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kindle fire hd tablet...any good?
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Nick Gatel
(ngatel) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
Re: Re: Kindle Value on 12/11/2013 00:45:28 MST Print View


Google LA Unified School District iPad.

Plan to spend > $1 Billion on iPads.

LAUSD is one of the lowest ranking districts in one of the lowest ranking states in the country.

Watch out, Apple is going to fix the problem.

To the OP. Most of these devices are consumer goods and most will do what you want. For the $100 you spent, you will be able to determine how you want to utilize it. If it doesn't work then you will have a beetle idea of what you need and then research those needs. All good stuff.

dave p
(hipass) - F

Locale: Los Angeles
off topic on 12/11/2013 03:20:14 MST Print View

they already spent it...and that doesnt include the annual licensing and upgrades...this doesnt address theft of the devices etc...its unreal that they paid above retail and that apple didnt give these away or heavily discount these items.Boondoggle.Lausd is run by idiots and is a hugely wasteful and corrupt organization.

And E
(LunchANDYnner) - F

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Kindle Fire HDX on 12/11/2013 15:08:20 MST Print View

I've been using an HDX 7" for the past few weeks, as part of a 30 day free trial.
I've been using android products/phones since the original G1, and am currently on the Nexus 4.

I've got to say, the Kindle Fire sucks. Its nice having a larger form factor vs a phone and all, and browsing is decent when the wifi works, but other than that, it's not worth getting it over a Nexus 7.

You are severely limiting the functionality of the tablet by getting the Kindle Fire because their app store is miniscule compared to stock Android app store. Sure, you can root and custom ROM the kindle to access it, but then why not just get the Nexus 7 and still maintain the warranty and skip the hassle at the same price point.

Wireless connectivity is spotty, even when "connected" internet/data access will be unavailable frequently (several times per hour) unless you cycle through wifi off/on or airplane mode on/off to reestablish data connection (other devices connected to same network does not experience this problem).

Also, the app store is pathetic, and what few apps are available don't work well, such as the Spotify app... It will only play one song and never continue to play the next songs, no matter what settings I use. There is no gmail app or map app, and the built in email client can't search your emails the same way that google can.

The battery life is quite good though, and I can go a couple days before having to charge it. The sound is really good too, with the stereo speakers in landscape mode.

However, for the same price, the Nexus 7 is surely the better deal. You get full access to the app store and all the updates from google directly.

Of course, this applies to the HDX, which when 244 without adds when I "purchased" it. The 100 bucks you paid for the original is a steal, and you could probably get 100x more use out of it by installing a custom ROM.

Edited by LunchANDYnner on 12/11/2013 15:10:14 MST.

Ian B.

Locale: PNW
Re: kindle fire hd tablet...any good? on 12/11/2013 17:43:17 MST Print View

"i can use this for weather updates etc when near a hotspot.Just wondering if this is a good device for websurfing and email.My needs are simple."

I recently purchased the Fire HD for my wife as a gift. For $100 and your stated needs, I don't know how you could do much better.

I like my Nexus 7 but it's had a couple bugs along the way. The issue du jour is that the gyro function will not transition my YouTube videos from portrait to landscape when I flip the screen.

Most stable platform I've found is the iPad. Wife still has gen 1 and it works flawlessly. Unfortunately she's not receiving updates for it anymore but it's a tank.

Again, for $100, you hit the jackpot imo. I can’t speak to the long term issues so I’ll defer that to Sumi.

Edited by IDBLOOM on 12/11/2013 17:43:51 MST.

dave p
(hipass) - F

Locale: Los Angeles
d on 12/11/2013 19:28:16 MST Print View

i still havent taken the fire out its the box...i went to bbuy today and was holding it in my hand and it seems heavy,maybe too much so for my needs or wants...i then was looking at those big samsung phones and that really appeals to me-minus the price or contract.They are bigger than the lg phone i picked up but still quite portable.

dave p
(hipass) - F

Locale: Los Angeles
e on 01/11/2014 12:00:10 MST Print View

i sold it...
i never got around to opening the box...
i really want and only need something much smaller like using a large smartphone as a tab...for portability with travelling by air,plane i see these tabs as hindrance and likely to get broken quite easily....the one thing i might buy is an e reader which is superlight.