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Big Agnes Fly Creek 2 Platinum Tent - anything better for my purposes?
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Thaddaeus Wharton
(Thadjw) - MLife
Big Agnes Fly Creek 2 Platinum Tent - anything better for my purposes? on 10/02/2013 06:35:03 MDT Print View

Big Agnes Fly Creek 2 Platinum Tent at about 29 oz with rain fly or BA Fly Creek 1 Platinum at about 27 oz... Once a year I'd use it with girlfriend for a night or two... I'm thinking on going with the 2 because the weight isn't much. The price is about $150 more because the 1 is on discount at REI.

The real question... Is there a better super fast setup 1+ tent out there that is comparable or better on weight? I'm willing to spend to be totally happy with my gear. Tarptent has some ideas but hate knocking into my trekking pole support getting up in the middle of the night (an issue with their lightest offering and something I've dealt with before). The Big Agnes has a great, easy Tri-pole design. Any thoughts for me before substantial purchase?

Ideally new tent would be Tri-pole design but it'd be light and have an ***integrated rain fly that isn't a bulky separate piece*****?

Max Dilthey
(mdilthey) - M

Go Big or She'll Go Home on 10/02/2013 07:22:25 MDT Print View

The Fly Creeks are very small. When you're with a S.O, space is awesome in my opinion. Also, if either of you get close to 6' tall that tent is not going to be fun.

I'd suggest the BA Copper Spur UL2, that's got a higher ceiling and bigger footprint and is only slightly heavier.

Myself, I go full palace when I'm taking a girl into the woods (although most of those girls are tougher than I am). My buddy Jim has been using my Marmot Aura 2P with his girlfriend who hates camping and she says it's great having the space.

YMMV, you know her better than I do!

Max Dilthey
(mdilthey) - M

Tarps on 10/02/2013 07:25:25 MDT Print View

Actually, from the sounds of your last sentence, you might be better off getting a tarp system for yourself and a cheap, big 2P tent for your girlfriend and you to use twice a year. Big Agnes Lone Spring 2 or MSR Hubba Hubba are cheap 2-persons with lots of space.

The tarp for you is going to be way under 29oz and will keep you bone-dry. Some are under 10oz.

I'll let the fan club tell you what the best ones are, but the Mountain Laurel Designs Duo-Mid and Trailstar are crowd-pleasers.

And E
(LunchANDYnner) - F

Locale: Pacific Northwest
small, entry is a pain on 10/02/2013 07:37:37 MDT Print View

My fiancé and I used to have a Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2, and we didn't like it. Getting in and out of such a small entry way at the head is a real pain in the derriere (and we're small people). If one of you is already inside laying down, you run the risk of kneeing or smacking the other in the head during entry/exit. Also, only one person can sit up at a time, and that's only if you're sitting in the middle of the tent. I think you two would be happier with a larger, more comfortable tent, even if it weighs more.

We now use the TarpTent Double Rainbow and are extremely happy with it.

Stephen Komae
(skomae) - MLife

Locale: northeastern US
NEMO on 10/02/2013 09:02:17 MDT Print View

I'd check out the NEMO Obi Elite 2P. At 2lb 3oz without stakes, it's a true lightweight and it is a lot less awkward for two people, having two vestibules and two doors! Good ventilation and an easy pitch. Biggest bonus is that it's freestanding, so if you live in an area where staking can be hard, this tent will work great.

I got to try one of these out last winter and I was extremely impressed with the amount of room the tent had.

Steve Meier
(smeier) - MLife

Locale: Midwest
Very small on 10/02/2013 11:23:17 MDT Print View

I have the Fly Creek Platinum 2 and it is a very small tent. I would never attempt to use it for two people. It also got a small hole on the floor after its first use. The fabric is very delicate in my opinion. I would not buy it again. The price and the weight aren't worth the small space and delicate materials.

Thaddaeus Wharton
(Thadjw) - MLife
Thank you all for the good info. I added a tweak and if anyone has anything else to add it will certainly help... on 10/02/2013 11:55:44 MDT Print View

Thinking this through I am leaning towards a long, light one man tent that has no separate rain cover fly (it would be integrated for ease of use). I'd like it to be a really quick setup. I think I'll just buy a separate 2-person tent for the girlfriend excursions.

