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Gear Shops In Manhattan?
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Derrick White
(miku) - MLife

Locale: Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada
Gear Shops In Manhattan\Washington? on 07/18/2013 10:24:39 MDT Print View


From Canada, travelling to NY City and Washington in August. Does anyone local to these areas know of any good gear shops, besides REI of course.



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Doug I.
(idester) - MLife

Locale: PNW
Re: Gear Shops In Manhattan\Washington? on 07/18/2013 10:30:08 MDT Print View

In the DC area, we have Hudson Trail Outfitters and EMS - both are very much like REI. There are a couple of North Face stores in the area. Some Bass Pro Shops in the area as well. The only non-chain store I know of is Casual Adventure in DC - but it only carries big name brand stuff.

(drown) - F - MLife

Locale: Shenandoah
Re: Gear Shops In Manhattan\Washington? on 07/18/2013 10:45:24 MDT Print View

Hey. Harpers Ferry is a reasonable drive from DC and there used to be a good shop there. Its on the AT.

Sean Smith
manhattan on 07/18/2013 11:47:09 MDT Print View

in Manhattan, there're 3 patagonia stores in various locations, paragon sports in union square, and down south on Park Pl there is probably the best of the bunch tents and trails.

Stephen Komae
(skomae) - MLife

Locale: northeastern US
Re: Gear Shops In Manhattan\Washington? on 07/18/2013 13:00:33 MDT Print View

Outdoors Gear Shops in NYC proper:

Tent & Trails
21 Park Place, New York · (212) 227-1760

Paragon Sports
867 Broadway, New York · (212) 255-8889

REI Soho
303 Lafayette St, New York · (212) 680-1938

EMS Soho
530 Broadway, New York · (212) 966-8730

2152 Broadway, New York · ( 212) 873-4001

There's also a few Patagonia stores (the Meatpacking Patagonia store is climber/UL-oriented, the other two are more general).

SoHo is a good place for your gear shopping. REI, EMS, Patagonia, The North Face, Victorinox, Icebreaker, Uniqlo, Oakley, Crumpler Bags, Chrome Industries are all right near each other. Uniqlo got some chatter here for some very inexpensive ultralight down jackets a few years ago, not sure if they'll be stocked in August though.

There are also a bunch of cool shops in the outer boroughs like Kamp NY in Flushing, Queens and Gear to Go Outfitters in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Kevin Babione
(KBabione) - MLife

Locale: Pennsylvania
Gear Shops in Manhattan on 07/18/2013 13:03:46 MDT Print View

If you're driving then hitting Campmor can be a lot of fun. It's only 12 miles from the NJ side of the George Washington Bridge.

Steven McAllister
(brooklynkayak) - MLife

Locale: Atlantic North East
Gear Shops In Manhattan? on 07/18/2013 15:57:13 MDT Print View

My vote is Campmor as well, but it's not in Manhattan.

You can find all your chain stores, EMS, REI, Paragon, ... and some are pretty good, but Campmor is the best.

The REI on Houston is pretty good. Paragon on Union Square is good as well.

Richard Fischel
Tent & Trails on 07/18/2013 19:43:41 MDT Print View

is the one store in manhattan you shouldn't miss. they always have some interesting closeouts. if your traveling with your wife/gifrfriend/significant other and they aren't into camping gear you can send them over to century 21. paragon is pretty good too. you'll find things that you wouldn't find in your typical mall store.

Matt Dirksen
(NamelessWay) - MLife

Locale: Mid Atlantic
Re: Gear Shops In Manhattan\Washington? on 07/18/2013 22:39:42 MDT Print View

Are you looking for anything specific?

Sean Smith
uniqlo on 07/19/2013 06:25:54 MDT Print View

I saw the down ultralights for sale at Uniqlo in the Yonkers store last week, so my guess is they have it in the Manhattan stores as well. The one I saw was strinkingly similar to the Montbell alpine line. The down feels high quality. For $69 you cant go wrong.

Im also recently smitten with their airism underwear and shirts. It's cheap, fast drying, very light weight, compact packing, and perfect in hot weather.

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Derrick White
(miku) - MLife

Locale: Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada
Thanks on 07/19/2013 07:40:10 MDT Print View

Thanks everyone for the great info.


Besides general shopping I am looking for a UL down jacket, specifically the MH Ghostwhisperer, but am open to other options, and note the Uniqlo gear recommended above.

I am also hoping to find a store with a good variety of shock chord, fasteners and bear bag size line\rope.


Steven McAllister
(brooklynkayak) - MLife

Locale: Atlantic North East
Gear Shops In Manhattan? on 07/19/2013 07:54:37 MDT Print View

Various types of shockcord can be had at Campmor, I don't know about the others though.

Richard Mock
(moxtr) - M

Locale: The piney woods
re:Gear Shops In Manhattan on 07/19/2013 07:59:35 MDT Print View

My vote goes to Tent and Trails in Manhattan (great selection and prices) and Campmor in NJ -20 to 25 minutes from Manhattan.

Derrick White
(miku) - MLife

Locale: Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada
NJ on 07/19/2013 08:23:28 MDT Print View

I won't have a car and am flying into La Guardia, not Newark, but I expect I will be finding my way to Campmor, one way or another.

Doug I.
(idester) - MLife

Locale: PNW
Re: NJ on 07/19/2013 08:25:53 MDT Print View

And then you're flying down to DC? What airport? On business, I assume?

Sean Smith
Re: NJ on 07/19/2013 08:32:27 MDT Print View

for what it's worth, I would not go way out of my way to go to campmor. Even if I had a car it's not something worth wasting a half day travelling to - it's not 20 to 25 minutes from most spots in Manhattan, it'll take that long just to get to the GWB, and it's big mileage so a cab will cost you dearly. it's really not that spectacular. you have to cross the GWB and it's often significantly delayed.

you can't walk there. you can't really even ride a bike very easily there. and mass transit would take forever. it's a concrete jungle with dividers all the way there.

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Steven McAllister
(brooklynkayak) - MLife

Locale: Atlantic North East
Gear Shops In Manhattan? on 07/19/2013 08:32:47 MDT Print View

Campmor is not that easy to reach by public transportation.
I did it once and if I remember correctly, it was a bus and a long walk.
That was a long time ago and the routes may have changed.

Steven McAllister
(brooklynkayak) - MLife

Locale: Atlantic North East
Gear Shops In Manhattan? on 07/19/2013 08:37:15 MDT Print View

I agree with Sean, no place is worth that commute.
I rarely actually go to Campmor as their online sales are good. So I almost always shop online.
The exception is for shoes and things that have to be tried on.

In fact I usually receive anything ordered from them the next day.

Derrick White
(miku) - MLife

Locale: Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada
Good Advice on 07/19/2013 08:45:36 MDT Print View

Thanks guys for the advice. I only have 4 days there and if it is half a day time commitment it is too much. By what others have posted there are plenty of spots to check out in Manhattan.

Richard Lyon
(richardglyon) - MLife

Locale: Bridger Mountains
Tents and Trails on 07/19/2013 15:05:25 MDT Print View

If it's still in business go to Tents and Trails in lower Manhattan. Chock full of good stuff that's always discounted.