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Who is using Paramo
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Klaus Kostenbauer

Locale: Canadian Maritimes
Hiking in freezing torrential hurricane rainstorm?? on 01/06/2014 14:14:13 MST Print View

Some people express disappointment that their Paramo or any other gear doesn't keep them dry during a torrential rainstom. When there's bone chilling cold water coming down in buckets and hurricane winds, it's wise to take shelter.

That's just common sense. A time to refuge under the tarp, boil tea, smoke a pipe, practice whistling.

One author even claimed Paramo puts your life in danger by giving you hypothermia. Nonsense. What may put your life in danger is stubborn single mindedness to expose yourself to the elements under such conditions and blaming the equipment when you are wet and shivering.

Me and presumably the vast majority are out there to move about in the countryside or for enjoyment of nature hikes and treks, not to prove something. I bet it is a tiny minority that insists to soldier on out there, in the open, under punishing conditions. ("My favourite girl will finally sleep with me when she hears just how tough I am." I wish.)

When measured against the alternatives, there is widespread agreement Paramos perform reasonably well in cool and modestly foul weather, which seals the deal for a gent.

Edited by KlausKostenbauer on 01/06/2014 17:30:59 MST.