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Baby Wood Burner
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Steve Galchutt
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Locale: Eastern slope of CO Rockies
Baby Wood Burner on 06/18/2007 09:21:40 MDT Print View

Condensed Soup can wood stove
H E L P ...I can't stop playing with fire!...and stoves. Everytime the wife sends me to the grocery store I come home with more cans posssible stoves. I found a Campbells condensed soup can that almost fits in Hormels ravioli can. BTW both cans had pull tab tops. It took some sanding with a mini drum sander in the drill press to get the condensed can to fit ravi can. But the result is this combonationn that puts out nice blue (gas) flame. Burner
I'm still experimenting with air/gas mixture and number of holes etc. I can't figure out why this guy burns so slow? I'm betting it needs more intake holes on the sleeve (ravi can)?
wood stove - riser pot stand - Heiny cook pot

The stove nests nicely into my cutdown Heiny cook pot. Oh yes altogether it weighs 5.1oz!!!

More to come... Steve

Steve Galchutt
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Locale: Eastern slope of CO Rockies
Boil time - run time etc on 06/18/2007 11:31:16 MDT Print View

Update, the stove boils 12oz of cold tap water in about 10 mintues. That's about 2/3rds full on the cut down Heiny cook pot W/O a lid. Then contines to simmer for another 5-10 minutes depending type of wood used and the size of load being burned. Burner can volume size is only about 10oz so that's not much in the way of wood fuel maybe just a small handful! Pencil size 1-2" twigs shaken down to pack tightly then a top layer of pine needles or dry brush/leaves to quick-start the burn. A few drops of alcohol gets the show going. With a windscreen, back-up tea candle alcohol stove, lighter, storm proof matches, 2oz alcohol fuel bottle and coffee singles it's a little over 9oz. Not bad for a multi-fuel complete cook kit? It could last you for a 4-5 day BP trip or longer depending on conditions for finding dry fuel. BTW I only boil water for freezer-bag meals and also drink tea or morning joe from the same pot to keep it simple. I've found the cook kit fits nicely into an old discarded shirt sleeve to keep from rubbing pine tar on my other gear.


barry hitchcock
(barryspoons) - F
baby wood burner on 06/18/2007 12:06:12 MDT Print View

i have made something similiar but put a piece of wire 3/4 of an inch above base of outer can. The inner can rests on this and protrudes approx 3/4 inch above outer. This 3/4 inch with lots of holes acts as pot stand

Michael Crosby
(djjmikie) - MLife

Locale: Ky
CAN'T STOP on 06/18/2007 14:21:00 MDT Print View

Like you, Steve, I can not get enough of playing around with different designs for wood stoves. Each time we go to the grocery, my wife thinks I’m nuts as I compare can sizes and end up with 4-6 cans of stuff we do not need( the dogs like it).
From another thread, I found this and other sites it leads to very valuable in my tinkering.

Good Luck- the Baby Wood Burner looks great!

Dan Yeruski
(zelph) - MLife

Re: CAN'T STOP on 06/18/2007 15:43:38 MDT Print View

I cann't stop either!!!

Next time you're in a grocery store pick up a stainless steel flour sifter. I bought one at kmart, Martha Stuart brand. I cut it up using a dremel tool. There are a whole bunch of photos and instruction at this site: there is too much for me to transfere here.

Last photo shows color of stainless steel after several test burns.

Here are some photos from that site:
martha stuart
martha stuart

Edited by zelph on 06/18/2007 15:48:35 MDT.

Steve Galchutt
( - F

Locale: Eastern slope of CO Rockies
Martha Stixx stove vrs sanity on 06/19/2007 22:01:43 MDT Print View

Yep Zelph, you definitely have it bad! But I like how you balance sanity with creativity in stove design. Keep up the good work! And don't let the critics slow you down. Got for it!

Cheers, Steve