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2 days / 1 night / 20 miles. Food ideas?
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Steven Davis

Locale: SF Bay Area
2 days / 1 night / 20 miles. Food ideas? on 07/25/2013 00:09:16 MDT Print View

Hey Folks,

I'm going backpacking in Point Reyes with a Meetup Group I joined. It's supposed to be a pretty flat hike. 10 miles in. 10 miles out. One night this weekend.

Since it's only 1 night I wanna keep food simple and light, but I also want some luxuries like some wine and cheese for after dinner. Any awesome ideas?

I only have 10.5 lbs before food and water, so base it off that. Thanks.

Ian B.

Locale: PNW
Re: 2 days / 1 night / 20 miles. Food ideas? on 07/25/2013 09:16:11 MDT Print View

Hi Steven,

Check out Sarah's website. Lots of great ideas there.

Search "Backpacking Pad Thai" on YouTube.

Not sure what you like so I’ll just share what I do. Your hike sounds pretty relaxed so I'd guess you'd be fine with a 2-3k calorie menu.

I start my day heavy on the carbs and load up on protein and fat towards the end of the day. This system (theoretically) gives me my energy for the hike, protein for my recovery, and slow burning fat calories to help me sleep warm. Below is a typical day's menu for me.

Pop tarts and a Carnation breakfast drink (has some maltodextrin) are 550 calories. Maybe add honey bun or something if I want more calories. Low mile days I'll have hot coffee. I'll add instant coffee to my breakfast drink if I need to hit the trail early.

Mid-morning some M&Ms, dehydrated fruit, wheat thins, some kind of maltodextrin drink, etc.

Lunch a couple tortillas and Justin PB packets, Mike and Ikes, beef jerky, almonds, etc

Mid-afternoon more or less like mid-morning but with protein drink/bar and some electrolytes as needed.

Dinner typical hiker chow. Mountain House, mac & cheese (or ramen) w/ pepperoni, something from, etc

An hour before bed Little Debbie’s brownie and hot chocolate.

I add some gorp, candy, pro bars, olive oil, etc here and there to add calories as I need them.

Edit edit edity edit: something for your wine:

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Mole J
(MoleJ) - F

Locale: UK
I'd take whatever I felt like? (within reason) on 07/25/2013 10:42:23 MDT Print View

You have a reasonbably low base weight.
It's just an overnighter with easy distances (max 5 hours actual hiking each day?) - so a bit of a holiday really?

I'd carry whatever nice 'real' food I felt like taking and enough fuel (if not using a fire) to cook the evening meal properly. And some red wine and cheese to share.

spelt with a t
(spelt) - F

Locale: SW/C PA
Re: 2 days / 1 night / 20 miles. Food ideas? on 07/25/2013 10:53:17 MDT Print View

If you're already committed to wine and cheese, go the whole antipasto route and get some fruit, veggies, charcuterie, and good bread in the mix.

Frank T

Locale: San Diego
Re: 2 days / 1 night / 20 miles. Food ideas? on 07/25/2013 11:58:45 MDT Print View

Add dried salami and slices of baguette to your wine & cheese.

My favorite lunch is Justin's peanut butter packets with a berry-flavored energy gel on flat sandwich rounds.

On one of our PCT section hikes, a group sharing our campsite made some kind of spoonable gooey chocolate-peanut butter mess in a ziploc that was awesome. If I knew what it was called it would probably be easy to link to a recipe, but I'm drawing a blank. Maybe someone else knows what I'm talking about.

Steven Davis

Locale: SF Bay Area
thanks! on 07/25/2013 20:07:04 MDT Print View

hey guys,

so i never got notified of replies on this thread and just got done shopping. great ideas for next time.

2 instant oatmeal packets (apple cinnamon)
1 pop tart
1 cup of instant starbucks coffee

flour tortilla
dried salami
extra sharp tilamook cheese

mountain house beef & chili mac

peanut butter crackers
pay day candy bar (avoiding chocolate to prevent melting)
oatmeal raisin cookies

next time around i'm gonna try "moose goo" and some of the things u guys suggested

what kinda weight/calories should i shoot for? i'm thinking 1.5-1.75lbs per day, giving me 2400-2700 calories roughly. i'm 5'8, 165 lbs. thanks.