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Human experiment
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Peter S
(prse) - MLife

Locale: Denmark
Human experiment on 10/28/2013 18:59:47 MDT Print View

We're having a chaff party, i'll do my part....

I crashed on my bike yesterday, and as i lay on the ground, i thought that i would try an experiment: "Is anyone going to ask me if i'm alright"?

I lay there for 15 seconds, maybe 10 people walked past me - nobody stopped.

As i wasn't seriously injured, i just got up and laughed at the result, and moved on.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: Human experiment on 10/28/2013 19:02:21 MDT Print View

Did all ten see you crash? How many took a photo with their phone?

Peter S
(prse) - MLife

Locale: Denmark
Re: Re: Human experiment on 10/28/2013 19:13:40 MDT Print View

Well, not all 10 saw me crash i guess, but they must have guessed what had happened when they saw me being very intimate with the road and my bike.

Ah! Of course! They were just busy taking my picture! Silly me...


Edited by prse on 10/28/2013 19:14:18 MDT.

Charles Grier
(Rincon) - M

Locale: Desert Southwest
It's not always that way. on 10/28/2013 19:31:19 MDT Print View

In 2010 I was hit by a drunk hit-and-run driver while on a bike ride. He was doing over 60 mph when he hit me. The first person who came by stopped and gave assistance; she also witnessed the "accident" and identified the guy who hit me. She was on her way to work and this made her over an hour late at least. Not wanting to get involved never entered her mind. Not everyone is indifferent though some may be.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: It's not always that way. on 10/28/2013 19:35:43 MDT Print View

Being hit is one thing. Falling off is another. Glad you survived Charles. I know a few who were not so lucky.

Peter S
(prse) - MLife

Locale: Denmark
humanity on 10/28/2013 19:55:40 MDT Print View

i still very much believe in humanity, otherwise i couldn't have laughed about the situation :-)

just Justin Whitson
Re: Human experiment on 10/28/2013 19:58:41 MDT Print View

That's odd Peter.. i'm actually kind of surprised by that. Was this in Denmark? Was it in a city area, or more country?

I mean, i would expect something like that in New York city or the like, but not most other places.

K ....
(Kat_P) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Coast
Maybe on 10/28/2013 20:03:42 MDT Print View

A couple of reasons could be...
Often people that fall or trip get up and feel embarrassed ; is it possible that they did not want to embarrass you?
If there are several people around when one is in need it is less likely that anyone steps forward; that's all I remember from a study done years ago.

Peter S
(prse) - MLife

Locale: Denmark
Re: Re: Human experiment on 10/28/2013 20:07:53 MDT Print View

It was in Copenhagen, 1 million. Our largest city ;-)

I'll make a crash in the countryside tomorrow, so i'll have better data ;-)

I like New York City, was on vacation there for 10 days, i would love to go there again.

Peter S
(prse) - MLife

Locale: Denmark
Re: Maybe on 10/28/2013 20:16:50 MDT Print View

Kat, i have no idea, but i hope you are right. Tomorrow, i'll have to interview the ones who doesn't stop. They will be easier to catch in the countryside, no place to hide.

Edited by prse on 10/28/2013 20:18:40 MDT.

Tim Zen
(asdzxc57) - F

Locale: MI
Re: Human experiment on 10/28/2013 20:34:15 MDT Print View

And you still had your bike?

Ian B.

Locale: PNW
Re: Re: Human experiment on 10/28/2013 21:15:21 MDT Print View


You are describing one of my favorite games from my youth, "Dead on the Road."

Back in the days of yore when our computer was an Apple II+, only the very very rich had cell phones, and I had already beat River Raid, Moon Patrol, and Vanguard on my Atari, I would occupy my free time with my friends taking turns sprawled out on the side of the road. Maybe one in twenty cars would actually stop and show concern only to be rewarded by a pimply kid flipping them the bird (or mooning them depending on our mood) and running off into the desert. We spent many afternoons this way until we had the holy crap beaten out of us by a primer'd dodge full of stoners.

As you can probably guess, my parents spent a disproportionate amount of their free time fielding "guess what your son did this time" calls.

Justin Baker
(justin_baker) - F

Locale: Santa Rosa, CA
Re: Human experiment on 10/29/2013 00:26:24 MDT Print View

"Oh look, some idiot just crashed his bike, lol."

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: Human experiment on 10/29/2013 06:13:35 MDT Print View

For the 'poster video' of human indifference toward other humans - no need to experiment at all - simply google "chinese toddler hit by car" - and weep! Warning: Extremely gut wrenching to watch!

Susan D
(susand) - M

Locale: montana
Bystander effect on 10/30/2013 23:16:49 MDT Print View

This seems to me to be an example of the bystander effect, in which the more people that are around, the less likely any one person is to help someone who needs it. Plenty of research supports the theory.