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Gear list for W.Mountains c.1939!
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Brett .
(Brett1234) - F

Locale: CA
Gear list for W.Mountains c.1939! on 07/03/2007 21:14:03 MDT Print View

Found this 1939 gear list/discussion at random while searching for ponchos.. I found it fascinating.

He starts off by saying there are "There are two ways of being miserable in the mountains", bringing too little, and bringing too much(heavy).

Some things have changed dramatically:
"If you travel with a pack animal, it is advisable to carry an extra pair of rubber heels and some nails."

And some things have not:
"A good poncho is one of the most useful pieces of camping equipment."

There is a long discussion of something new which we would now call an 'external frame pack':
"The principal of suspension in this pack is ingenious and merits some description. "

Then, as now, the best light-weight gear was to be had by contacting the manufacturer directly. Just like I contact George "Tin-Man" at Trail Designs to order the world's only Caldera Cones, he wrote snail mail directly to aluminum manufacturers for small lightweight aluminum pots!

This is all from Chapter 1, Minimum equipment..

I wonder what people will think when they read the BPL forum archives 70 years from now??

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Brian UL

Locale: New England
Re: Gear list for W.Mountains c.1939! on 07/03/2007 22:06:38 MDT Print View

Thanks for the link !

"Once in a while one encounters those strange legendary creatures who live on rice and fish, sleep in their clothes and a piece of canvas, and who are content with a fishing line, a few flies, a jackknife, a coffee can, and some matches. They would despise such a conglomeration of stuff, but fortunately they have passed far beyond the reach of camping manuals. Others, who in the past have emerged from sporting goods stores staggering under a “complete equipment” suggested by some salesman’s fertile brain, will be struck with horror."

- nothing ever changes! I remember going to the Library years ago when I just started hiking/camping and I found a really old book on camping, a large portion of it was on tarp camping and all the different tarp configurations. I fell in love with the idea, but I figured I wasnt experienced enough and people back then where just more hardy than today. Then I read Jardines book and it gave me the knowledge and confidence to try it! Love reading those old books.