warm sleeper.

just Justin Whitson
Re: send it up here on 01/03/2014 18:57:35 MST Print View

Hey Mark, yeah i guess it's all relative.

just Justin Whitson
Re: Re: send it up here on 01/04/2014 11:45:15 MST Print View

Dang it, the cold is losing steam. Forecast has changed to -1 degree low for Monday night. Lost 7 degrees of cold already.. :(

just Justin Whitson
Re: Re: Re: send it up here on 01/09/2014 12:37:43 MST Print View

Well the trip went well, liked how the various gear performed. The EE 0 degree quilt worked nice, the Fugu jacket was nice--especially with an over sized windjacket on top.

The Apex vest i made worked well on the 10 degree or so hike--had to keep open the windjacket for most of it though. The vest didn't wet out, seemed to dry fast due to the greater degree of air permeability as compared to most puffy garments.