Edited by Thadjw on 10/02/2013 11:56:14 MDT.

Dena Kelley

Locale: Eagle River, Alaska
"Big Agnes Fly Creek 2 Platinum Tent - anything better for my purposes?" on 10/02/2013 12:02:46 MDT Print View

I will also add my feelings on the FC UL2- I use one as my primary tent (because it's light) but I agree that it's not a good 2 person tent, the front entry isn't great (I greatly prefer a side entry), the vestibule is tiny (no way will you get two packs in there and still be able to get in and out), and it's got sloping walls and low headroom. I use it with my dog, so it works for me, but it still leaves a lot to be desired.

I can live with it, but odds are I'll upgrade in '14 to something by Tarptent or Zpacks.

And E
(LunchANDYnner) - F

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Tarp Tent on 10/02/2013 12:02:50 MDT Print View

Check out the Tarptents by Henry Shires. They're really nice, made in USA, and many of the models fit your needs. Plus, they have two person hybrid wall tents, too.

Edited by LunchANDYnner on 10/02/2013 12:05:21 MDT.

jeffrey armbruster
(book) - M

Locale: Northern California
Big Agnes Fly Creek 2 Platinum Tent - anything better ? on 10/02/2013 13:37:36 MDT Print View

I've used the BA fly creek ul1 over the past five years. I seem to be in the minority of those who actually like it. The darn thing's bombproof for 3 season use. The fly stays off the netting when it rains. It's good in wind. Since I don't mind the low door, this is not an issue. I can sit up in it. Compared to the Nemo, for example, you can get a really taut pitch really easily. Yes, I wish it had a bigger vestibule, but ya gotta compromise for light weight.

But here's the kicker: the zippers on this tent have blown out on me twice. That is, two tents have had zipper failure within a year and a half of use. (This is where REI's old return policy worked great.)I was really careful to clean the zippers after each use too. Anybody else have this problem? Or am I doing something wrong? I think that it's the fault of the lightweight zippers built into this tent, coupled with the stress placed on them from the pole design in the doorway. It's sort of a deal killer.

p.s. I'll stipulate that I spend very little time in my tent--just sleeping. So a small interior isn't a big deal to me.

Edited by book on 10/02/2013 13:39:46 MDT.

Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
Big Agnes Fly Creek 2 Platinum Tent - anything better for my purposes? on 10/02/2013 15:08:42 MDT Print View

"Tarptent has some ideas but hate knocking into my trekking pole support getting up in the middle of the night "
That is true ,(up to a point*), for the front entry shelters like the Squall and Rainshadow, however you could look at the Double Rainbow or the new Cloudburst 3 or, if using trekking poles anyway the Strato Spire 2.
The advantages of the TT shelters are :
1)dry set up (the fly goes up first , with inner attached for the double wall types)
2) 2x vestibules and entry points , so you can store the packs out of the way(DR/CB3/SS2)
3) in the case of the SS2 and CB3 much more usable room inside

Mind you right now ,for you guys over there, another point to consider could be that all TT shelters are made in Seattle.

* you can set the poles at an angle so that you have a largish gap in the middle.
Like this :
TT Squall

Edited by Franco on 10/02/2013 15:29:21 MDT.

Thaddaeus Wharton
(Thadjw) - MLife
Thanks Franco from Tarptent on 10/06/2013 10:14:56 MDT Print View

Great that manufacturers are getting this BPL feedback and care to see what is said. Those on your site were all more heavy than the BA Fly Creeks I was looking at though! 28 oz then up to 40 oz was too much! Just got back from Whitney so I'm answering this late... BA Fly Creeks set up quick. Are quite light. No pole blocking small entry and exit that one has to manage in the cold... These are my most important attributes to a tent. Surprised that BA is doing best job from what I can see! Please compete w them on these factors.

alex hansen
+1 Obi 2 Elite on 10/06/2013 11:30:01 MDT Print View

i have had the opportunity to see the Obi 2 tent in person up close and was very impressed with it, i would certainly rather have it than a BA Fly Creek.

that is.. if i wanted a poled tent instead of a trekking pole tent.

