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Tenkara Flies for Sale
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Jay Johnson
Tenkara Flies for Sale on 07/28/2013 01:32:09 MDT Print View

I am new to tying flies but absolutely love it. I know a lot of people tie there own, but not everyone can or likes to. I'm selling them 3 for $7 or 6 for $12. If you wanted more than 6, each additional fly will be $2. Shipping is $3 dollars(inside the US). Payments would have to be through PayPal.

Right now I have Daiichi 1250 Barbless hooks Size 12
1120 Barbed Size 12
1550 Barbed Size 14
1530 Barbed Size 16
Owner Yamame Eyeless Barbed Hooks roughly Size 12
Keiryu Eyeless Barbed Hooks roughly Size 10
If you need to see what each hook looks like, Tenkarabum has them on this link:

I will do my best to accommodate custom flies with the materials I have, like changing thread colors, eye vs eyeless hooks, hook size, crushing barbs for barbless or tying something that I do not have a picture for. I am always expanding upon the materials I have so if you msg me I can see if I have it or even order the materials so I can tie something specific for you.

Here are some of my flies:

Utah Killer Bug w/ Grizzly Hackle Legs
Killer Bug with Grizzly Hackle Legs

Takayama Sakasa Kebari
Takayama Sakasa Kebari

Blue Eyeless Hooker Wearing a Yellow Silk Dres with Red Wire Wrap
Blue Eyeless Hooker Wearing a Yellow Silk Dress with Red Wire Wrap

Don't really know what to call this one... the Dr Ishigaki Takayama Kebari?
Don't really know what to call this, the Dr Ishigaki Takayama Combo?

Pheasant Tail Sakasa Kebari
My version of the Brown Pheasant Sakasa Kebari

The Takayama StingerTakayama Stinger

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todd henne
(Thenne) - F

Locale: Arkansas
Tenkara flies on 07/29/2013 14:35:06 MDT Print View

I'll play! Can I get a dozen assorted?

Jay Johnson
Re: Tenkara flies on 07/29/2013 15:43:07 MDT Print View

Thank you for your interest Thenne! email me at itsjaywhatsup AT gmail DOT com and we can get the ball rolling

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Jay Johnson
Another option on 07/30/2013 00:55:59 MDT Print View

Here is another fly that is based off a traditional Tenkara fly from the Hida region of Japan. I'll call it the Hida Kebari for now (Chris Stewart ties something similar called the Killer Kebari).

Hida Kebari

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Brian Johns

Locale: NorCal
Nice work on 07/30/2013 22:26:46 MDT Print View

Just sent in a payment for six. Can't wait to try them.

Garth Collier
(garthc) - MLife

Locale: Singapore
Re: Another option on 08/01/2013 08:29:32 MDT Print View

Hi Jay,

these look great...will you ship internationally?? Cheers!

Jay Johnson
International Shipping on 08/01/2013 13:18:19 MDT Print View

I think international shipping is closer to $7 dollars, I will have to double check that one. But I have no problem shipping internationally. Email me what you would like and I can figure out the cost to send it.

todd henne
(Thenne) - F

Locale: Arkansas
Tenkara Flies on 08/06/2013 15:48:12 MDT Print View

Very impressed with my sampler pack of Jay's flies! Excited to get them wet.

Garth Collier
(garthc) - MLife

Locale: Singapore
Re: International Shipping on 08/06/2013 18:24:00 MDT Print View

Thx Jay,

I will send you a pm..cheers

Jay Johnson
PM on 08/11/2013 22:57:58 MDT Print View

Is there a way to PM someone through the forums? I've looked and cannot find a function for it, but that seems kinda strange...

Hoot Filsinger
(filsinger) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: PM on 08/11/2013 23:45:52 MDT Print View

Hello Jay,

First you need to set up your own PM email address. Now click on any BPL member's name and under their avatar you will see an envelope icon with a link to send the member a PM .


Jay Johnson
Thanks on 08/12/2013 01:41:14 MDT Print View

Thanks Hoot,

I think I got it setup now... now if I can just get my email to not show up under my name.

Backpack Jack
(jumpbackjack) - F

Locale: Armpit of California
Tenkara Flies on 08/21/2013 22:39:49 MDT Print View

PM sent

Jay Johnson
New Materials and Flies on 08/22/2013 22:38:33 MDT Print View

I just want to say thank you to everyone that has commented and ordered flies from me! I was really surprised by how much interest people have shown in them. I've been updating my tying supplies and have been working with some new flies.

For hooks, I now have Size 14 Daiichi 1180 & 1190 Dry Fly hooks, they are the same except the 1190 comes barbless. I also have Daiichi 1560 Nymph hooks in sizes 6 and 12.

I should have Size 12 Daiichi 1130 hooks pretty soon which is like the 1120 except not as heavy and can be used for dries. I also plan on getting Size 12 Daiichi 1150 in soon which is pretty much the barbed version of the 1250 that I currently have.

