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light climbing knife?
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Brett .
(Brett1234) - F

Locale: CA
light climbing knife? on 06/17/2007 23:21:09 MDT Print View

I need a light knife which physically can not open when racked. I thought the 'locking' feature ofmy Gerber Mini Fastdraw was sufficient, but found the darn thing hanging open on my harness last weekend(!) so its going back to REI.
I found this 19 gram replacement. Any other good ideas?
Trango Piranha
With integrated bottle opener for after-climb festivities.
trango piranha

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kevin davidson
(kdesign) - F

Locale: Mythical State of Jefferson
climbing cutlery. on 06/17/2007 23:56:29 MDT Print View

Not that light. I use a CRKT K.I.S.S., myself, for climbing (65 g). Reliable and a design object. Overkill, really.

I hear the Trango can accidentally open on some ultralight 'biners---so be careful.

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Brett .
(Brett1234) - F

Locale: CA
Thanks Kevin on 06/18/2007 08:02:11 MDT Print View

I'll check to make sure it does not open. I rack my stuff on old Chouinard biners; wide tube stock aluminum. (and only one rating, 2200kg; none of this cross loading, gate open ratings stuff :)

Robert Mohid
(mohid) - F
Knife opening on 06/18/2007 14:11:16 MDT Print View

I can confirm that the pirhana can open with certain biners.

I use the shark (nut tool+knife) on trad rock climbs which has the same blade design. MOST of the biners that have a reduced cross section (DMM live wire, BD neutrino, camp nanowire) leave enough wiggle room for the blade to possibly come out.

No issue with fattie HMS's, don't recall if the "I-Beam" cross section provides enough bulk to avoid this.

just keep that in mind.

Craig Shelley
(craig_shelley) - F

Locale: Rocky Mountains
Re: light climbing knife? on 06/22/2007 12:54:32 MDT Print View

The Trango is what I use. As far as it accidentally opening, it can be opened with the Trango Superfly (Wiregate or Screwgate) and the DMM Sentinel HMS Screwgate (all my lightest weight carabiners). It doesn't open on the Black Diamond Quicksilver2, shown above, or the Petzl Attache HMS Screw-Lock.

Jeremy Cleaveland
(jeremy11) - F

Locale: Exploring San Juan talus
UL knife on heavy biner... on 10/02/2007 20:04:20 MDT Print View

and why rack an UL knife like the Trango on a big heavy biner. Keep all the lockers and such ready for regular use and stash the knife the lightest way possible. I have a little Gerber that weighs about an ounce with a bit of cord through a hole and it plus a prussik clips onto my chalkbag, directly onto the strap with no biner, so all biners are available for use.

Brett .
(Brett1234) - F

Locale: CA
light climbing knife on 10/02/2007 22:26:27 MDT Print View

Jeremy, the reason to rack it on a biner is to keep it from opening. Does your knife lock in the closed position? If so it is a viable option. Once I found my previous knife hanging in the open position on my rack; it was a Gerber that used a thumb switch to 'lock' in the closed position, but opened anyway. So far my Piranha has not accidently opened because it quite literally can not.

Al Shaver
(Al_T.Tude) - F - M

Locale: High Sierra and CA Central Coast
Gerber on 03/02/2008 18:03:49 MST Print View

I use an 11 gm Gerber Microlite LST with 2mm cordloop added racked on a 3gm BPL UrsaLight biner clipped to my rear haul loop. I tie the blade closed with a gardening wire tie (twisty seal coated wire). If I'm also carrying a chalk bag I clip it on the same biner.

This knife is sadly discontinued but the Ultralight LST at 17 gm can still be had at

I've never used a knife while climbing, but it's important to carry one that cannot accidentally open (especially in exposed, remote settings).

If Trango made a knife that locked closed on the 3gm Ursa biner and the blade was fully enclosed like the Gerber, I would buy it.

GOLDEN RULE: Always clip into a prussik attached to the rope above you BEFORE you open a blade. Climbing rope under body weight cuts like warm butter if even grazed by a blade.