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6th Annual G.G.G. 1/24-26 2014
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Justin Baker
(justin_baker) - M

Locale: Santa Rosa, CA
propane fire pits on 01/23/2014 20:46:53 MST Print View

is it possible to roast some weenies over the propane fire pits?

Eric Lundquist
(cobberman) - F - M

Locale: Northern Colorado
Re: propane fire pits on 01/23/2014 20:59:27 MST Print View

The propane fuel should be no different than your standard backyard bbq. I would check with Ken to see who has volunteered their firepits to see if they care about food drippings on the firepit.

Gary Dunckel
(Zia-Grill-Guy) - MLife

Locale: Boulder
Cruddy airports on 01/23/2014 21:41:32 MST Print View

Those airports are nothing like Rangoon's, or Aqaba's.

But keep in mind, Doug, that the San Diego airport probably thought of you as a bit cruddy as well. Wait until Oakland--they'll really look down on you!

Whatever, Idester, just don't eat all those brownies in one sitting. And you just have one great time with all those CA folks. Then there's the expected trip report, of course.

Tony Wong
(Valshar) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: 70 people keeping warm around two propane fire pits on 01/24/2014 11:03:59 MST Print View


The Tony Shuffle only happens around the fire after I have smoked some crack and have rolled around naked in the dew in the grass on a full moon.

Unfortunately, my neighbors don't seem to appreciate this when I roll around on my front lawn. :(

Fortunately, the temps look pretty mild this year....really not winter this year.

So we shouldn't be freezing like we were a couple of years back.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

@ Everyone,

Make sure you bring a couple of liters of water....with so many of us this year, it might be a strain on the water supply being brought in.


Justin Baker
(justin_baker) - M

Locale: Santa Rosa, CA
Re: Re: 70 people keeping warm around two propane fire pits on 01/24/2014 11:05:54 MST Print View

Aren't there some water tanks now? Maybe someone with a large pack or a bike could do a water run if we start to get low.

Tony Wong
(Valshar) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Water Supply on 01/24/2014 11:25:50 MST Print View


Ken talked about something like 50 gallons being brought in and maybe more to suppliment that.

There was a posting that there is at least one water tank in the park that has water for hikers, but not sure how far it from our campsite.

What I am doing of myself and the family is to bring 1.5-2 L per person in with us.

The site is essentially dry with a few cow ponds here and there, which I would not be keen on drinking.

My thinking is that if everyone brings just a little bit of water in for themselves, it will ensure that we don't run out of water.

Heck, maybe there will be enough left over to fill a small UL hot tub? LOL.

Anyway, just a friendly reminder for everyone to bring in some water for themselves to make sure that the 50 gallons or so of water bring hauled in will no run out.

Never hurts to be, the hike is less than 2.5 miles and most of it on a fire road.

As a side note: I bought a Black Diamond Orbit LED Lantern that runs off of 4 AAA batteries, which puts out some decent light. Nice for the tables for dinner time...card games for the kids to play, etc. If you have a lightweight latern and have the space in your pack to carry, sure it would be nice to share the night with a little light.


Edited by Valshar on 01/24/2014 11:28:37 MST.

Jeremy and Angela
(requiem) - F

Locale: Northern California
Re: Water Supply on 01/24/2014 12:13:40 MST Print View

Good idea; it sounds like the water tanks will be available, but I'm planning to haul in a few extra liters to be safe. (I also don't recall how heavily chlorinated the water at Coe is.)

Mini-lantern, check! I may end up arriving Saturday morning rather than Friday night; it looks like today is going to run late.

Tony Wong
(Valshar) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: Water Supply on 01/24/2014 12:19:53 MST Print View


Hey, as long as you can make it out, Saturday is fine.

That is what I am doing.

My daughter has gymnastics til 8pm tonight, so no chance to get out their til Saturday around noon time.

Heck, I am just glad that they are willing to come out to see the madness that I have been involved in for the past few years.

Plus, I think there is an In and Out Burger place on the road into the park.

Lunch time!!!


(mountainwalker) - MLife

Locale: SF Bay Area & New England
Anyone able to carpool from SF with my friend Daniel? on 01/24/2014 17:29:18 MST Print View

Ms. EJ and I are bringing in several newbie friends who are really looking forward. One of them, Daniel, is a hiker newly arrived to the Bay Area from Germany - if he doesn't have to work tomorrow (he'll know at 6PM tonight) - could anyone give him a ride to and from SF on Saturday? He's a super nice guy. If we have room in our friends' car we may be able to drive him back Sat evening.

(mountainwalker) - MLife

Locale: SF Bay Area & New England
Caffin stoves will be at GGG on 01/24/2014 17:30:29 MST Print View

They arrived in time so everyone will be able to try them out.

