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Feathered Friends Down Booties
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Edward Jursek
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Locale: Pacific Northwest
Feathered Friends Down Booties on 12/13/2013 23:37:34 MST Print View

I have been in the market for down booties. I have the luxury of living near the FF store in Seattle, so I went in and looked at their offering. I pulled the down inner bootie from the over bootie and went over to get it weighed. When I told the clerk "I have a question" which was referring to the weight, she said "$54 dollars." I did not realize they sell the down inner booties separate from the Pertex shells. She said they cost $54 separately and $89 together. She said they don't advertise this but should. This was news to me and, as I was just looking for the inner booties, a nice surprise. The size large down inner booties came to 4.8oz for the pair. They looked like they are stuffed with down and quality looks great.

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And E
(LunchANDYnner) - F

Locale: Pacific Northwest
awesome on 12/14/2013 01:47:22 MST Print View

Thanks for dropping that knowledge on us! 54 is a pretty good deal for some quality booties, not the lightest, but a good deal.


Locale: Western Michigan
Food For Thought on 12/14/2013 07:02:11 MST Print View

Purchased a pair FEATHERED FRIENDS, size MEDIUM 10 years ago and they are a great item as all FF item are. Found that the sizing runs a bit LARGE even with med/heavy wool socks (I have a shoe size 10). You can sleep in the INNER and use the OUTER bootie to walk around camp. NUNATAK, WESTERN MOUNTAINEERING and FORTY BELOW CAMP BOOTIES are strictly "camp shoes" unless you don't mind introducing dirt/etc into your sleeping bag.

OUTER OVER BOOTIE (FABRIC: Pertex® Endurance) 5.15oz/146g
INNER (DOWN: 4oz 800fp /FABRIC: Pertex® Endurance) 4.79oz/136g
Note: INNER have two snaps around the ankles
Total Weight 9.94oz/281.79g........COST $85

"Comparison Booties" size MEDIUM:
OUTER OVER BOOTIE (FABRIC: silnylon upper) 2.0oz/56.69g
INNER (DOWN DWR: 1oz 850fp /FABRIC: 20d nylon) 2.5oz/70.87
Total Weight 4.5oz/127.57g........COST $65

ONE PIECE BOOTIE (DOWN: 3.5oz 875fp /FABRIC: Epic nylon)
Total Weight 8.0oz/226.79g........COST $149

ONE PIECE BOOTIE (DOWN: ~3.0oz 800fp /FABRIC: nylon)
Total Weight 6.0oz/170.09g........COST $149

ONE PIECE BOOTIE (Polyester/FABRIC: Taffeta nylon)
Total Weight 9.7oz/273.85g........COST $56

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hwc 1954
(wcollings) - M
for comparison on 12/14/2013 14:31:30 MST Print View

Keep in minds that the Feathered Friends booties have 4 ounces of down fill versus 1 ounce for the standard fill on the GooseFeetGear down socks.

Chad "Stick" Poindexter
(Stick) - F

Locale: Wet & Humid Southeast....
Re: for comparison on 12/15/2013 08:03:05 MST Print View

Keep in mind that the 4 oz listed for the FF socks is also split between 2 socks, so that is only 2 oz of down per sock, not 4 oz per sock.

Also keep in mind, the GFG socks are actually customizable, which means you can add as much, or as little, extra down as you want in them. You can't do this with the FF booties (as far as I know).

And yes, I own a pair of GFG down socks in blue M50 with 25% overfill, and I wouldn't trade them for anything!

Edit to add:

Thinking out loud...

I wonder about the actual down fill in the FF booties...

On the GFG site, for the size medium booties using 20D, Ben lists the total weight for the pair at 2.2 oz, with only 1 oz of that weight as being actual downfill. This means, a pair of his medium sized booties have 1.2 oz of other materials (shell material, thread & shock cord) per pair. (And IIRC, Ben uses the M90 from Thruhiker as his stock material, which has a finished weight of 1.1 oz/sqyd.)

If FF is using the Pertex Endurance LT material, (which is also 20D and listed at 1.22 oz/sqyd on the FF site), shouldn't the total materials weight be slightly heavier? Also, as Ken pointed out above, the FF inners even have snaps around the ankles (so 4 snaps total?) which may even add a little more weight.

Ken listed that his FF inners in a size medium weighs 4.79 oz. If the materials (shell, thread, shock cord & snaps) alone make up the same 1.2 oz as the GFG booties, then this would mean there is at most, only 3.5 oz of down fill in his pair of FF inner booties. However, if the total materials weight in the FF are indeed slightly more than the total materials weight of the GFG booties (which is possible due to the added snaps, and especially if they are using the Pertex Endurance LT material), then the downfill would be even less. Maybe closer to 3.2 - 3.3 oz, which is about a 18% - 20% less amount of fill that is listed.

OTOH, if FF is using their Pertex Endurance UL material, the total materials weight will likely be slightly less than the 1.2 oz total material weight of the GFG. So, this would likely put the FF total material weight around 1 oz. However, this would still mean that there is only 3.79 oz of down fill in his booties... which is a bit more acceptable, but still, slightly less.

I know... nitpicking... but still food for thought...

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