As of right now, I won't be doing any more Utah Killer Bugs w/Grizzly hackle as I have run out of the grizzly hackle, but I can do another version of the Utah Killer Bug which i'll post a picture of below. I can do the under wire/tag end in either Fl. Pink, Red or Copper wire.

Utah Killer Bug on Daiichi 1560 Size 12 w/FL Pink wire
Utah Killer Bug on Daichi 1560 Size 12

Turkey Biot Body w/Hare's Ear Dubbing on Daiichi 1250 Size 12, it also has peacock herl on the front
Turkey Biot Body w/Hare's Ear Dubbing on Daiichi 1250 Size 12

The Hulk Kebari showing the Daiichi 1560 Size 6 Hook, it is pretty big so I might post a pic of it next to a size 12 later on
The Hulk Kebari showing the Daiichi 1560 Size 6 hook

Flash Ishigaki Kebari on Daiichi 1190 Size 14 - Generally Ishigaki style flies are tied on this shape hook
Flash Ishigaki Kebari on Daiichi 1190 Size 14 - Generally Ishigaki style flies go on this shape hook

Here is another fly with Krystal Flash making up the body and ribbing. This is on a Tiemco 2487 Size 12 hook, which is very similar to the Daiichi 1130 I will have in soon.
Krystal Flash Body and Ribbing on Tiemco 2487 Size 12 which is like the Daiichi 1130

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Jay Johnson
New Materials and Flies on 08/22/2013 23:44:57 MDT Print View

Forgot to show pictures of the Amano Kebari in there too.

Amano Kebari Dry
Amano Kebari Dry

Amano Kebari Wet - the Red Amnesia I use for the loop glows when the yellow silk thread turns translucent
Amano Kebari Wet

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George Davis
(nsiderbam) - M

Locale: mid-Atlantic
great flies! on 09/01/2013 23:10:23 MDT Print View

I might be picking up some more of these! The utah killer bug with grizzly hackle worked especially well.

I just went tenkara fishing for the first time and caught at least 15 small fish over a few hours of fishing, even though I wasn't on ideal tenkara waters (did a 28-mile canoe trip on the Shenandoah River in northern VA). I had a great time and have definitely been bitten by the bug -- can't wait to get out on some local trout streams!


Jay Johnson
Awesome! on 09/02/2013 00:42:10 MDT Print View

Awesome George! I'm really glad they worked out for you and that you had fun with Tenkara. There is definitely something about yarn bodied flies that fish just love.

It was 100+ degrees today on a man-made lake right next to where I work. I cast a blue yarned Killer Kebari (looks like the fly I called the Hida Kebari above except it had a red wire tag on the back and red thread holding the hackle in the front) under a tree in the shade and instantly got a fish. I kept putting my fly in the shade under that tree for the next 30 minutes and got 10 fish total and lost a couple others that worked themselves free from my hook. After that the fish caught on and didn't really take, so I let my fly go deep and hooked a monster! The water was murky so I wasn't able to see how big it was. After a couple hard runs deep and away from me, I got greedy trying to see how big and what it was that I caught - instead of continuing walking with the fish as he made his 3rd hard run, I tried to hold steady to try and pull him up to visible water and that's when my 4x tippet broke! I'm pretty sure it was a carp, but the lake also has catfish so I'm not really sure what exactly I lost. It was definitely a rush feeling something so powerful put my TUSA Amago into such a deep bend. I was amazed how flexible the rod was and its ability to not snap when it was in what seemed like a complete U shape. I definitely plan on going back and getting redemption.

I just ordered some more grizzly hackle so I should be able to tie more of the Utah Killer Bugs with the hackle legs soon. I also ordered some materials to tie some CDC & Elk and look forward to tying/fishing with that.

One of the 10 Bluegill that I caught today. I always try to practice proper catch & release and try not to put a fish on a dry surface, but I had to take at least one picture. Where I was fishing it wasn't possible to be in the water or reach into it to hold the fish in the water while I took the pic - he was out of the water for less than 30 seconds though. The rest were released without touching them whenever possible and were back in the water as quickly as possible
Blue Gill

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Jay Johnson
CDC & Elk! on 09/12/2013 00:07:09 MDT Print View

CDC & Elk! Can't wait to give it a try
CDC & Elk

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Garth Collier
(garthc) - MLife

Locale: Singapore
Plug for Jay on 09/17/2013 20:29:23 MDT Print View

I just received a mixed dozen flies and they look great...I can't wait to try them...the service was prompt and Jay delivered internationally...Cheers

Mary D
(hikinggranny) - MLife
Tenkara Flies for Sale on 09/18/2013 01:00:12 MDT Print View

If you're still doing this mid-winter, I'll order some then for next year! All the ones in the photos are beautiful! Hopefully the fish will think they look yummy!

Edited by hikinggranny on 09/18/2013 01:02:23 MDT.