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Bladder Mildew
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Joe Geib
(joegeib) - F

Locale: Delaware & Lehigh Valleys
Bladder Mildew on 06/29/2007 15:22:15 MDT Print View

I seem to have gotten some mildew in my hydration bladder. Should I just toss it, or can I effectively clean it with a bleach solution (10:1)?

I think that the mildew will still leave the stains, but the smell and nastiness will be gone.


Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: Bladder Mildew on 07/01/2007 00:53:07 MDT Print View

I had a few spots of mildew on my narrow-mouth platy once. I filled the bladder about a quarter full, added some dishwashing liquid and bleach. Since the bladder was only partially filled with water, with lots of space left, I was able to rub the bladder walls against each other. The abrasion and dishwashing liquid removed the stains while the bleach sanitized everything. Give it a try.

Laurence Daniels
(GNR) - F

Locale: Boston
Don't ditch it on 07/12/2007 14:05:13 MDT Print View

I've had mildew in my hydration bladder and tubing lots of times. Bleach solution, the rubbing technique described or just letting it sit with the solution works 99% of the time.

Jason Brinkman
(jbrinkmanboi) - MLife

Locale: Idaho
Re: Bladder Mildew on 07/12/2007 16:57:46 MDT Print View

Most newer bladders claim to be mildew resistant. You might be better off to start over with one of those, and then make a point of drying it after each trip.

Simon Harding
(SimonHarding) - F
Make sure they get dry on 07/30/2007 13:38:07 MDT Print View

When I am putting mine away I inflate them with a breath or two and then invert them in a cardboard box so they can drain onto teh cardboard and a clean dishtowel laid inside. Prop them at a very slight angle to the side so air can get in. I'd like to keep them on the dishrack, but my wife gets tired of seeing them decorate the counter.

I've never had any trouble with mildew.

Christopher Plesko
(Pivvay) - F

Locale: Rocky Mountains
blow them up and shake the water out then air dry on 07/30/2007 14:12:42 MDT Print View

haha simon i do the same thing. All our joint platy bladders are drying above the sink in our house :)

Jesse Glover
(hellbillylarry) - F

Locale: southern appalachians
Lemon Juice on 07/30/2007 17:49:08 MDT Print View

I use just a little lemon juice. Deodorizes and sanitizes plus it rinses out easily. Dishwashing soap always seems to leave a residue. Bleach works if you have mildew but 10:1 is way too strong that would be almost half a cup of bleach in a one liter bottle. A tablespoon of bleach would probably be too much in a liter of water but it would be worth a try. Use cold water to sanitize with and HOT water to rinse with.

Jonathan Duckett
(Thunderhead) - F

Locale: Great Smoky Mountains
Jason Klass on 07/30/2007 19:40:56 MDT Print View

Check this out.

Brett .
(Brett1234) - F

Locale: CA
"Bladder Mildew" fish tank pump on 07/30/2007 20:45:07 MDT Print View

I'd replace it. The only drying method which worked for me in this humid climate is the fishtank pump and hose method shown in Jasons video. even leaving it in the sun never got it quite dry.

Pamela Wyant
(RiverRunner) - F - M
A thought for the future on 07/30/2007 22:41:06 MDT Print View

It won't help with your current mildew problem, but when I come in from a trip, I just rinse my water bladder & throw it in the freezer till the next trip. No need to dry, and I haven't had any problems storing it this way. It takes only a few minutes of thawing (or a few second of hot water run over the cap) and it's ready to fill.