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Dr. Bronners as Toothpaste?
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Scott Peterson
(scottalanp) - F

Locale: Northern California
Dr. Bronners as Toothpaste? on 07/06/2007 17:17:33 MDT Print View

I seem to remember quite a few folks using Dr. Bronners to brush with? It does not mention anywhere on the package that it is good for oral applications outside of "dentures", so I wanted to see if there are folks using it successfully to clean out their gullets?!

Adam Rothermich
(aroth87) - F

Locale: Missouri Ozarks
Re: Dr. Bronners as Toothpaste? on 07/06/2007 17:32:20 MDT Print View

I usually use it as toothpaste. As long as you don't out more than a drop or two its not bad. Anymore than that and it is like a mouthful of soap (funny how that works, huh?).


d k
(dkramalc) - MLife
Re: Re: Dr. Bronners as Toothpaste? on 07/06/2007 21:55:11 MDT Print View

Perhaps one should say some naughty words first.

David White
(davidw) - F

Locale: Midwest
Re: Dr. Bronners as Toothpaste? on 07/07/2007 07:52:27 MDT Print View

I've done it on occassion. Use the peppermint flavor. Here's what their website has to say about it:

Philip Mack Furlow
(PhilipMack) - F

Locale: North Texas
Re: Dr. Bronners as Toothpaste? on 07/07/2007 14:05:21 MDT Print View

I've done it. It works in a pinch. But man what an aftertaste. Hoo-Ya! At less than an ounce some environmentally friendly tooth paste or powder might be easier to take.

Edited by PhilipMack on 07/07/2007 14:05:52 MDT.

Gabriel August
(gaugust) - F

Locale: Penn's Woods
Re: Re: Dr. Bronners as Toothpaste? on 07/07/2007 21:11:52 MDT Print View

i use the peppermint as both soap and toothpaste. the trick is to only use a drop or two. otherwise i feel like i can taste peppermint soap in my mouth the entire day. but as long as you just stick to a drop i actually like the taste. i've used it at home a couple times when i ran out of toothpaste.

Philip Mack Furlow
(PhilipMack) - F

Locale: North Texas
Re: Re: Re: Dr. Bronners as Toothpaste? on 07/08/2007 12:44:23 MDT Print View

I've used it at home in a pinch as well. And on trail. I will try again - but even with just a drop it initially taste goood - but I still experience a little after taste.

Jason Shaffer
(PA_Jay) - F

Locale: on the move....
Re: Re: Re: Re: Dr. Bronners as Toothpaste? on 07/08/2007 13:54:50 MDT Print View

dr b's eucalyptus is my standard for all hygeine needs, tho i'd add real toothpaste for a long thruhike. the eucalyptus aftertaste is not as strong as p-mint, but yeah, one drop only!

Heather Pisani-Kristl
(P-K) - F

Locale: San Diego
No-toothpaste alternative on 07/09/2007 12:55:42 MDT Print View

I've tried a drop of Dr. B's peppermint, too, but found that I had to follow it with a nice sugary piece of dried pineapple to get the taste out of my mouth. That pretty much wiped out any benefit I might have received from it.

OTOH, in her book "The Complete Tightwad Gazette," Amy Dacyczyn consults a dentist who explains that as long as you're brushing all tooth surfaces for two minutes and rinsing with H2O, you don't need toothpaste. My trips are short and I don't bother with toothpaste, although if I were on a long trip, I'd ask my dentist if that would be sufficient to maintain dental health.

Mitchell Keil
(mitchellkeil) - F

Locale: Deep in the OC
Re: Dr. Bronners as Toothpaste? on 07/09/2007 13:17:48 MDT Print View

Used to use it and found the "wash your mouth out with soap" memories too vivid, so now I use a small vial of Baking soda to brush my teeth. It deodorizes, cleans and has the added benefit of being a great 1st aid item. Stomach acid -- no problem. Food did not agree with you -- where's the baking soda? Even cleans wounds.

