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microgrid fleece hoody
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Joseph Evans
microgrid fleece hoody on 11/25/2013 16:56:11 MST Print View

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a non bulky microfleece hoody that will be part of a winter layering system. Ideally it would have a form fitting hood and two zippered handwarmer pockets. A Naoplean pocket would be nice, but its not a deal breaker. I was interested in the first ascent hangfire hoody (especially with their current sale), but after talking with customer support, it looks like they wont be restocking small sized until next season.

I like the r1, but the lack of hand warmer pockets are kind of a bummer for me.

Does anyone have any suggestions of brands/products to look at?

Rick M
(rmjapan) - F

Locale: London, UK
Re: microfleece OR grid fleece hoody on 11/25/2013 17:08:07 MST Print View


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Steven McAllister
(brooklynkayak) - MLife

Locale: Atlantic North East
microgrid fleece hoody on 11/25/2013 17:13:18 MST Print View

Maybe consider Melanzana, their's has your standard unzipped handwarmer pocket, with a hood that can act as a balaclava or scarf.

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Jeff McWilliams
(jjmcwill) - M

Locale: Midwest
First Ascent Hangfire on 11/25/2013 17:19:05 MST Print View

If you like that Hangfire Hoodie, You may want to see if Whittaker Mountaineering has any in stock.

Ian Schumann

Locale: Central TX
Re: microgrid fleece hoody on 11/26/2013 07:37:37 MST Print View

+1 for Melanzana Micro Grid Hoody! I'm wearing mine literally at this present moment.

They don't go on sale much but the regular price is pretty good. Made in the USA. Super snuggly. Performs well WRT breathability and warmth -- breathes excellently while uncovered, but is surprisingly warm when layered under a windshirt or some more weather-resistant piece. I don't recall the weight, maybe about 9oz for my medium -- but Melanzana has an avg weight posted on the product page. This is one of the few pieces of gear I have ever owned where, when I lost the first one I had for 2-3 years, I went out the following winter and just purchased another one.

The one downside is the lack of any zipper, but this is a beneficial tradeoff in some respects. You lose venting and easy on/off, but you gain a hood that works exceptionally well as a balaclava or face mask. And, the total lack of a zipper just makes this thing that much more compressible.

+1 +1

Art Tyszka
(arttyszka) - MLife

Locale: Minnesota
Re: Re: microfleece OR grid fleece hoody on 11/26/2013 08:41:12 MST Print View

"Montbell makes a very nice 100wt fleece parka that is better for hiking than the R1."

Rick, I'm a big MontBell fan, but what makes you say that this one is better than the R1 for hiking? It's always seemed to me that the R1 is the accepted standard, and honestly I don't know why, I hike in merino.


scree ride
Melanzana on 11/26/2013 09:09:45 MST Print View

I just picked up the Melanzana Hard Face Hoodie and some of their sweat pants for gifts. They are both very nice quality products and look very warm. I may need one myself, but will probably go for the cheaper and lighter microgrid. Their socks are nice as well.
My last order was placed on the 22nd. I received my order on the 25th. My first order was just as fast.

eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
Zip on 11/26/2013 09:52:34 MST Print View

A good length zip is pretty important IMOfor winter

When shooeing up hills it allows you to vent and overheat less

Remeber that to sweat and overheat in winter is quite dangerous

As to hand pockets ... Ask yourself if you really need em ... Remeber that youll likely have gloves and T3/R1 hoodies have thumb loops

When yr stopped youll have a shell or poofay anyways


Steven McAllister
(brooklynkayak) - MLife

Locale: Atlantic North East
Zip on 11/26/2013 15:30:45 MST Print View

Regarding the lack of zip with the Melanzano or any grid fleece.

Normally I agree that not having a zip is not a good idea for physical activity, but I make the exception with grid fleece.

It breathes really well and vents perspiration/moisture very will when your outer shell is unzipped or removed.
It also doesn't insulate that well without a shell so overheating in cool environments is not an issue. The outer shell is key in controlling how warm they get.

A windshirt with a zipper is more important. With the zipper up and bottom tight on the windshirt the combination is quite warm, the zipper down and bottom open they are quite cool with lots of ventilation, and being highly hydrophobic, moisture won't buildup.

Not having a zipper makes the hoodie more comfortable to sleep in and I sleep in mine any time the temps drop. I can cinch the hood around my face with only my mouth and nose exposed in really cold weather.

I own two of the Melanzana grid hoodies because it is one of the few clothing items that I appreciate the most. That and a windshirt goes with me on all hikes.

evan eisentrager
(evaneis) - F - MLife

Locale: western Mass
Melanzana sizing on 11/26/2013 17:07:52 MST Print View

What's the sizing like with the Melanzana hoodies? I'm 6' and about 155 and I wear medium in Patagonia tops.

Mark Andrews
(buldogge) - F

Locale: Midwest
Re: Melanzana sizing on 11/26/2013 19:18:21 MST Print View

I'm 6'/185#/41" chest/31" waist and wear a medium Melanzana grid hoody…FWIW.

-Mark in St. Louis

evan eisentrager
(evaneis) - F - MLife

Locale: western Mass
Melanzana sizing on 11/26/2013 20:43:53 MST Print View

Thanks Mark, does that fit tight on you or is there a little room? I don't want a real tight fit. I don't know what FWIW means, perhaps that answered my question.

Mark Andrews
(buldogge) - F

Locale: Midwest
Re: Melanzana sizing on 11/26/2013 21:05:16 MST Print View

Hey Evan…I guess that would be a decent "fitted" fit. I generally wear it over a t-shirt, or maybe a 150/200wt merino baselayer.

FWIW = 'For What It's Worth'


Steven McAllister
(brooklynkayak) - MLife

Locale: Atlantic North East
Re: Melanzana sizing on 11/27/2013 02:22:26 MST Print View

I am 5'11" medium build.
I have one medium and on large.

I wear the medium when it is my 2nd layer over a t-shirt. I wear the large when it's cold out and I'm going to be wearing another layer underneath or if I want the extra length to extend well below my belt and over gloves.

The medium gets more use for me and I could wear it year round. Tight but comfortable, athletic fit, with plenty of 3 season coverage.