(mountainwalker) - MLife

Locale: SF Bay Area & New England
GGG ride from SF to Coe Saturday for newbie friend on 01/24/2014 22:31:37 MST Print View

Our friend Daniel, a super nice recent grad from Germany, just found out he doesn't have to work tomorrow (Saturday) and would love to come to the GGG. Is anyone able to give him a ride in to Coe tomorrow? He'd be happy to chip in for gas/parking.

Daniel really wants to meet everyone tomorrow and learn as much as possible about lightweight backpacking gear and technique.

Edited by mountainwalker on 01/24/2014 22:32:11 MST.

Danny Milks
(dannymilks) - MLife

Locale: Sierras
ride on 01/25/2014 00:08:09 MST Print View

email me: We live in east bay and are driving in tomorrow (saturday) morning as well. Maybe we could meet you and drive Daniel. No guarantee, but it might work out. We have a 10 month old baby too, as long as Daniel doesn't mind.

(mountainwalker) - MLife

Locale: SF Bay Area & New England
@Danny Daniel just emailed you; thank you very much on 01/25/2014 00:42:25 MST Print View

I'm sure he wouldn't mind at all and would sincerely appreciate it - I gave him your email and he just emailed you with his cell number. He will be up very early checking to see if you texted him - he does have a very early bus he can catch to meet us at our place at 8AM in case it doesn't work out.

K ....
(Kat_P) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Coast
Back from the GGG on 01/26/2014 11:23:46 MST Print View

I was only able to join the GGG from Friday midday to Saturday afternoon, due to work commitments. I wish I could have stayed longer; my visit was short and sweet.
Ken T. thanks so much for everything and nice to see you again my friend.
In no particular order...
Diana V. glad to spend a few hours with you and hear some of your great adventures; you are an inspiration. Jane, no one should be surprised that you hike up a mountain! Douglas Ide, you should move out west, that's all. Joshua Billings, good to see you my friend ( of 16 years now). Cameron, don't be a stranger and best of luck with your new career . Peter Vacco, you say more in one sentence than most people in months of talking...we met two years ago but it seems like much longer than that. Matt, go get your own log :). Lee Zandbergen, thanks for the meaningful conversation. Russ Zandbergen, wish our visit was longer than that. Ron Moak, way to go, those packs look great, and nice to see you again. John Abela, nice to visit again and shoot me an email about the bomber hat but give me time to catch up. Rick Niemi, always nice to see you. Good to see you again Justin Baker. Jeremy and Angela, I hope to hike with you again soon. Chris and Julie, nice to see you again, even if just for a few minutes. The Kopisch family, barely saw you but got to hug your girls again, thanks :). Kevin, sweet family you have and your son Ryan's good bye hug made my day. David Wage, wish we visited a bit longer. Marc, I forgot to pick up what you left for me...always nice to see you and Rick. EJ thanks for taking the time to give me some blogging tips!. Jim, nice to see you again. David Gardner, nice to see you again as well. Rick Horne, not much of a visit this time but nice to see you and your daughter. Ben Feldman, nice to meet you and thanks for sharing your quick wit. Duane Hall, nice to finally meet you and look forward to some hiking. Ian B. sir, thanks for driving so far to come meet us all! Barely saw Jack Haskell, Jacob Dinardi and James Winstead. Too short a visit with Jay Wilkerson. Nice to meet you Rex Sanders . Amy Lauterbach, besides the nice conversation...your brussel sprouts looked delicious, almost asked for a taste! Sharon Jue, I enjoyed our chat the other night. Richard Nisely and Mark Verber, at least we got to say hi on the trail. You were not there Debi, but your brownies were enjoyed by many of us, and by some of us many times. Tony I heard you were there and you too Jack...did not see you. The ones I missed on this list, I am sorry, my memory is not improving these days. The ones I missed at the GGG, hope to catch you next year.

I hiked out of Coe with a big smile on my face and a renewed appreciation for this community of friends and fellow outdoors people. Thank you all .

Edited by Kat_P on 01/26/2014 17:13:00 MST.

Doug Smith
(Jedi5150) - F

Locale: Central CA
Re: Back from the GGG on 01/26/2014 12:46:07 MST Print View

my friend Adam, and I also were only able to stay Friday night, and hike out Saturday. Ken, thanks for organizing such a great event. I'm sure that a lot of work went into it, and it is much appreciated.

I didn't get a lot of time to meet most of you folks, but the ones I did, it was a pleasure. I look forward to seeing you guys in the future, whether it is on the trail, or at future GGG's. It's fun to put a face to the names. It was great to kick back talking shop with Ian B, listen to Doug's wit, meet Denise and her pooch Zarah(sp), and see Kat's incredible photos and good sense of humor. Jane is a pleasant and inspiring lady, and it was fun meeting Ken, the "other" Hilleberg owner. Like Kat, I apologize for those I left out, but it was great meeting all of you.