Dharma Dog

Locale: The Louisiana Swamp
Re: NEMO on 10/06/2013 11:45:06 MDT Print View

+100 on the Nemo Obi Elite 2P. Not to be confused with the regular Nemo Obi 2P.
After changing out the stuff sacks to Zpacks and the stakes to Ruta Locura carbon fiber stakes my Obi Elite 2P weighs in at 2 lbs 4 oz.
Much nicer and quite a bit more durable than the Flycreek.
You will pay for all that niceness but right now three of the larger online sellers have 20% off coupons on their site.

Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
Big Agnes Fly Creek 2 Platinum Tent - anything better for my purposes? on 10/06/2013 15:01:34 MDT Print View

"Surprised that BA is doing best job from what I can see! Please compete w them on these factors"

No thanks...
The reason people like me like the TT version of doing tents is because we like the way they are made as you like the way the BA is made.
(of course others like the MSR and so on...)
It has to do with personal likes and dislikes, see And D comment for a start.
For solo use , for example, the Moment (fly/inner/stakes/pole) is about the same weight as the FC2UL ,(the Platinum has a much thinner fly) big enough for a large adult and with good vestibule space.
sets up in a minute (yes faster than the BA...) with two stakes only, Add another 2 and is ready for some weather.
Sets up dry, unlike the BA, so inner and fly together.
Now a nice feature of the Moment is the two doors with the inner (tent over there...) that can be shifted towards either entry point so that if the wind changes you can use the other side.
But of course if you ike the BA that is what you should get...

(BTW, I was using TTs for 5 years before I became part of the brand, and yes I do know what the BA shelters look like in the flesh...)

Edited by Franco on 10/06/2013 16:25:08 MDT.

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Big Agnes Fly Creek 2 Platinum Tent - anything better for my purposes? on 10/06/2013 15:30:42 MDT Print View

What size zippers (size number) is Tarptent using on their shelters these days?

Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
Big Agnes Fly Creek 2 Platinum Tent - anything better for my purposes? on 10/06/2013 17:35:11 MDT Print View

John S,
#3 on nearly all of the mesh/interior doors.
#3 on fly/canopy doors on the "single skin" (hybrids) shelters as well as the lightweight (Notch, Moment) double walls.
#4.5 on the Scarp, Strat, Hog as well as the CB3.

Bruce Bochicchio

Locale: North Georgia
Re: Big Agnes Fly Creek 2 Platinum Tent - anything better for my purposes? on 10/12/2013 09:44:00 MDT Print View

OK, I'm new UL BP'r, and I'm jumping in a little late here.

My online, non-practical research directs me towards the Z Packs Hexamid twin tarp tent at 11 oz.(wish I could afford it-whole setup runs $510), or if you feel the need for a free standing double wall tent, the Easton 'kilo' 2p & 3p tents seem to give decent room at 2 1/2 to 3 lbs.

So, my questions is; with all these responses, why little to no mention of these two options? Am I missing something (other than the $ to afford the Zpacks)?

2p on 10/12/2013 10:57:53 MDT Print View

I wouldnt scrimp on tent room or weather protection for a girl unless she is hardcore.

For 2P that can share weight, anything in the under 4 lb range is good IMO.

Then get yourself a hexamid solo-plus for just you.

Edited by livingontheroad on 10/12/2013 10:59:05 MDT.

Laurence Beck
(beckla) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
Big Agnes service record is outstanding on 03/24/2015 09:59:04 MDT Print View

I sent a PM to Jeffrey regarding his earlier post about failing Fly Creek 1 zippers but I want to repeat it here:

I've had the same experience both on the tent body and the fly. Even though I've had the Fly Creek 1 tent since 2011, I just sent it back to Big Agnes and, in each case they put in a brand new zipper and mailed it back to me within 2 weeks (Free of charge).