Scott Peterson
(scottalanp) - F

Locale: Northern California
Re: Re: Dr. Bronners as Toothpaste? on 07/09/2007 13:57:21 MDT Print View

I was noticing that the primary ingredient for powder toothpaste is baking with that, I will use it for my next 5 day trip...but I will have to try "just one drop" of Brommers to see how sudsy it really is. I was just hoping to get all hygiene needs down to one small dropper bottle...but a pinch of baking soda is no problem.

Russell Swanson
(rswanson) - F

Locale: Midatlantic
Yuck! on 07/10/2007 17:51:01 MDT Print View

I can sleep on a 1/4" thick torso pad on rocky ground, just fine, thank you. I can tolerate a midday hike in 100 degree, high humidity conditions. I can even hike every rocky mile of the AT thru PA in last year's trail runners with flat insoles. I cannot stomach brushing my teeth with Bronners!

Scott Peterson
(scottalanp) - F

Locale: Northern California
Re: Yuck! on 07/10/2007 19:19:18 MDT Print View

Very funny and true. We probably all have our limits with certain things. I cannot go out without some sort of real food (cheese or crackers or something that is not in a bag or processed) and a little bit of decent whisky. But that is another thread. I do like a fresh mouth, but I could go a week without any toothpaste probably as longs as I had something to scrape the stuff off my teeth with!

David Wills
(willspower3) - F
awesome stuff on 07/10/2007 19:28:29 MDT Print View

i'm a big fan of bronners. I prefer peppermint or almond. the almond has a wonderful scent and taste. the peppermint is very invigorating in those special areas when bathing. more than 2 drops and both types burn my mouth when brushing teeth. with only one or two drops though, it has no aftertaste and doesn't mess the taste of foods or drinks like toothpaste, which is great for brushing before breakfast, what i consider its most valuable attribute.

Thomas Knighton
(Tomcat1066) - F

Locale: Southwest GA
Dr. Bronner's ain't that bad on 08/29/2007 09:14:16 MDT Print View

I'm another Dr. Bronner's fan here. One drop on my toothbrush does me just fine with no real noticable aftertaste. Is it tasty? Nope. But I found it perfectly tolerable.

Greyson Howard

Locale: Sierra Nevada
Didn't work for me... on 08/29/2007 21:13:46 MDT Print View

I used it on the first night of my 15 day TRT thru-hike, and food didn't taste right for the next day, and the burning took longer to go away than that.
I guess I used more than a drop, but I don't plan to use it ever again.
Extra bonus: one of my fellow hikers, a Outward Bound guide, said its good getting a movement... moving.

David Wills
(willspower3) - F
bronners on 08/31/2007 09:51:33 MDT Print View

hehehe. i think that probably happened to everyone at some point. thats when i learned 1 or 2 drops really means 1 or 2 drops. i like to have a teaspoon or so of water in my mouth before brushing to increase foaminess and reduce the bronner burn.

Steve .
(pappekak) - F

Locale: Tralfamadore
Re: bronners on 08/31/2007 11:25:02 MDT Print View

Bronners... tried it once to relive childhood memories of having a bar of soap in mouth. I use baking soda instead.

Iain Perkin
(scouteriain) - F
Re: bronners on 11/21/2007 12:28:39 MST Print View

Only once back in the 80's. Never again!!!


Tom Clark
(TomClark) - MLife

Locale: East Coast
Bronners - It's OK on 11/21/2007 18:24:15 MST Print View

The first time I tried Dr. Bronners for brushing teeth the soapy taste was noticeable, but not overpowering. Now, it's not a problem for me. Just take an extra sip of water and rinse well.

As Andrew Skurka noted during his winter trip, Dr. Bronner isn't ideal for cold weather since it thickens (as slow as molasses in January).

Edited by TomClark on 11/21/2007 18:25:23 MST.