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What would YOUR SUL thru-hike gear list look like?
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Sean Nordeen
(Miner) - F

Locale: SoCAL
Re: Gear List on 08/09/2013 20:40:49 MDT Print View

>> I would be interested in seeing your gear list - care to post it?

This is what I'm currently planning for a 4.5 to 5 month NOBO CDT thru-hike. Not included are Maps, toliet paper or ziplocks. I haven't decided yet whether to bring my 8oz. Golite Chrome Dome Umbrella for the desert. I didn't post a packliner since I don't know if I'm bringing one since CF is suppose to be waterproof (my tarp seems to be at least). This doesn't include items I'm wearing or carrying like my Ruta Locura cf trek poles. If you want the skin out weight add 3.8 lbs. This gearlist is going stoveless. I did the northern 600miles of the AT SOBO last year in the late summer/early fall going stoveless as an experiment and it worked out.

I totaled the electronics seperatley giving the total packweight without and with it since most hikers wouldn't carry nearly as much of it (over 2 lbs. of it).

Clothing Sack:
CF Stuff Sack - 339cu (Zpack Md) 0.2oz
Terramar LW Helix Thermal Pants (M) 4.9oz
Zpacks CF Rain Jacket (L) 4.7oz
MLD eVENT Rain Mitts (M) 0.9oz
Zpacks CF Rain Pants 2.9oz
MH PowerStretch Balaclava 1.3oz
MontBell Ext UL Down Jacket (L) 6.5oz
WrightSock (Low Runner) socks 1x 1.1oz
Wrightsock - Merino Crew socks 1x 1.9oz
Montbell Tachyon Wind Jacket 1.6oz
UL Bug Head Net 0.4oz
MSR UL Towel 0.6oz
Total: 26.9oz

Tolietries Sack:
CF Stuff Sack - 81cu (Zpacks sm) 0.1oz
Toothbrush + toothpaste 0.6oz
Purell Sanitizer (0.5fl.oz) 0.8oz
3M Ultrathon Sunscreen (2oz) 2.4oz
Lip Balm 0.3oz
1st Aid Kit 2.4oz
Total: 6.6oz

Misc. Items Sack
CF Stuff Sack - 81cu (Zpacks sm) 0.1oz
Brunton 27LU Compass 0.8oz
Duct Tape (18" Strip) 0.3oz
Thermometer (keyring) 0.2oz
Wallet (DL,CC,Cash) 0.6oz
Photon Freedom LED (Red) 0.2oz
Fenix LD12 Flashlight (1xAA) 2.3oz
Montbell Handy Scoop (cat holes) 1.3oz
Spyderco Knife 0.6oz
Red Fox 40 Mini Whistle 0.2oz
Total: 6.7oz

Food Bag
CF Food Sack - 750cu (Zpacks) 0.9oz
Ziplock 4cup Twistloc Container 1.8oz (rehydrate food, doubles as extra water bottle).
mini Bic Lighter 0.4oz
Bear Bag Cord 1.3oz
MLD SuperFly Mini Biner 0.1oz
Firelite Tit Long Spoon 0.4oz
Total 4.8

Aqua Mira drops 3.0oz
PowerAid Bottle (32oz) x2 3.6oz
Platy Hoser (2.5L) 4.3oz
Total 10.9oz

Sleep System
GG Nightlite Torso Pad 3.3oz
GG 1/8" Thinpad 1.8oz
2008 Golite Ultra 20F Quilt(straps removed) 18.8oz
Total 23.9oz

Zpacks Hexamid Tarp (no net or beak) 6.2oz
MLD Superlite Bivy (CF Floor) 5.5oz
GG Polypro Ground Cloth (M) 1.1oz
Total 12.8oz

Zpacks Arc Slim Backpack w/options(no frame) 12.3oz

Total w/no electronics 105.0oz or 6.56 lbs.

Panasonic DMW-BLD10 spare Camera Battery 1.4oz
Panasonic Battery Charger 2.5oz
Panasonic GX1 Camera 18.7oz
Gorillapod Micro250 0.9oz
Android Cell Phone 4.5oz
Garmin Geko 301 GPS 3.4oz
USB Charger for phone 2.6oz
Total: 33.9oz

Total with everything 138.9oz or 8.68 lbs.

In Southern Colorado, I may add my Camp XLA210 Alum. Ice Axe at 9.5oz. and a tube of 3M Ultrathon DEET lotion(2 fl.oz) at 2.5oz even though I'm using permithrin treated clothing.

Now there are some more ounces in the above list that could be cut out, but when I'm on such a long trip, I prefer a bigger safety margin compared to a shorter trip and I'm less in the mood to live without certain things for that long.

edit: Updated some gear as I've bought a few new lighter things

Edited by Miner on 09/28/2013 23:22:14 MDT.

Josh Garst
probably wouldn't do it again on 09/18/2013 14:31:32 MDT Print View

I just finished doing the Benton Mackaye/AT loop + 100miles(650 miles total). I used a 27Liter pack, Poncho tarp, bivy, 3/4 CCF, base was under 4. No stove or anything else I didn't need. I only used two 20oz bottles for water. I was pushing 20-25miles, so it worked pretty good for my trip.

Overall the hike went well but I highly doubt I'll ever go SUL for a long distance hike again. My main problem was it's hard to carry enough food & I started to miss hot drinks. Not having coffee, tea & cocoa with me hurt my moral. I didn't care about cooking a meal, but no drinks was really a bummer.

I usually eat 2.5 - 3 pounds of food in the summer after two weeks. If its colder I'll easily carry an average of 4 pounds a day in food/drinks. I just missed having the choice of being able to bring along whatever I wanted food wise. I'll bring along a dozen donuts and two pounds of bread, fruit, eggs, ect with me if it looks tasty in the store. With such a small pack I had to strategically plan out my food and had to really look at the calorie to ounce ratio.

It's not really hard to plan out a SUL hike on a spreadsheet, but doing it and limiting yourself is hard. The only reason I could see myself doing another SUL long distance hike is if I'm on a time constraint or if I'm doing some type of fastpacking.

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
Re: probably wouldn't do it again on 09/18/2013 14:34:05 MDT Print View

Thanks for sharing, Josh.

Much wisdom in that post.

Dan Durston
(dandydan) - F

SUL on 09/19/2013 20:34:12 MDT Print View

The nice thing with going a bit too light is you find out what things you really miss. You might find an extra 0.5-2 lbs fills all your wants, or you might find the ideal balance is higher still. Regardless, cutting down beyond the ideal is a valuable part of honing your hiking style. The challenge now is to add back the important stuff, without falling into the cycle of getting heavier and heavier.