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Interesting Knife
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steven franchuk
Re: Interesting Knife on 01/03/2014 14:16:58 MST Print View

that blade is made from Damascus steel. The method of manufacture was lost a long time age and only recently has the process been rediscovered. apparently the organic looking pattern on Damascus steel can only be produced if a small amount of vanadium impurity is present. As long as the smiths could get the right ore they could make the blades. But when the ore ran out they couldn't make it anymore due to no vanadium. Scientist only recently discovered vanadium in Damascus steel.

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Doug I.
(idester) - MLife

Locale: PNW
Re: Re: Interesting Knife on 01/03/2014 15:29:09 MST Print View

Will the pattern be impacted by use?

Desert Dweller

Locale: Wild Wild West
Knife on 01/03/2014 16:03:49 MST Print View

Dang that thing is wild! No, I think the patten is throughout the blade metal. The Damascus pattern, not the waves on top. Hard to tell but if it's the quality it looks then use shouldn't affect it.

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Delmar O'Donnell

Locale: Between Jacinto & Gorgonio
Scratch This Etch on 01/03/2014 17:24:32 MST Print View

Correct. True Damascus runs all the way though the blade. Then there is an awful lot of "etched damascus" that's a surface treatment only. Generally you can tell which is which by the price -- if you're getting a screaming deal on Damascus, consider that it may be etched only.

But-- the knife does not look UL to me.

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Andrew Zajac

Locale: South West
DIY Damascus on 01/03/2014 17:36:11 MST Print View

John Neeman of Autine makes some highly regarded axes, knives, and other tools as well as lets us take a look at the production process.

Luke Schmidt
(Cameron) - MLife

Locale: The WOODS
Old Blacksmiths on 01/03/2014 17:55:02 MST Print View

I believe the Arabs used scimitars made of Damascus at one point.

Netflics had an interesting documentary on a Viking sword. Apparently they found a way to carbonize steel which improved its performance as a sword. One theory was that some of the mysticism surrounding swords was based on certain swords having special qualities no one really understood.

Marc Britten
Define "real" on 01/03/2014 18:01:41 MST Print View

That's not real Damascus its from a forged billet made up of different types of metal laid out in a pattern

Matthew Perry
(bigfoot2) - F

Locale: Oregon
Interesting Knife on 01/04/2014 01:44:32 MST Print View

My understanding is that Damascus is weaker than regular steel, not as durable and has trouble holding a good edge. BTW, definitely NOT lightweight, but a great looker.