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Custom Zpacks Poncho-Tarp, some pics
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just Justin Whitson
Custom Zpacks Poncho-Tarp, some pics on 10/04/2013 17:32:43 MDT Print View

Somebody via p.m. asked if i had any pics of the custom Zpacks Poncho Tarp that i have. Told him i would take some and put them up. Here's some pics

front of poncho

side of poncho

under poncho

wearing poncho

Stephen Barber
(grampa) - MLife

Locale: SoCal
re: Custom Zpacks Poncho-Tarp, some pics on 10/04/2013 17:59:51 MDT Print View

Looks great! It certainly covers all of you but your feet!

Actually, it almost looks like with some careful disengaging of cords and pegs, you could pretty much stick your head through the head opening, undo the last few cords, and walk away!

just Justin Whitson
Re: re: Custom Zpacks Poncho-Tarp, some pics on 10/04/2013 21:31:36 MDT Print View

Theoretically speaking Stephen, you probably could do just that.

Yeah, it's pretty nice and i definitely like it. I'm a little wary of using it as a poncho for anything but clear trail walking, because even though it's the 1 oz per sq/yd cuben--my understanding is that it's still not particularly durable in the abrasion department. I've thought of putting some tyvek tape in some key areas to help with that, but not sure if it would work well or not.

I probably should have mentioned the weight. It's a little over 9 oz (don't remember exactly right now). I thought it would be a bit lighter, but i forgot about the two long zippers which i'm sure adds some weight.

Matt Dirksen
(NamelessWay) - MLife

Locale: Mid Atlantic
Re: Custom Zpacks Poncho-Tarp, some pics on 10/04/2013 21:32:05 MDT Print View


Awesome! Thanks for this! What are the specs again on it? (Weight & coverage)

It looks pretty darn big in the pics. And it sure looks as if you could actually set it up while wearing it, that's for sure.


just Justin Whitson
Re: Re: Custom Zpacks Poncho-Tarp, some pics on 10/04/2013 21:44:55 MDT Print View

Hi Matt,

Size is 8' 8" x 6' 6" (so for a poncho-tarp it is good sized), and weight is a little over 9 oz, but i don't remember the exact fraction/percentage over. I will get back to you on that one.

Stephen Barber
(grampa) - MLife

Locale: SoCal
re: Re: re: Custom Zpacks Poncho-Tarp, some pics on 10/04/2013 22:13:23 MDT Print View

Two long zippers - up the sides? I didn't notice them at first. That would certainly give more side protection. Do they limit the breeze venting through the side? Looks like you still have large arm holes which would give plenty of ventilation.

One of the trade offs on the length, I'm guessing, would be more protection for the legs against more chance of catching on low lying shrubbery. Which would be why you're sticking to trails?

I'm a long term poncho /chaps user. I'm happy with my MLD cuben poncho and chaps, but this definitely tweaks my interest.

I think it could be a real nice package deal - I'll be interested how it works out for you in actual use. Please keep us updated!

Edited by grampa on 10/04/2013 22:15:38 MDT.

just Justin Whitson
Re: re: Re: re: Custom Zpacks Poncho-Tarp, some pics on 10/05/2013 22:36:39 MDT Print View

Yes, it has two long side zippers, but even when fully closed, at this size, still pretty ventilated at those areas. Yes, i wouldn't need any rain kilt or the like with this, maybe some WPB gaiters or the like for the shoes.

Have you noticed any abrasion issues with your cuben poncho or chaps so far? I'm pretty interested in that issue, especially in a more long term sense.

Will do Stephen. I do plan to test it some, but also am kind of saving it...for a rainy day you could say.

(oh the korn, the korn.)

Edited by ArcturusBear on 10/05/2013 22:37:09 MDT.

alex hansen
close the hood, on 10/06/2013 11:41:56 MDT Print View

how do you close the hood enough that it doesnt leak when pitched in poncho mode?

just Justin Whitson
Re: close the hood, on 10/06/2013 12:21:19 MDT Print View

It can be tightly rolled up and velcroed. Its sort of like a roll top pack system.

Stephen Barber
(grampa) - MLife

Locale: SoCal
Cuben poncho abrasion on 10/06/2013 16:44:19 MDT Print View

No, I haven't had an abrasion issues - but remember I'm in southern California, where rain is only an occasional issue! With the cuben poncho/chaps, I have a very light rain covering for both me and my pack, but most of the time they just sit in the pack! I've had them out a couple times, the longest a four hour storm in the Sierra. Ask me again in about five years - which would be equivalent to one summer in the Appalachians!

just Justin Whitson
Re: Cuben poncho abrasion on 10/06/2013 17:52:01 MDT Print View

Ha!, that is a good point Stephen--not sure why that didn't occur to me to begin with. Thank you for the info.

USA Duane Hall
(hikerduane) - F

Locale: Extreme northern Sierra Nevada
Ready for a Nativity scene :) on 10/06/2013 19:08:20 MDT Print View

My first impression was you look like a sheppard, just need a staff. :)

just Justin Whitson
Re: Ready for a Nativity scene :) on 10/06/2013 19:31:44 MDT Print View

Just need some wee cuben growing sheepies eh. Man, if only cuben grew on sheep... (or trees).

just Justin Whitson
Weather and storm worthiness, need your opinions on 11/05/2013 08:55:42 MST Print View

Recently i decided to convert the poncho tarp into a more pyramid like shelter. It was easy to do, strategically place a little square of Evazote foam i got from Prolite gear and tape it on to the poncho-tarp with tyvek tape where the hiking pole will go, and added one more guy-out loop.

Here's a couple of pics. I'm curious how you think this will handle wind and rain, especially with an opening that can't be closed. Obviously i would pitch the backside of it into the wind, but sometime wind changes direction. It surprisingly has enough room for me in there despite it only being a 8'8" X 6' 6".

front of poncho-tarp

I'm thinking of putting some velcro on that extra flap material above the front opening to keep it more secure.

back of poncho tarp

I only temporarily taped with tiny tape strips the foam on there--another thing i'm thinking about is moving the foam forward to the door area some more, for a little more room. Yay or nay?

alan york
(alanyork9) - MLife

Re: Weather and storm worthiness, need your opinions on 11/08/2013 05:44:15 MST Print View


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