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Software for making patterns?
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edvin mellergÄrd
(Edvin) - F

Locale: Gothenburg, Sweden
Software for making patterns? on 09/02/2013 11:06:00 MDT Print View

Hey, anybody got some recommendations for a good program for making sewing patterns?

I'm currently using Solidworks(since I know it) to make some simple CAD models of the things I want to make, I then use cardboard and paper to make a model and then get the patterns from that model. But it would be nice to have a real program to make patterns for showing others and also to save my designs incase I want to make a new one after some time.

Free is nice but since I'm a engineering and industrial design student student I can often get free or discounted software.


David Scheidt
(dscheidt) - F
Re: Software for making patterns? on 09/02/2013 12:40:08 MDT Print View

Patterns for what? Gear? Clothing? The pattern design software I've used (none of it heavily) is basically 2D CAD with features specialized for garment pattern making, and quite expensive. If you're doing gear, and working on a personal scale, Drawing in a 2D cad may be the easiest solution. The sewing specific features either won't matter, like grading (process of changing the pattern for different sizes) or marker making (figuring out how to lay out the pattern pieces so you use the fabric most efficently. Very hard problem.) or can emulated -- seam allowances are just offsets, for instance.

There are also (expensive, of course) plugins for 3D systems to make 2D drawings (and cut instructions, etc).

edvin mellergÄrd
(Edvin) - F

Locale: Gothenburg, Sweden
Re: Re: Software for making patterns? on 09/02/2013 15:49:15 MDT Print View

I currently use the 2D portion of solidworks for making patterns, only gear at the moment(backpack, tents, sacks..) but I have some ideas for clothing as well. It works pretty good but since I'm hoping to work with this kind of stuff later on I wouldn't mind learning a few of the softwares.

Colin Krusor
(ckrusor) - M

Locale: Northwest US
Sketchup on 09/02/2013 16:53:57 MDT Print View

There are several different Sketchup plugins that will do this. The oldest of these is called Unwrap. There are a few others, including one specifically for inflatables and other "organic" shapes. I have no experience with any of them, and my understanding is that they all leave something to be desired, but you might find them useful.