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New to packrafting (need recommendations)
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James Castleberry
Packing for Packrafting on 08/30/2013 13:00:06 MDT Print View

Excellent blog post by Forrest McCarthy that covers packrafting gear options.

Maggie Harlan
(MaggieMaeFlower) - F

Locale: Ohio
Re: PFDs on 08/30/2013 16:57:37 MDT Print View

The main reason I went with foam was the head injury concept. I just realized it isn't USCG approved. Hopefully I won't need that rating for anything. There are a few pockets on it already. I like the idea of a knife, I hadn't thought of that! Thank you

Mitchell Rossman

Locale: Minneapolis-St. Paul
New to pack rafting on 08/31/2013 13:23:37 MDT Print View

NRS sells river knives that mount on the front of your PFD. Easy to grab if you get pinned and need to cut the boat (not just packrafts) away from you. Yes, they are heavy, and yes, you can cut your cut your leg off with one.

Maggie Harlan
(MaggieMaeFlower) - F

Locale: Ohio
Here are the goods! on 09/11/2013 16:58:06 MDT Print View


David Chenault
(DaveC) - BPL Staff - F

Locale: Crown of the Continent
re: the goods on 09/11/2013 17:05:40 MDT Print View

Awesome Maggie, enjoy.

Maggie Harlan
(MaggieMaeFlower) - F

Locale: Ohio
New River, West Virginia on 10/23/2013 07:48:13 MDT Print View

I just want to thank everyone again for the advice. I never guessed I would love packrafting as much as I do! Here is a video from the most recent trip. Enjoy! River

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spelt with a t
(spelt) - F

Locale: SW/C PA
Re: New River, West Virginia on 11/01/2013 08:30:19 MDT Print View

Maggie, thanks for sharing, and I'm glad you're having fun!

Daniel Hagen
(hagendf) - F
New River on 11/24/2013 13:52:30 MST Print View

Yeah, that's pretty sweet. I did that same run earlier in July. Looks like the levels went down a bit by October. It was all big wave trains and 8ft water when I went. I want to go back and sign up for a guided trip on the Lower River next year.

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Billy Ray
(rosyfinch) - M

Locale: the mountains
Re: New River on 11/24/2013 16:46:01 MST Print View

I have some curiosity about packrafting.
As a starting point (and possibly and ending point)... Can you tell me approximately how much weight are we talking about above and beyond my regular backpacking gear? I mean, are we talking an additional 5, 10, 15 or 20 pounds additional in order to be able to do a combined backpack/packraft trip?

thanks, ... it does indeed look like fun...

Bill D...

spelt with a t
(spelt) - F

Locale: SW/C PA
Re: Re: New River on 11/24/2013 19:28:54 MST Print View

It is so, so very fun. :)

My summer setup weighs in close to 10 lbs even. This is
packraft plus accessories (cruiser deck, thigh straps, booster seat),
inflation bag and repair kit.

My paddle weighs about 2 lbs, the pfd about 1, the boat about 5, and sundries make up the rest.

Shoulder season kit I have not weighed b/c I haven't settled on one yet. Dry suits or wetsuits weigh much more than rain gear but can be necessary (or simply worth the weight for the warmth).

My boat is a 'Paca, so add some ounces if you're average height and need a Yak, or subtract if you want a Scout. Yaks seem to be the most popular. MYOG pfds can be well under a pound, and more expensive paddles can save weight too.

Total weight depends on what sort of water you want to paddle and when, honestly. Serious whitewater setups will weigh 15 lbs or more, with all the basics plus a whitewater deck, throw bag, helmet, and other equipment. Summertime class I-II floats could be well under 10 lbs--check out Dave C.'s blog for a review of the Alpacka Scout, which is a fine option for many uses.

Billy Ray
(rosyfinch) - M

Locale: the mountains
Re: Re: Re: New River on 11/24/2013 19:43:14 MST Print View

spelt... that sounds doable...

Nothing particularly ambitions, but I thought it might be fun to be able to hike down Escalante canyons and then maybe paddle along Lake Powel to other canyons, etc... Warm weather, flat water... or, at least, easy water...

Maybe I'll look into this before my spring trip to Utah...

Bill D.