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InReach SE... beyond the obvious
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Mike W
(skopeo) - F

Locale: British Columbia
InReach SE... beyond the obvious on 10/25/2013 21:54:32 MDT Print View

We all know what the inReach SE does and it seems to do it very well.

I just read Rex's last entry in the lengthy "DeLorme inReach SE announced..." thread and was interested in hearing that Rex had used the Delorme website to download and analyze his track points. This interested me because I had also just gotten off of my Delorme account for my inReach after having browsed through my tracks from the summer/fall.

It suddenly occurred to me that maybe there is more value in these expensive subscriptions than I originally thought! As I browsed my various tracks from the summer/fall, I found I was using the mapping combined with my tracks to think about new approaches to hikes on future outings. Hey! This is added value that I hadn't thought about.

I also had a really enjoyable time browsing through all of the text messages that I had sent while on my trips (sent and received items are all saved on my web page). I actually had a few good laughs re-reading some of the comments I had received from my various contacts. It brought back good memories, kind of like when you look at your photos from your trip. This is value that hadn't occurred to me.

So I've been hard on Delorme for their "pricey" service fees but the more I think of it, I'm getting more value than I originally thought. Like Rex, I like having my tracks stored online and available to me in GPX format. I also like having the sent and received message history saved. It's also turned out to be a great place to go for trip planning so maybe the service fees aren't too bad after all.

I know there will be a few that say but a PLB doesn't require a service fee but it also doesn't provide post trip enjoyment and pre-trip planning opportunities like my inReach website!

I think I'm liking this thing even more...