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FS: $500 theclymb gear certificate
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David Thomas
(DavidinKenai) - MLife

Locale: North Woods. Far North.
Re: Re: Go, Max! on 11/04/2013 12:58:50 MST Print View

>"Another method might be that you can't sell gear until you've reached a minimum of 50 or 100 non-gear related posts as I've seen other forums do. "

That is one possible threshold. Another is to have PIF'd some items (I haven't bought or sold gear, but have PIF'd or given outright a lot of things). And then there is the eBay approach - post the feedback of sellers AND buyers: how many transactions, percentage positive, and length of membership.

But if the site doesn't support any of those, other posters can chime in (and they do) with warnings or reassurances, based on their research and experience with a seller.

*PIF = "pay it forward", a gift, but with a request you do something similar when you can.

Max Dilthey
(mdilthey) - M

It's fine the way it is. on 11/04/2013 14:05:44 MST Print View

I think the forum is pretty self-regulated. People spoke up saying Jon looked suspicious, myself included. Some chose to purchase anyways. As far as I'm concerned, once someone is under suspicion of being a scammer from veteran traders (am I a veteran yet?) then others can choose to follow advice or take a risk.

If people want to take risks with $500 gift certificates, $200 off, from people with NO posting history, that's their perogative.
I don't think we should even need to bend over backwards to prevent scenarios like this, because it's pretty obvious...

Sorry to new people who fall under suspicion that AREN'T scammers, but having to make a couple of posts outside the gear swap forum isn't exactly a tough metric for entry.

Greg Mihalik
(greg23) - M

Locale: Colorado
Re: It's fine the way it is. on 11/04/2013 14:11:43 MST Print View

"...having to make a couple of posts outside the gear swap forum isn't exactly a tough metric for entry."

Many forums prohibit endorsements, flames, or "for sale", from the first 5 or 10 posts.

Reba Forbin
Red Flag = Obvious Scam on 11/04/2013 16:40:54 MST Print View

Though this is my first post, I am not a scammer; please notice my use of proper grammar. I will try to encompass all mentions that I have read so far that I thought worthy.

In agreement the 2nd post, user Daniel Russell, mentioned, why would anyone trust a seller with large sums of money when they have only posted twice on the forum, two of which were these same certificates? Nobody thought to contact the company first to verify legitimacy? This is not new, although the method may have been this time. Scammers find a market and take advantage and ignorant buyers fuel the problem.

I agree, this forum is very dated, but it seems the individuals running the site have other business ventures that are more profitable; can you blame them? There is no need to blame the forum - this occurs on many other forums also.
For my first post, I would like to point out, if I can, that for every 1 person that thought this was legit, there were 10 more who received the same automatic red flag that I saw when I read "Jonh's" post. Trust your fellow man/woman and use common sense as a form to combat scammery!


Edited for spelling and grammar so nobody thinks I am a scammer. :D

Edited by Owlsley on 11/04/2013 16:44:03 MST.

Larry De La Briandais
(Hitech) - F

Locale: SF Bay Area
Paypal? on 11/04/2013 16:54:32 MST Print View

Was paypal used to make the purchase? Assuming so, did the purchaser file a claim? Can you tell us what is/will happen? Just curious to know if paypal will really protect you when making purchases here.

I've always trusted whomever I purchased from here, but my big purchase was only $65.