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LiteTrail Titanium Solid Fuel Cook System - V3 2014
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(jhaura) - F

Locale: Trail
LiteTrail Titanium Solid Fuel Cook System - V3 2014 on 11/29/2013 00:11:36 MST Print View

Announcing the LiteTrail Titanium Solid Fuel Cook System - V3 2014. Available now!

With or without handles. 3.40 oz with handles. 2.97 oz without. +- 0.20oz tolerance.

LiteTrail Titanium Solid Fuel Cook System - V3 2014


Marc Kokosky
(mak52580) - F

Locale: Washington, DC Area
Ordered! on 11/29/2013 01:16:39 MST Print View

Thanks Jhaura! Just placed an order for two! So very excited to finally get these. I have a feeling the other cook kits in my collection are going to get neglected. happy Thanksgiving!

John Harper
(johnnyh88) - MLife

Locale: The SouthWest
Re: LiteTrail Titanium Solid Fuel Cook System - V3 2014 on 11/29/2013 06:03:39 MST Print View

Can the windscreen be purchased separately?

John Abela
(JohnAbela) - MLife

Re: Re: LiteTrail Titanium Solid Fuel Cook System - V3 2014 on 11/29/2013 06:26:34 MST Print View

DO you have a detailed photograph of the closure system of the new windscreen?

John McAlpine
(HairlessApe) - M

Locale: PNW
Ordered..... on 11/29/2013 07:54:31 MST Print View

I've been waiting for you to get this system back in stock ever since I read CenAZwalker blog about it. Looking forward to trying it and saving a few ounces.


Clayton Mauritzen
(GlacierRambler) - F

Locale: NW Montana
Separates on 11/29/2013 08:12:03 MST Print View

I'd like to echo John's question. I have the original LiteTrail cook kit, and it was my go to system last year. But the new pot and windscreen are tempting. Any chance that one or both could be purchased separately?

Chad B
(CenAZwalker) - F

Locale: Southwest
RE: Separates on 11/29/2013 09:04:49 MST Print View

550 mL Cookpot, 550 WIndscreens, 550 mL Cook System
In-stock. As of Nov 28, 2013 we are only selling the cook system. If we have extra inventory we will make some of the cook pots, windscreens avail separately.

Here is the answer to that question. Hopefully he will have some extra's, I'm looking to try out the new windscreen.

Joe Medlin
killing me on 11/29/2013 09:35:01 MST Print View

I'm in the same boat with the V2 (with handles) and i love it but would rather have 2 (me and my wife) with no handles (plus the improved windscreen). wonder what my v2 would be worth. Seems silly to own 3 of these yet I've got them in my cart on the site and fighting the urge.

(jhaura) - F

Locale: Trail
Re: LiteTrail Titanium Solid Fuel Cook System - V3 2014 on 11/29/2013 11:46:19 MST Print View

Hi guys, thank you for your replies. Response is great on v3 and I really like how it came out.

@mak52580, @HairlessApe thank you for your orders! I'll be shipping everyone's today so you should have it real soon.

To answer your questions:

@johnnyh88: Yes it can be. The issue is I make the final windscreen shapes here and I only have enough time to make the ones for for the cook system; which is our main priority. Later next week, I should have more time, depending on how my other work commitments play out.

@GlacierRambler: See previous comment re windscreen. Re: cookpot we first sell it with the systems. Depending on demand in the first week, I will release some individually later.

@JohnAbela: It's two 6mm folds that slide together. Nothing fancy but it works and it's simple. I'll be doing a "first look" video on my blog this weekend and planned on demonstrating all the aspects.

@kc_joe: If you wait until v3 is sold out, your v2 will be worth much more that it would be now. I know a lot of people want the cookpots on the Gear Swap.

Thank you all for your questions and support.

Clayton Mauritzen
(GlacierRambler) - F

Locale: NW Montana
Re: Re: LiteTrail Titanium Solid Fuel Cook System - V3 2014 on 11/29/2013 16:13:58 MST Print View

Jhaura, thanks for the response. I'll wait to see how things look for next week or so. I'm in no rush.