I've also got to comment on how friendly and welcoming the community here (and at GGG) is. In spite of carrying in what must have seemed like a backpack full of bricks, there was absolutely no feeling that anyone was looking down their noses. As I said, everyone was welcoming and the attitude was one of open-mindedness and a desire to help. I've been on a lot of internet forums for various topics, and the members of BPL continue to impress me with their attitudes. It's a great community to be a part of.

Lastly, if I'm not there next year, blame Doug I. The reason will be that my wife killed me when I came home from the trip and announced that I had to get a Warbonnet hammock after Doug showed me his. In fact, if neither of us Dougs are there next year it will be because she also put a hit out on him. ;-)

K ....
(Kat_P) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Coast
Names on 01/26/2014 14:40:10 MST Print View

Yes, Doug, I could not remember your name but I do remember you and Adam; nice to meet you guys. And thanks for mentioning Denise and her sweet dog. I had a lovely time talking with Denise and Sharon on Friday night!

Tony Wong
(Valshar) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Missing Red Leki Poles on 01/26/2014 16:58:59 MST Print View


Did you find a pair of red leki hiking poles leaning up against the back of your truck?

Realized that I did not have them in my car til I left the park.

Drove back and you were gone and I did not see them there.

Maybe you packed them in your truck.

Anyway, if someone found them, please PM me.

They have some black duct tape wrapped around one pole and some brown leuko tape on the other.

Great trip, I arrived late at about 2pm.

Will start working on the photos now.

Great to see everyone again and lots of kids and new faces.


Manfred Kopisch
(Orienteering) - F
Found kid's backpack and wind jacket on 01/26/2014 17:37:54 MST Print View

First of all "Thanks a lot" for another wonderful GGG event. Kat already did a great job mentioning everyone. We all had a lot of fun with everyone - Brock was clearly the hit with our girls. But who could resist an 11 month old toddler, who takes your hand and starts walking with you?

We were the last people to leave the campground and found a gray kid's backpack and blue wind jacket. Please PM me with a description (brand/model) of any of those items if you are missing them and we will figure out how to get it back to you.

Best Regards,


Jacob D
(JacobD) - F

Locale: North Bay
Re: Back from the GGG on 01/26/2014 19:12:12 MST Print View

Had a blast. I think I enjoyed myself this year even more than the past events; it keeps getting better and it was interesting to meet some (so many!) new folks. I'm sorry but I don't remember everyone's names.

People who I hadn't seen in a while...
~ Jane B, great seeing you and I hope your shoulder thaws out soon. No worries about the cabin stuff, life goes on!

~ Doug I, you're still a little ornery but I think I spotted a chink in your armor. Thanks for the well wishes on my foot. Sounds like I won't see you at Zion... but maybe somewhere else? Take the short way if in doubt.

~ Mark V, enjoyed chatting with you about fabrics, footwear, and layering philosophy. There are only so many people who really get in depth on technical fabrics. I should have bought your tea kettle from the swap, my wife just confirmed I made a mistake :)

~ Steven P, really good catching up with you man. Maybe I can leverage Wage's condo up in Portlandia and have a little time to tramp around with you up there somewhere.

People who I just met (or sorta just met)...
~ Aaron, thanks for the map of your favorite Mt. Tam running trails. As soon as my foot feels solid I'm checking it out! Good luck running 100+ at the 4mph Challenge!

~ George, really enjoyed talking with you. Sounds like we share a lot of the same interests. Be safe in Africa and steer clear of the lions!

~ Max, it was good to meet you. Good luck with your PCT hike!

To the more familiar faces...
Ken, Kat, David W, Cameron, Marc, Rick, Rick N, Manfred, Michelle, Tony, Matt, James, Chris, Julie, Justin (thx for the Pliny, dood!!), John A... I think I got to at least say "hi" to everyone, wish I could have caught up a little more with some of you. This thing has gotten pretty big, it's getting harder to make the rounds and see everyone! I probably forgot a name or two in there. ** KEN ** thanks for organizing! You're commitment to these and the smaller gatherings does not go unnoticed!!

It's always nice to see a few of the vendors showing up too, so thanks to all of you who made the effort. I'm still pondering if transgender packs are for me and whether or not my hot dog is on the loose?

Also a personal shout out to Gen from Yama Mountain Gear who let me borrow the shelter I used way longer than he should have. It never made it on my blog (never say never!) but at least a few people got to see it at the GGG. For those who were asking me for info about it, feel free to get in touch if you still have any questions.


Edited by JacobD on 01/26/2014 19:13:38 MST.

