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Chris S
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Minarets Loop on 08/21/2013 15:57:55 MDT Print View

Julie and I convinced our friend Galen to join us on this trip to the Minarets. We spent the a night in Mammoth Lakes and headed to the Mammoth Mountain Main Lodge the follwoing morning to catch the shuttle to Agnew Meadows. We were on the shuttle at 9am and on the trail by around 9:30am.

We quickly walked passed Agnew Meadows and began the gentle descent down to the Middle Fork San Joaquin River. Shortly after passing Olaine Lake, we made a left at the trail junction, heading up about 600 feet towards Shadow Lake. We took short break near the outlet of the lake and got a glimpse of what the next few days had in store for us.

View from Shadow Lake

At the west end of the lake, we briefly connected with the John Muir Trail before splitting off onto the trail up to Ediza Lake. I was hoping to make it to the lake before stopping for lunch, but we eventually decided not to wait any longer and stopped along the creek on the way up to the lake. The hummus wraps we planned on eating got left behind in Mammoth Lakes. Instead we feasted on our leftover pizza from the night before. Ordering an entire extra pizza at Mia’s turned out to be a brilliant error of judgment.


Shortly after lunch, we arrived at the lake and made our way around to the other end. We found a relatively secluded spot to set up camp above the southwestern shore of the lake. There was a group of 5+ people not too far away, but they were out of earshot and out of sight.

Ediza Lake
Arriving at Ediza Lake

There was plenty of daylight left, so I headed up to check out Iceberg Lake. The maintained trail was on the other side of the stream connecting Iceberg Lake to Ediza Lake, so I made my way up more directly via a series of use trails instead of crossing the stream. When I arrived, I was surprised to see that there was only one group of people around and they were heading up to Cecile Lake.

Iceberg Lake
Iceberg Lake

Trail to Cecile Lake
Trail to Cecile Lake from Iceberg Lake

After I got back, Julie and Galen were taking naps, so I wandered around a bit and scouted out a place for us to eat dinner. There was a perfect spot just a short walk from camp on a granite bench overlooking Ediza Lake.

Ediza Lake View From Camp
Ediza Lake view near camp

The sun was getting pretty low at this point, so I went back to camp to wake the others. We grabbed all of our dinner supplies and headed back to the granite bench where we cooked up some tacos, sipped on some bourbon and enjoyed the sunset.

The next morning I was awake pretty early, so I wandered around and took a few more photos while waiting for the others to rise.

Camp from above
Camp from above

Minarets, Ritter and Banner
The Minarets, Mt Ritter and Banner Peak

The destination for the day was Thousand Island Lake. As we were getting ready to head out, someone that was camping close by approached us to see if we had seen his son’s pair of boots that had disappeared. I’m not sure if they ended up finding the boots, but fortunately they were on the final day of their 8 day trip and his son did have camp shoes he could hike out in. Not too long after he left, I was reorganizing the bear canister and noticed there were 3 thumbtacks that somehow ended up in our bag of dehydrated pasta sauce. We couldn’t make any sense of it. The only explanation that we could think of was that some punk(s) were going around and messing with people’s stuff. Hopefully that’s not the case, but I still can’t think of any other explanation.

After breakfast we finally hit the trail. On the way out went back up to Iceberg Lake so Julie and Galen could check it out. Once again, there was nobody else there so we spent a little time relaxing there before continuing on.

Heading up to Iceberg Lake
Heading up to Iceberg Lake

Group Shot at Iceberg Lake
Group Shot at Iceberg Lake

Wildflowers at Iceberg Lake
Wildflowers at Iceberg Lake

Not surprisingly, once we got back to the JMT the trail was pretty busy. We stopped at the junction to refill our water bottles and there was one large group and a few smaller groups also taking a break in the vicinity. Heading north, we passed many more people on the way to Garnet Lake. Once we got to the lake we stopped for lunch just north of the foot bridge on the eastern end. As we were sitting there, a couple of strange looking fellows approached – it was Andrew F. and Manfred K. hiking the JMT. It was about 1:30pm and they were about 16 miles into their day, while we had only hiked about 6 miles so far. We chatted with them for a bit and then they were off to Reds Meadow with cheeseburgers on their minds.

Garnet Lake
Garnet Lake

After lunch we left the JMT and the crowds as we hiked along the northern shore of the Garnet Lake and over the saddle to the west end of Thousand Island Lake.

North Side of Garnet Lake
Use trail on north side of Garnet Lake

Saddle between Garnet Lake and Thousand Island Lake
Saddle between Garnet Lake and Thousand Island Lake

View of Thousand Island Lake from saddle
View of Thousand Island Lake from saddle

Once we got to the western end of Thousand Island Lake there was no reason to continue any further. We were near the base of Banner Peak and the shores of one of the most popular lakes in the Sierra, yet there was nobody else around.

Banner from west end of Thousand Island Lake
Banner Peak from west end of Thousand Island Lake

Camp at night
Camp at night

The next morning I got up to try to take some sunrise pictures and then fell back asleep on a granite slab until Julie and Galen emerged from the tent.

Sunrise on Banner Peak
Sunrise on Banner Peak

Once we finally got moving, we hiked along the north shore of Thousand Island Lake before connecting with the High Trail/PCT.

Banner from north shore of Thousand Island Lake
Banner Peak from the north shore of Thousand Island Lake

The High Trail route back to Agnew Meadows was the perfect way to end the trip as we enjoyed sweeping views of the Minarets, Mt Ritter and Banner Peak for much of the way.

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David W.
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Great report and photos on 08/21/2013 20:55:44 MDT Print View

Thanks for sharing Chris. You got some nice shots on that trip. I was in that area earlier this year for the first time and I took the opposite shot you took from Iceberg Lake looking up towards Cecile Lake. I came from the other direction on a day hike, I stopped to have lunch at Cecile and took a shot look down at Iceberg. I can see that I need to finish that loop someday.

Iceberg Lake

Your story about the back-country hooligans is discouraging. It would be a shame if someone mistook them for a marauding bear and was carrying bear spray.

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Dave T
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minarets. on 08/21/2013 21:22:14 MDT Print View

It's beautiful out there (2006).


That descent to Iceberg Lake from the south is sketchy on hard snow!

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Andrew F
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Re: Minarets Loop on 08/26/2013 22:37:55 MDT Print View

I'm glad you guys had fun. It was nice to run into you at Garnet Lake... I was pretty jealous of the pizza though!