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Sunny Sports
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Brian Hall
Sunny Sports on 11/07/2013 20:42:43 MST Print View

Just picked up a couple things on I thought I'd pass along. I had been trying to find a good deal on these three items on a site that had all three and accepted paypal.

Sawyer mini - $19.95
6 pack mini groundhog stakes - $12.95
OR versaliner gloves - $32.95

Free shipping over $50

Steve Zavoda
(Anotherdyemention) - F

Locale: NE Ohio
Sunny Sports on 11/08/2013 03:59:49 MST Print View

They are the first place I look when I know what I'm looking for. I found an OR Seattle sumbrero there for under $40. Which I could not find cheaper that $55.00 anywhere else. Also got my marmot precip from them for $65. They have great prices on a lot of stuff. Sometimes their descriptions are cut off or very limited on the info. But that's what I use REI for. Just get all the info and specs from them and pay 2/3 the price at Sunny.

John Rowan
(jrowan) - M
+1 on 11/08/2013 08:37:37 MST Print View

I've bought a bunch of things from them over the last year or so. They're a solid store and quick to ship, and, more to the point, if you keep your eyes open, it's not hard to come across some SERIOUS sales. I've gotten a couple of reasonably mainstream/popular items (i.e. shouldn't need to discount to move inventory) for over 50% off at times.