(mountainwalker) - MLife

Locale: SF Bay Area & New England
GGG Thank you; Photos; Great seeing everyone on 01/26/2014 20:22:34 MST Print View

It was great seeing everyone and meeting a lot of new people. Ms. EJ and I have a lot of folks to thank - for now I'll post pics to share with people who couldn't be there and come back to add some thoughts and captions. Thank you everyone for making our newbie friends Rebecca, Paul and Daniel feel welcome and at home - they had a blast. I know Tony will have a lot of great pics as always and we're looking forward to seeing them.

 photo IMG_1739_zps22e8c04b.jpg

 photo IMG_1740_zps9c5f18c7.jpg

 photo IMG_1742_zps2230b930.jpg

 photo IMG_1746_zpsf43748f2.jpg

 photo IMG_1748_zps5cb6ada4.jpg

 photo IMG_1747_zps2c90afa1.jpg

 photo IMG_1751_zps409e76cd.jpg

 photo IMG_1752_zps4a30c3db.jpg

 photo IMG_1753_zps3b4622da.jpg

 photo IMG_1758_zpsb183bdd6.jpg

 photo IMG_1759_zps9d9fd166.jpg

 photo IMG_1760_zps74ccd9db.jpg

 photo IMG_1761_zps5773f89d.jpg

 photo IMG_1762_zps59563e8a.jpg

 photo IMG_1763_zps51d90c97.jpg

 photo IMG_1764_zps99c8a62a.jpg

 photo IMG_1765_zpse1b7a0e4.jpg

 photo IMG_1766_zps419a389d.jpg

Ryan demoing a Blizzard Bag survival bivvy:

 photo IMG_1768_zps21fd9c15.jpg

Pulling the Blizzard Bag over your head and cinching around your face for max warmth:

 photo IMG_1774_zps6f14e4bc.jpg

 photo IMG_1771_zps2c84d975.jpg

Orange is the new olive in hiker and SAR survival wear:

 photo IMG_1775_zpsb92195fb.jpg

Hikin' Jim trying out Roger Caffin's 3 oz remote inverted canister stove:

 photo IMG_1776_zpsd2e092b7.jpg

 photo IMG_1777_zpsb44e716d.jpg

 photo IMG_1779_zpsb9f2f9f4.jpg

Lit and letting out its mini-roar:

 photo IMG_1782_zps2b8a1f18.jpg

Watching the little stove go:

 photo IMG_1783_zps8bc73a82.jpg

Trying out the Seattle-based Cascade Mountain Quick Lock (Flick-Lock) Trekking Poles. Fantastic value in a carbon fiber flick-lock adjustable pole - widely available at Costco, at least in the SF Bay Area. Found this video demonstrating them:

 photo IMG_1786_zps1008ede9.jpg

Manfred's Cuben Haven. Lots more Cuben shelters this year:

 photo IMG_1788_zpsbc0e9c8c.jpg

Manfred's kids' Black Diamond Beta Light. Manfred says the two poles in the center works like a charm to stop kids fighting over space and was particularly helpful keeping the peace on Boy Scout trips:

 photo IMG_1789_zpsf74968ce.jpg

Zpacks Cuben Duplex (this tent along with Manfred's Cuben Haven are going on his planned Alaskan expedition this summer). Manfred thanks again for walking us through the shelters and also letting us try on your Zpacks Arc Blast:

 photo IMG_1792_zps7c20ea30.jpg

MLD Trailstar:

 photo IMG_1794_zps114fa91a.jpg

Tarptent Notch:

 photo IMG_1795_zps04f44cae.jpg

Tarptent Double Rainbow:

 photo IMG_1796_zps7d45f163.jpg

Six Moon Designs Gatewood Cape:

 photo IMG_1797_zps087e7e01.jpg

Black Diamond Mega Light:

 photo IMG_1798_zps27ba2516.jpg

Doug's Hammock and Cuben Tarp, Said he sleeps like a baby. Until Doug showed us, never realized that this hammock has you on a diagonal to help flat you out so you're not sleeping in an extreme "U" shape:

 photo IMG_1799_zps39bd68dc.jpg

Another hammock:

 photo IMG_1800_zps961b0949.jpg

Some came on foot, others by pedal. Bikepacking in:

 photo IMG_1802_zps539c274c.jpg

Another Tarptent Notch:

 photo IMG_1803_zpsd15d5f3c.jpg

We could barely pry Roger's stove out of stovemaster Hiking Jim's hands as he was putting it through its paces:

 photo IMG_1805_zpsb6469e01.jpg

Ron and Brian's new lightweight pack series from Six Moon Designs in 30 and 40L (Ron also showed another full-suspension series, Fusion 50 and 60, but asked us not to post pics of those now):

 photo IMG_1807_zpsd86f08ce.jpg

 photo IMG_1808_zps85d57e50.jpg

Side view with Mark modeling:

 photo IMG_1809_zpse1383098.jpg

Edited by mountainwalker on 01/26/2014 21:06:55 MST.