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KnickKnack gear sale - all priced 30-50% off new
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Ryan "Rudy" Oury

Locale: East Bay - CA
FS: KnickKnack gear sale - all priced 30-50% off new on 08/16/2013 09:43:49 MDT Print View

Clearing out some older gear that I have either gotten newer lighter versions of or am looking to replace w/ UL gear. None of this qualifies as UL so I haven't listed weights but I can provide if you're interested. All is definitely used, but I take good care of my gear so it all has plenty of life left. To keep things a little more simple and reduce overall shipping costs, I will only fulfill orders for $15 or more. Feel free to combine however you like. Also, since many are smaller, I'll ask to split shipping costs to CONUS, nothing international. sorry. Payment by PayPal only please.

Sea to Summit "Thermo-Lite" sleeping bag liner ($55 new) - asking $35
-manuf claims 15-deg increase to sleeping bag rating, but I'd say more like 10F

SeaToSummit sleeping bag liner

Mountainsmith Tour waist bag ($75 new) - asking $35
-I've had this bag for years and used extensively back in college but just don't use this style bag anymore
-built like a tank so minor wear spots, some zipper pull rubber covers missing, but years of useful life left
-color is faded as I had it in colorado so the sun took a toll
mountainsmith tour

Victornox Swiss Army "Super Tinker" pocket knife ($30 new) - asking $20
-like new condition, no rust, knives & scissors are sharp
swiss army knife

REI sleeping bag 6'6" mummy ~45F (~$50 for current comparable) - asking $25
-synthetic sleeping bag w/ left full zip & cinch hood... fairly old but still great for warmer weather car camping, no rips/tears at all, zipper works great
rei sleeping bag

Term-A-Rest sleeping pad, 72"x20"x2" (~$50) - asking $25
-self-inflating insulated... again, older but still great for car camping, no rips/tears/leaks
thermarest pad

Leatherman Micra ($26 new) - asking $15
-older version but same features as new, just different sides, all components work great and are sharp

REI candle lantern w/ 4 candles & fleece stuff sack ($28 new) - asking $15
-used often for winter camping, hung from a hook inside tent... adds nice glow and a couple degrees of heat
candle lantern

GSI mini-espresso maker (stainless) w/ enameled shot cup ($30 new) - asking $15
-"stove-top" style little guy, works great, no rust or dings... works great for car camping just heavy for UL backpacking

LED flashlight/lantern (given as a gift and couldn't find for sale now, guessing $20 new) - asking $15
-the "reflector" head slides out to change between flashlight and lantern
-used a number of times and is really a slick little setup, VERY bright... but it takes (4) AAA batts so definitely heavy for UL
flashlight lantern

Enameled Dinner ware, 2 plates, 2 cups (~$24 new) - asking $10
-I won't split these btw... great car camping rugged dinner ware and these are suprisingly expensive new
-small chip in lip of one cup

Pelican 1010 camera case ($17 new) - asking $10
-would be great on a boat or anywhere you want a durable case for a typical P&S digicam
-used this regularly back when I was climbing cellphone towers and had to take a million pics of every bolt & connector

MSR 20oz fuel bottle ($18 new) - asking $10
-has the newer safety cap, a bit of soot/smudging that I'll try to clean off w/ alcohol or something, otherwise in good condition
msr bottle

Fox40 "referee" whistle ($8 new) - asking $4
-bought the next whistles listed and was surprised at how hard you have to blow to get a good loud sound so went to Sports Authority to try one of these... wasn't any real difference but now I can't return this one since opened
-in terms of an "emergency whistle" works just fine, but now I have three
fox 40 whistle

SOL emergency whistle "micro fox40" ($9 new for 2 pack) - asking $4
-not sure why they sell so many whistles in 2 packs but they do... here's the other one from the whistle I chose to keep
-I find they work well if you cover the lower central port w/ your finger when blowing... still gives good loud sound but can get a longer tone
sol whistle

WhisperLite Lexan Platform (was probably $20 new?? can't find for sale) - asking $10
-this turns your whisperlite & fuel bottle into a single unit for stability, mobility or if you're on snow so the stove doesn't sink in too much
-definitely a winter camping or car camping item
whisper lite stand

Thats it. PM's and posts are best though you can email as well at ohdogg79 AT hotmail

Edited by ohdogg79 on 08/16/2013 16:30:19 MDT.

brent driggers
(cadyak) - MLife

Locale: southwest georgia
thermarest on 08/16/2013 22:13:29 MDT Print View


Edited by cadyak on 08/17/2013 08:22:18 MDT.

Ryan "Rudy" Oury

Locale: East Bay - CA
prices dropped on everything on 08/17/2013 23:26:02 MDT Print View

I've tried editing the post 3x at this point and it just doesn't want to let me for some reason... so lets try this. TAKE $5 OFF each price listed above. thanks for looking!

Richard Mock
(moxtr) - M

Locale: The piney woods
Knick knicks on 08/18/2013 02:02:59 MDT Print View

would like the Micra and the MSR fuel bottle please PM sent

Chris Bell
(Hobbit) - MLife

Locale: PA Wilds
candle lantern & espresso maker on 08/18/2013 05:56:20 MDT Print View

I take the REI candle lantern and GSI mini-espresso maker.


Ryan "Rudy" Oury

Locale: East Bay - CA
updates on SOLD and price list on 08/18/2013 15:47:17 MDT Print View

First, a couple things SOLD (I would update in the posting, but it won't let me edit for some reason...)
REI Candle Lantern - SOLD
MSR Fuel Bottle - SOLD
Leatherman Micra - SOLD
Espresso Maker - SOLD

Remaining Items w/ REDUCED prices
SeaToSummit Sleeping bag liner - $30
Mountain Smith Tour waist bag - $30
Swiss Army knife - $15
REI sleeping bag - $20
Therm-A-Rest sleeping pad - $20
LED flashlight/lantern - $10
Enameled Dinnerware - $7
Pelican camera case - $7
Whistles - $3 each
Whisperlite lexan platform - $7