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Bananas for Wallace's Monkey Pillow !!!!!
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David Walls
(tbird911) - F
Bananas for Wallace's Monkey Pillow !!!!! on 08/14/2013 16:37:15 MDT Print View

If this is in the wrong place, feel free to scoot it along.

I went on my first ultra-light over night trip along the Piney River Segment of the Cumberland Trail a week or so ago. It was my shakedown run for the gear that I have acquired over a few months of lurking and reading and asking questions here. It was completely awesome!

We did a short five miles in and camped next to some crystal clear (and cold) swimming holes. My Gorilla was phenomenal and ultra comfortable! The Tarptent Notch went up without a hitch :) I used my Sawyer squeeze along the way to get cold clean water out of the streams! Had dinner prepared in my caldera Ti-Tri fissure-- mountain house, but not bad :) If I remember correct, my weight for the trip including food, water and an OMM Trio Map pouch worn on the front of my straps was just under 15 lbs.

Everything was awesome except for my sleep! I have had an original neo air (25 x 77) since they first came out and it is pure comfort, the problem is chasing my pillow all over the tent . . . It ended up at my feet, at my head , under my mattress, in my shorts and just about every place except where it needed to be. I suffered from uneasy sleep and brief moments of slumber which were broken by my head slipping off the pillow . . . rinse and repeat.

I saw Wallace's info on the BPL forums and checked out some of the info on his Monkey Pillow. It seemed like a small weight penalty , but if it did what it was designed to do, what kind of price can you put on a good night's sleep. Especially since I was so happy with everything else. I pm'd Wallace and within a very short time, he replied and was very friendly and informative. What a truly nice guy! We talked about what the options were, I sent him funds and a couple of days later, the pillow showed up.

He communicated, customer service was great, he was friendly, the quality of the product his awesome! I'm the proud owner of a large ultra-cuddle Rock'n Monkey pillow case.

It works exactly as described. Slide straps over mattress, inflate mattress (you could do this after the fact) and insert pillow. I happen to use a cocoon ultra light air core pillow. In addition to keeping the pillow stationary, the ultra cuddle material takes the "balloon" feeling out of the air core pillow and it feels like a more traditional pillow. I know that I will do what Wallace suggested and "sleep well." Another happy customer

pillow 2

Randy Martin
(randalmartin) - F

Locale: Colorado
Re: Bananas for Wallace's Monkey Pillow !!!!! on 08/14/2013 17:23:12 MDT Print View

+1. I bought one to and love it for all the reasons you stated.

Stephen Murphy
(sjtm) - F
Cheaper approach on 08/14/2013 18:06:37 MDT Print View

I purchased a set of Thermarest Fast & Light Snap kit. These are adhesive backed two piece snaps ( male and female) that are designed to adhere to Thermarest pads in order to attach their Thermarest blankets. Instead, I attached four to the head end of my neoair and the companion snap to the bottom of my Exped pillow. Negligable weight and no slipping out from under my noggin at night. A snap set cost $10 but I found mine on Ebay for $6. Does not damage either surface.

David Walls
(tbird911) - F
Re: Cheaper approach on 08/14/2013 19:17:17 MDT Print View

Looks like you found a good way to keep the pillow from moving around. I don't have any experience with that particular pillow. The thing I like about the Monkey Pillow, is that it's super soft/fuzzy on one side and momentum on the other. My choice of which "soft" I feel like. Also, as mentioned, it takes one of the complaints that a few people have with air core pillows and mitigates it well by making it feel more like a regular "house" pillow. Also, works will well by stuffing the pillow case with a puffy jacket or extra clothes. I guess it just comes down to what works for you and I believe this is it for me :)

Edited by tbird911 on 08/14/2013 19:17:54 MDT.

Delmar O'Donnell

Locale: Between Jacinto & Gorgonio
Well Said! on 08/14/2013 20:36:36 MDT Print View

> It ended up at my feet, at my head , under my mattress, in my shorts and just about every place except where it needed to be. I suffered from uneasy sleep and brief moments of slumber which were broken by my head slipping off the pillow . . . rinse and repeat.

LOL LOL! Well written, and all too familiar! Mine was a Cocoon Hyperlite Aircore that kept shooting out from beneath my head. What exquisite torture to constantly re-awake due to a pillow! Thanks for the recommendation.

Wallace Hunter
(jeepingetowah) - F

Locale: South Central
Thanks for the support! on 08/26/2013 18:06:46 MDT Print View

I am humbled by the response to my idea and how it has evolved. I love the positive feedback that has been received over time since the years beginning. I know that there are certain backpacking items that I cannot live without. My Monkey pillow case is one I always take backpacking.

Your kind words and review are amazing and help me to keep up the work to get people a sound nights rest along the trail.