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How much warmth does a bivy add?
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Max Dilthey
(mdilthey) - M

How much warmth does a bivy add? on 09/03/2013 14:01:01 MDT Print View

Generally, how much further can I take a sleeping bag in cold temperatures using a bivy sack? Does it vary drastically or is there a generally accepted approximation?

Jason Elsworth
(jephoto) - M

Locale: New Zealand
How much warmth does a bivy add? on 09/03/2013 14:26:03 MDT Print View

Richard May
(richardmay) - M

Locale: Swamplands.
not a lot on 09/03/2013 14:26:26 MDT Print View

From my experience it isn't so much about adding warmth as it is protection. With a small tarp it'll protect from spray and the bottom is a ground cloth. It creates a layer of still air around the bag/quilt so it doesn't loose heat to moving air as easily.

I don't think it adds warmth per se. Bags are often rated for 'in-tent' conditions so the bivy makes up for the lack of coverage of tarp/cowboy camping.

I use a bivy for bug control and often for-go the insulation layer... but that's only when I'm out near the coast.

Max Dilthey
(mdilthey) - M

Damn. on 09/03/2013 14:58:51 MDT Print View

Oh, shoot. Bonehead moment. I'll go read my own thread....

This is so embarrassing.

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