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Stainless dog bowl as cookpot?
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Jacob Linton

Locale: Western NC
Stainless dog bowl as cookpot? on 07/23/2013 13:19:28 MDT Print View

So I was at goodwill scrounging around and came across a cheapo stainless dog food bowl for $1. Mostly just caught my eye as a cheap sturdy group cook pot. I rarely need anything larger than my evernew 900, but occasionally it would come in handy.

Any reason I should not boil water/attempt to cook in this?

todd h
(funnymoney) - MLife

Locale: SE
Re: Stainless dog bowl as cookpot? on 07/23/2013 13:22:31 MDT Print View

No reason at all, unless you're looking for the lightest bowl/pot. Stainless works great.

And the price was right!

EDIT to reinforce Randy's thoughts below: I was thinking of a standard "bowl" shape. But if it's the type which the edges extend to the floor, then I wouldn't want to use it in the woods.

Edited by funnymoney on 07/23/2013 13:31:29 MDT.

Randy Martin
(randalmartin) - F

Locale: Colorado
Re: Stainless dog bowl as cookpot? on 07/23/2013 13:25:49 MDT Print View

Does it have a handle? Stainless dog bowls I have seen do not and would be awkward to pickup and handle when hot.

brent driggers
(cadyak) - MLife

Locale: southwest georgia
doggie cookpot on 07/23/2013 13:31:58 MDT Print View

I have one that I use as a baking pot for my woodstove. It is very thin and light.

Jacob Linton

Locale: Western NC
thanks on 07/23/2013 22:07:42 MDT Print View

Awesome, thanks guys. I assumed it would be fine, but I feel like I've seen certain stainless items labeled 'food grade' and that sorta worried me.
I actually picked up two, a 1 qt and 2 qt. They're both pretty light and sturdy and the 1 qt fits in my evernew 900 sidewinder caldera cone pretty well, I figured it'd make a great loaner/gift for someone lacking a kitchen set-up. Anyways, thanks for the input.

Also, the bowls are shaped like this so I think that rim will make them fairly convenient to handle when hot.

Nathan Coleman
Handle on 07/24/2013 07:49:07 MDT Print View

A minute with a drill and a short length of wire will fix your handle issue.