Robert Blean
(blean) - MLife

Locale: San Jose -- too far from Sierras
600ml sdewinder better comparison? on 11/29/2013 18:30:48 MST Print View

I have seen several of the reviews comparing the LiteTrail to the Caldera Cone GVP. I would think another, possibly better, comparison would be the Sidewinder Titanium 600ml kit that Trail Designs is now selling. weight is 112 gm / 3.95 oz with Sidewinder cone, 600ml pot, lid, Tyvek sleeves, 2 stakes, and Gram Cracker Esbit stove. Same price ($99.95) either way.

Edited by blean on 11/29/2013 18:31:44 MST.

Jeff Sims
(jeffreytsims) - MLife

Locale: So. Cal
Somebody was working hard today!! on 11/29/2013 19:55:45 MST Print View

"Your order has been updated to the following status:

And now the wait begins

Marc Kokosky
(mak52580) - F

Locale: Washington, DC Area
Re: Somebody was working hard today!! on 11/30/2013 00:31:20 MST Print View

Yeah I'm leaving in a few hours for 4 days in the Shenandoah's and I REALLY wish this was coming with me rather than slowly making its way cross country. :-(

Bas Hommes

Locale: Europe
beautiful on 11/30/2013 04:15:33 MST Print View

Looks beautiful.
'Without handles': is that also without the plate that's on the pot where the handles are sticking into?

Edit: sorry. I see my question answered by clicking on your link in the OP. Without handles is without plate. Very nice.

Edited by BHommes on 11/30/2013 04:18:01 MST.

Santiago Draco
Confused on 11/30/2013 21:42:56 MST Print View

Is this a special price on this cook system for the holidays? Since it's in the "Gear deals" I'm assuming yes? What's the regular price?


Serge Giachetti
(sgiachetti) - M

Locale: Boulder, CO
psyched... on 12/01/2013 00:00:31 MST Print View

I ordered mine friday around noon, and it shipped a couple hours later. Thanks for the super fast turn around, Jhaura!

Toward the end of last summer, I got psyched again about going light as possible, so that I could start to combine my backpacking with trail running. I've got most of that super light setup put together now, but I was thinking I'd just go the cold food route. Now, for an extra 3.5 oz I don't have to. Nothing like hot coffee in alpine air. Seems like a great design. Looking forward to putting it to use!

Jeff Sims
(jeffreytsims) - MLife

Locale: So. Cal
Nothing but beautiful!!! on 12/03/2013 23:42:58 MST Print View

Received my cook kit in the mail yesterday and I have had so much going on with work that I have yet to boil water in it. I must say it looks amazing, and even though i have not had time to boil water I have had it on the scale and the figures are right on the money. Fingers crossed tomorrow we will be boiling water!!!

Marc Kokosky
(mak52580) - F

Locale: Washington, DC Area
Re: Nothing but beautiful!!! on 12/04/2013 00:43:41 MST Print View

Congrats on getting yours. I really thought mine would be in the mail today but it wasn't. Hopefully tomorrow!

Serge Giachetti
(sgiachetti) - M

Locale: Boulder, CO
ordered friday, got monday on 12/04/2013 03:01:47 MST Print View

Got mine monday. I'm happy about this little system for its simplicity and extreme lightweight. I've yet to test it and I probably won't until I put it to more use in the warmer months, but it'll fill fill the role as 'lighter than my jetboil' stove for solo weekend trips and such.

Gary Dunckel
(Zia-Grill-Guy) - MLife

Locale: Boulder
C'mon, Serge... on 12/04/2013 06:57:30 MST Print View

Today's the perfect day in Boulder to test that setup, Serge. Zero degrees, falling snow, great for extreme patio beta testing! Much better than having to drive somewhere. These next few days should help build our character, put hair on our chests, etc. I'll be using these below-zero nights to test a fuel canister cozy/toe warmer setup I've devised.