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FS: Zpacks Hexamid Twin Tent with extended beak (New, 0.74 oz/sqyd, green)
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James B
FS: Zpacks Hexamid Twin Tent with extended beak (New, 0.74 oz/sqyd, green) on 10/15/2013 04:49:43 MDT Print View

Hey guys,

I just purchased a Hexamid Twin Tent from Zpacks out of the sturdier 0.74 oz/sqyd material. Just set it up in the backyard to take photos, and it's great, but I might trade up for a tent with a 2 door design to make bathroom breaks easier for my girlfriend.

The specs of this one are:
Twin Hexamid (made September 2013), seam sealed and triple stitched, green
Extended beak
Twin 'bathtub' ground sheet
Z-line spectra guy lines cut to size with loops, plus some extra
Stuff sack for tent and ground sheet
(doesn't include stakes, I use Zia Silly Stix)

19.47oz / 552g including extra weight of the 0.74oz/sqyd material (1.5oz / 43g total) upgrade, but not including the stakes (about 1.6oz / 46g).

I live in Sydney, Australia, but can ship it anywhere in the USA, Great Britain or Australia included in the price (depending on whether you want express / insured). Anywhere else, just post where and I'll see what I can do.

I'm looking for just what I paid, minus the shipping, $525 USD via Paypal.



For extra and high quality photographs, click on this link:

Thanks guys

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James B
Extra photo on 10/15/2013 04:52:02 MDT Print View

And with the beakFront Beak

James B
An email address might help on 10/23/2013 17:27:12 MDT Print View

I forgot that those who do not have BPL accounts cannot contact me, so I can be reached at:

koopa AT slightlyodd DOT com

Where AT = @ and DOT = .

Robert Meurant
(rmeurant) - MLife
de-linked on 10/24/2013 04:20:34 MDT Print View

That dropbox link doesn't work, at least for me.

James B
Revised Link on 10/24/2013 04:44:48 MDT Print View

Good Catch! I will rectify that immediately, thanks for letting me know.

James B
Sent back to Zpacks on 11/01/2013 09:35:14 MDT Print View

Hmm, seems like perhaps others are reluctant to buy from someone overseas, so I'll be sending this back to Zpacks next week so they can sell it back over in the USA. Let me know in the next couple days if you want me to buy it / send it to you directly (especially if you live in Australia), otherwise to the USA it goes.