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Affordable windshirt
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wiiawiwb wiiawiwb
(wiiawiwb) - F
Affordable windshirt on 12/12/2013 21:46:26 MST Print View

The past few months, I've just finished upgrading my entire cold-weather gear list. New down bag to -5F, down booties, down hat, smartwool base layers, and more. My head is spinning and bank account anemic.

I'm looking for a windshirt, which I've never owned, but can only buy one that's "affordable", at least until my checking account is off life support and breathing normally.

Any recommendations for a reasonably-priced windshirt?

Justin Baker
(justin_baker) - F

Locale: Santa Rosa, CA
Re: Affordable windshirt on 12/12/2013 22:36:00 MST Print View

Check out thrift stores. You can usually find old, cheap nylon windbreakers. If you're lucky you can find something in the 6 oz range. It will work just as well as the more expensive windshirts.

Dustin Short
(upalachango) - MLife
Thrift stores indeed on 12/12/2013 22:43:50 MST Print View

They're cheap, some can be light, and better yet they tend to be stiffer than the fancy ones. That stiffness is nice in icy winds since it keeps the fabric off your skin. My Stoic Wraith isn't that usable in deep winter since it is so soft it wraps me like saran wrap.

Justin Baker
(justin_baker) - F

Locale: Santa Rosa, CA
Re: Thrift stores indeed on 12/12/2013 22:46:45 MST Print View

Yeah I have a couple of thrift store wind breakers that could be use as winter anoraks. Nice stiffer fabric and a baggy fit to go over winter clothes.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: Affordable windshirt on 12/12/2013 22:50:50 MST Print View

Edit: No need to have the following links posted twice.

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Jason G
(JasonG) - F

Locale: iceberg lake
faudini if you don't mind waiting 3-4 weeks on 12/12/2013 22:52:36 MST Print View

Delmar O'Donnell

Locale: Between Jacinto & Gorgonio
Re: Re: Affordable windshirt on 12/12/2013 23:11:12 MST Print View

> Don't read past the first post.

Actually, you must, to get more accurate sizing information, most of which comes in on the tail end of the thread.

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hwc 1954
(wcollings) - M
re wind hoody on 12/13/2013 00:22:55 MST Print View

The Brooks Running LSD jacket is a nice lightweight 5 ounce wind hoody.

With a 35% off coupon, you can pick them up from Sierra for under $40.

Actually, you can occasionally find this sort of thing at Marshalls or TJMaxx for $30 to $40.

Year round, I probably wear this kind of jacket (I've got one of the Brooks and a Marmot Trail Wind Hoody) more than any other piece of outerwear. Just the ticket in spring, summer, fall when you need to block a little wind or drizzle, but don't need warmth.

Brian Johns

Locale: NorCal
Cheap Windshirt on 12/13/2013 20:01:13 MST Print View

I think I paid $35 for my Stoic "Wraith" windshirt. It's a great piece of gear (or "kit" for the international crowd). Anyway, it breathes well enough and has been well worth the price tag. I am planning to get another one to use for urban hiking, i.e. quick hikes around the city or trips to the store where here in SF wind and sudden temperature drops are easily fixed by the Wraith. Also, I'd consider the more-tested Montbell Dynamo anorak - I have and love the pants. lots of options. Outside of Patagonia (a company I truly admire) they can be very reasonably priced.