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Lighter foot powder substitute for smelly feet?
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Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
Lighter foot powder substitute for smelly feet? on 12/29/2013 17:02:00 MST Print View

this is the gear section not the fantasy land bit.
There is no way that one could have sweat soaked dirty socks and unwashed feet for three days and not smell.

Anyway "found out by the wife" what are you talking about, do you have a fever too?

just Justin Whitson
Re: Lighter foot powder substitute for smelly feet? on 12/29/2013 17:13:08 MST Print View

Again, it's been my experience. I wouldn't say they didn't smell at all (i said smelled fine), but it wasn't a funky, gawd awful smell that i use to have the experience of back when i wore different socks, shoes, had a different diet, was more stressed, etc.

The lack of noticeable, foul smell has been particularly true when i hiked in sandals, but with the thin 88% linen and 12% poly socks that i have.

Why do you think you the right to tell another person what THEIR experiences are, or aren't after they already stated what they were?

Do you have a diet anything close to mine? Do you hike in thin linen socks with sandals on? Do we have the same genetics?

Your degree of arrogance and assumption never ceases to astound me Franco. Perhaps you need a jump to conclusion mat?

Adrien Baker
(AdrienBaker) - F

Locale: Kern County
Re: Re: Lighter foot powder substitute for smelly feet? on 12/29/2013 20:34:27 MST Print View


Being as pragmatic as you claim yourself to be, relentlessly arguing with somebody over the Internet regarding something so trivial as foot odor seems contradictory.

just Justin Whitson
Re: Re: Re: Lighter foot powder substitute for smelly feet? on 12/29/2013 21:58:08 MST Print View

Adrien, you are right.

See earlier posts referencing to me being over tired, sick, and unusually grumpy today. I'm allowed to have my off days---usually i'm very polite, impersonal, positive, here. But dang, i've been in an unusually irritated mood today and Franco likes to prod me (there is a bit of history of that here).

When i feel better, i'm sure i will go back to my normal self (and going back to usually ignoring him etc), but i'm really not used to being sick and i think i'm allowed to have an off day or two once every 9 months or so.

One thing i've learned is that talking about ones feelings etc in the open without social fear, helps one to get over those non constructive, limiting phases faster and more completely. Most women know and practice this intuitively, but most guys don't and i didn't for a long time myself.


Steven Diogenes
(stevenn) - F
---- on 12/30/2013 14:02:18 MST Print View

Mark- I'll try the thinner socks. That CVS foot powder works really well even when not washing your feet for a long time. ...but that's a good habit you've got going there.

Adrien- I'm definitely going to try a bottle of that. It even has a 6 month money-back guarantee. I'm gonna put that to the test hahaha.

Dan, thanks for the zinc tip-- it looks like zinc is in the 'On Your Toes' stuff that Adrien mentioned.